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Technoprogressive? BioConservative? Huh?
Quick overview of biopolitical points of view

ieet books

The Second Intelligent Species
by Marshall Brain

Anticipating Tomorrow’s Politics
by Ed. David Wood

Post- and Transhumanism: An Introduction
by Robert Ranisch and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner eds.

How “God” Works: A Logical Inquiry on Faith
by Marshall Brain

ieet events

Sorgner @ Posthuman Studies and the Arts
April 18 , 2015
London, UK

Sorgner @ University of Jena: Nietzschean transhumanism
April 21 , 2015
Jena, Germany

Sorgner @ Eternity
April 24 , 2015
Braunschweig, Germany

David Wood on “Technological Unemployment” @ Z-Day
April 25 , 2015
London, UK

Hughes on “The threat of intelligence?”  @ Societal Implications of Robotics
May 1 -2, 2015
Brown Univ, Providence, RI, USA

Hughes, LaGrandeur @ Posthumanism and Society
May 9 , 2015

Sorgner, Schneider on “Transhumanism and Immortality”
May 20 , 2015
Hull, UK

Wallach, Hughes, Vita-More, Smart, Lin, Darling @ Governance of Emerging Technologies
May 26 -28, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ USA

Sorgner @ Phil.cologne
May 31 , 2015
Cologne, Germany

Brin @ Augmented World
June 8 -10, 2015
Santa Clara, CA USA

Danaher @ Clinical Neuroethics: Bench to Bedside
June 17 -19, 2015
Paris, France

Ramez Naam on “Enhancing Humans, Advancing Humanity”
July 22 , 2015
San Francisco, CA USA

Vita-More, Rothblatt, Hughes @ Juniata H+ Conference
July 26 -31, 2015
Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA USA

Sorgner @ ICISTS-KAIST 2015: Shaping The Future
August 3 -7, 2015
Daejeon, S. Korea

Hughes, Sorgner @ Beyond Humanism Conf: From Humanism to Post- and Transhumanism?
September 15 -18, 2015
Seoul, S. Korea

ieet news

IEET Launching Annual Fundraiser
(Mar 18, 2015)

The IEET just turned ten years old, and we are astonished with what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last decade.

Hundreds of technoprogressive public intellectuals have become a part of our community. Some have been already established writers and thinkers who sought to collaborate on shared issues and values, and others were just learning to write and speak about our issues. Many have gone on to start their own projects, organizations and journals, writing books and producing podcasts and films.

Our conferences have helped advance the case for cognitive libertyanti-aging medicinemoral enhancement,  the rights of non-human persons and the mitigation of catastrophic risks.

Our Journal of Evolution and Technology has published hundreds of peer-reviewed academic articles on topics from human enhancement, to technological unemployment, to artificial intelligence.

IEET Audience Divided on Left-Right Political Cognitive Biases
(Mar 15, 2015)

Inspired by the debate over the effects of partisan tribalism on cognition we asked “Are liberals and people on the Left as cognitively biased as conservatives and people on the Right?” A plurality (42%) of the 150 respondents answered that “Leftists and liberals have some biases, but less than conservatives and the Right.”

IEET Audience Skeptical of Taxing Bitcoin Income (Feb 22, 2015)

Please Welcome David Wood and Jon Perry (Feb 3, 2015)

ieet articles

Should libertarians hate the internet? A Nozickian Argument against Social Networks
by John Danaher
Apr 16, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

My title is needlessly provocative, and may ultimately disappoint, but bear with me a moment. I’ve recently been reading Andrew Keen’s book The Internet is not the Answer. It is an interesting, occasionally insightful, but all too often hyperbolic, personalised and repetitive critique of the internet age. I recommend it, albeit in small doses. But this is a digression. I do not wish to give a full review here. Instead, I wish to dwell on one idea that struck me while I read it.

Uploading and Autonomy
by Thomas Damberger
Apr 15, 2015 • (1) CommentsPermalink

Transhumanism can be read as an intellectual and cultural movement. The objective of this movement is to enhance the human condition with the use of technological means. Enhancement in the transhumanistic sense goes far beyond everything that is regarded as normal and settled. “Enhancement” is presumably not the proper expression for this context and it should be replaced with the word “increase”.

Should some conversations be suppressed?
by David Wood
Apr 13, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Are there ideas which could prove so incendiary, and so provocative, that it would be better to shut them down? Should some concepts be permanently locked into a Pandora’s box, lest they fly off and cause too much chaos in the world?

Is the Anthropocene a Disaster or an Opportunity?
by Rick Searle
Apr 13, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Recently the journal Nature published a paper arguing that the year in which the Anthropocene, the proposed geological era in which the collective actions of the human species started to trump other natural processes in terms of their impact, began in the year 1610 AD. If that year leaves you, like it did me, scratching your head and wondering what your missed while you dozed off in your 10th grade history class, don’t worry, because 1610 is a year in which nothing much happened at all. In fact, that’s why the author’s chose it.

The Legal Dilemma of Age Play in Virtual & Augmented   Reality
by B. J. Murphy
Apr 9, 2015 • (1) CommentsPermalink

A few months ago I made the case here on IEET on the future possibilities of sex crimes as a result of exponentially growing technologies, from drones to haptic body suits. I didn’t make the case to try to convince people from refraining to use these technologies – especially for sexual purposes – but rather to stoke a discussion on the possible risks of said technologies and start developing a means to mitigate these risks if and when they present themselves.

Black, Minority Lives Need to Matter in Medicine, Too
by R. J. Crayton
Apr 8, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Recently, I tuned in to watch a 60 Minutes television story on a experimental cancer treatment being tested that was being hailed as near miraculous. As I saw the face of one white patient after another white patient who was cured by injecting the polio virus into a brain tumor, I started to wonder: where are all the black people? Or Hispanics or Asians? It brought to mind the popular campaign and twitter hashtag, Black Lives Matter


American Family Association Posts then Deletes Explicit Theocratic Aspirations
by Valerie Tarico
Apr 8, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Did a recent graphic by the anti-gay, pro-religious-freedom American Family Association make their intentions a little too clear? The American Family Association (AFA) proudly describes itself as one of the largest and most effective “pro-family” organizations in the United States. This doesn’t mean that AFA advocates for healthcare or paid family leave or family planning or education funding or laws that protect abused children, or aid to dependent children, or other evidence based services that promote family flourishing. Nope; it means they use their legal clout and broadcast media to oppose gay rights in places like Indiana, obstruct access to abortion care, repeal universal healthcare, and defund public services and regulations.

How Much Land Would it Take to Power the US via Solar?
by Ramez Naam
Apr 8, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

I’ve seen some pieces in the media lately questioning this, so allow me to point to some facts based on real-world data. tl;dr: We’ll probably never power the world entirely on solar, but if we did, it would take a rather small fraction of the world’s land area: Less than 1 percent of the Earth’s land area to provide for current electricity needs.

In Rahm Emanuel’s “Embarrassing” Victory, a Warning for Democrats
by Richard Eskow
Apr 8, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Despite the power of incumbency, the backing of President Obama, and an array of wealthy and powerful backers, Rahm Emanuel nevertheless became the first mayor in Chicago history to be forced into a runoff. Sure, Jesús “Chuy” Garcia’s defeat was a setback for the left, but Emanuel’s struggle to retain his office is a warning for politicians everywhere: Corporate Democrats are likely to find themselves on the defensive in 2016 and beyond.

Bitcoin and the Ontology of Money
by John Danaher
Apr 7, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Money has long fascinated me, and not for the obvious reasons. Although I’d like to have more of it, my interest is largely philosophical. It is the ontology of money that has always disturbed me. Ever since I was a child, collecting old coins and hoarding my pocket money, I’ve wondered why it is that certain physical tokens can function as money and others cannot. What is money made from? What is it grounded in? Why do certain monetary systems fail and others succeed?

TPUK 2015 Election Announcement
by Amon Twyman
Apr 6, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

We have previously announced that the Transhumanist Party will be supporting an independent candidate in the UK national elections next month, and are now glad to announce that this will be a founding party member, Alexander Karran, in the seat of Liverpool Walton.

Conservative Christians Pass the Plate for Anti-Gay Indiana Pizza Parlor, Raise $800,000 in Two Days
by Valerie Tarico
Apr 4, 2015 • (1) CommentsPermalink

When Crystal O’Connor, the owner of an Indiana pizza parlor said she wouldn’t cater a gay wedding because she is a Christian, the story went viral. Not surprisingly, one immediate response was derision: “What gay couple would have pizza catered at their wedding?” “Wedding pizza—is that a thing in Indiana?”But not all comments and reactions were good humored, and daunted by an outpouring of indignation, hostility and sarcastic Yelp reviews and pro-gay anti-religion photos, Memories Pizza closed their doors, saying they might not reopen. Some on the Left relished the thought that bigotry might have a tangible pocketbook price.

Psychopaths and Moral Blame: Empirical and Philosophical Issues
by John Danaher
Apr 4, 2015 • (1) CommentsPermalink

They are glib and superficially charming. They have a grandiose sense of self worth. They are often pathological liars and routinely engage in acts of cunning and manipulation. If they do something wrong, they are without remorse.

Teaching your kids how to write computer programs
by Marshall Brain
Apr 2, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Let's say that you have children, and you would like to help them learn computer programming at a youngish age. As the father of four kids, I have tried to approach it from several different angles. What I would like to do here is collect some ideas for parents who are looking for different options.  

Orwell and Writing
by David Brin
Apr 2, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

You would be writers out there, of both fiction and nonfiction! Have a look at George Orwell's wonderful advice to writers of English prose—Politics and the English Language. It is 95% spot on — valuable for those who want to communicate, instead of being pompous!

Blockchain Thinking: The Brain as a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation)
by Melanie Swan
Apr 2, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Blockchains are a new form of information technology that could have several important future applications. They could be an explosive operational venue for new kinds of autonomous agents like DACs, distributed autonomous corporations. A DAC is a corporation run without any human involvement through a set of business rules based in software code. It is called a ‘corporation’ because it typically engages in corporate operations like fundraising, providing services, and making profits for shareholders. Blockchains are a software protocol upon which digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin run. 

Political Transhumanism and the Transhumanist Party
by Amon Twyman
Apr 1, 2015 • (1) CommentsPermalink

Transhumanism has historically been an effectively apolitical movement, focussed on technological improvement of the human condition. While some political obstacles to that goal have been recognised, Transhumanists’ political views have traditionally covered a broad range, making the emergence of a unified Political Transhumanism seem highly problematic. A paradigm shift appears to have occurred in 2014, with the establishment of the Transhumanist Party in the USA by Zoltan Istvan. Subsequently a number of related groups have rapidly appeared around the world, in an entire new movement dedicated to the idea of Political Transhumanism, with the Transhumanist Party as its primary vehicle in any given country. 

Unfettered Religious Freedom Really Does Mean the Freedom to Do Harm
by Valerie Tarico
Apr 1, 2015 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Freedom to discriminate with impunity?  It’s worse than that. Almost universally, the religious freedom claims pursued in the U.S. over the last two decades seek the freedom to do harm, most often the freedom to harm queers, women, children or religious outsiders or our secular government institutions.


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Mar 30, 2015

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by Daryl Wennemann
Mar 19, 2015

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Bitcoin and the Ontology of Money

by John Danaher
Apr 7, 2015

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The Genetics and Neuroscience of Torture

by piero scaruffi
Mar 26, 2015

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The Legal Dilemma of Age Play in Virtual & Augmented   Reality

by B. J. Murphy
Apr 9, 2015

(3541) Hits • (1) Comments


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The psychology of your future self
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Dan Gilbert

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Transformative Technology: An Evolution of Contemplative Practice
(Apr 4, 2015)

Using Neurotechnologies to Enhance Virtues
(Apr 1, 2015)

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CygnusX1 on 'How to regain trust in the NSA era: The IGUS Gambit' (Apr 9, 2015)

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instamatic on 'Conservative Christians Pass the Plate for Anti-Gay Indiana Pizza Parlor, Raise $800,000 in Two Days' (Apr 8, 2015)


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