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IEET > Contributors > Kelly Hills

Kelly Hills

Kelly Hills is a trained interdisciplinary scholar interested in making science and bioethics an accessible part of people’s daily lives. She is known for her eclectic use of pop culture and technology in the classroom, including a course that paired weekly topics in applied ethics with episodes of the critically acclaimed science fiction show Stargate: SG-1. 

Kelly likes to say she is a bioethics “jill of all trades.” If cornered, she will admit to a strong interest in notions of responsibility, agency, and affect, as well as the ethical, legal and social implications of emerging technologies, DIYbiotech, clinical medicine, and public health.


"Primum Non Nocere and the Hippocratic Oath"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Feb 5, 2015

"Aid Organizations Working in Ebola Regions (v2.0)"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Nov 13, 2014

"OutbreakChat: A Livetweet of a Movie That Gives People Nightmares,…"  Nov 12, 2014

"Paternalism, Procedure, Precedent: The Ethics of Using Unproven Therapies in an Ebola Outbreak"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Aug 14, 2014

"Ebola, Paternalism, and the Need for WHO’s Medical Ethics Review of Experimental Treatments"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Aug 6, 2014

"Ziploc: There’s No Better Way to Protect Your Select Agent Investment"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jul 18, 2014

"Remaining Inaugural Members of NSABB Dismissed Last Night"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jul 15, 2014

"Hobby Lobby, Contraception, & the Supreme Court Ruling"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jun 30, 2014

"Real Identity on the Internet (My Variation)"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jan 29, 2014

"A Primer on Apologies"     Jan 23, 2014

"Dear @Twitter: I don’t want your head, but can I borrow your ear?"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Dec 19, 2013

"SciAm Doesn’t Think Sexism in Science is “An Issue” Will They Think Boycotts R?"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Oct 13, 2013

"Corruption in a Bioethics Free-For-All"  Sep 19, 2013

"Long-term Antipsychotics May Be a Medical Mistake"   Ethical Technology  Jul 14, 2013

"Rape Kit vs Abortion – Educating Jodie Laubenberg"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jun 27, 2013

"Being Media Savvy Shouldn’t Be Criteria to Receive a Donated Organ"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Jun 5, 2013

"Shame, Stigma and Angelina Jolie’s Breasts"   Life as an Extreme Sport  May 16, 2013

"You Should Watch This SCOTUS Case, Just in Case Your Skin Sloughs Off"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Mar 9, 2013

"The Problem with Highlighting Beauty Along with Brains"   Life as an Extreme Sport  Feb 26, 2013

"The Difference Between Citizen and DIY Science"   Ethical Technology  Feb 2, 2013

"Is there any wisdom in repugnance?"   Ethical Technology  Aug 10, 2010

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NASW/MIT Sci Writing Summit on Women in Sci   2014-06-26


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