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Linda Glenn, JD, LLM

Linda MacDonald Glenn is an attorney-at-law, bioethicist, educator and consultant. Her academic research encompasses the legal, ethical, and social impact of exponential technologies and “evolving notions of personhood”. 

She holds appointments the Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Medical Center and California State University Monterey Bay.  She is also a lecturer at Singularity University, a Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Technologies and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Her other honors include an appointment as a Senior Fellow at the American Medical Association’s Institute for Ethics, and being named a Women’s Bioethics Scholar.

Prior to returning to an academic setting, she consulted and practiced as a trial attorney with an emphasis in patient advocacy, bioethical and biotechnology issues, and animal rights issues; she was the lead attorney in several “cutting edge” bioethics legal cases, including the case of Gray vs. Romeo.  She currently serves as an advisor to several Silicon Valley biotech startups.

She has advised governmental leaders and agencies and published numerous articles in professional journals and books.  Some of her better-known articles include Ethical Issues in Transgenics and Genetic Engineering, Human-Machine Mergers (or the Cyborgs Cometh) in Issues in Regenerative Nanomedicine and The Moveable Feast: Legal, Ethical and Social Implications of Converging Technologies On Our Dinner Tables.

She has made many media appearances, including the History Channel, NPR, and the Science Channel.  She is currently working on a book titled Bioethics for a New Earth: How Emerging Technologies Can Save Humanity and Our Planet.



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"A Legal Perspective on Humanity, Personhood, and Species Boundaries"   American Journal of Bioethics 3.3 (2003) 27-28  Jun 10, 2003

Recent Multimedia

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Futurescape   2013-10-30

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Past Appearances

Glenn @ Advancing Humanity Symposium (Stanford, CA USA - May 17, 2014)

Vita-More, Glenn, Smart, Pellissier @ TRANSHUMAN VISIONS (San Francisco, CA USA - Mar 01, 2014)

Kuscewski, de Grey, Goertzel, Brin, Pearce, Cascio, Hughes, Glenn, Vita-More, Naam @ H+ SanFran 2012 (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA USA - Dec 01, 2012)

Linda MacDonald Glenn @ EPS Global Yangzhou International Biomedicine Forum (Shanghai and Yangzhou, China - Apr 14, 2011)

Linda Glenn @  Sixth International Conference on Ethical Issues in Biomedical Engineering (New York, US - Apr 01, 2011)

Call for Papers: Expanding Human Boundaries: Cognitive Enhancement, AI and Mind Machine Mergers (Online - Mar 29, 2011)

Linda Glenn @ From Seed to Stomach: Food and Farming Law (Boston, US - Jan 21, 2011)

Hughes, Glenn, Wallach @ Human Enhancement & Nanotechnology (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan - Mar 27, 2009)

Rothblatt, Bainbridge & Glenn @ Terasem Colloquium on Transbeman Rights (Virtual - Dec 10, 2007)

Hughes,Glenn @ Nano & Human Enhancement (Dartmouth, NH, USA - Apr 14, 2007)

Linda Glenn on Policy, Ethics & the Future of Human Intelligence (Washington D.C. - Feb 16, 2007)


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