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Kristi Scott

Kristi Scott M.A. is an IEET Affiliate Scholar. Her work centers on the way popular culture presents issues of identity, body modification, cosmetic surgery, and emerging technologies. She has been a freelance writer since 2003 writing for a variety of magazines over the years, most recently as a writer and copy-editor for h+ magazine.

Kristi served as an intern, writer/blogger, volunteer, teaching assistant and coordinator for the IEET beginning in 2007, and also as a reviewer, copy-editor, and layout editor for the Journal of Evolution and Technology.

She was elected to the Board of Directors of Humanity+ in 2010, and is a member of the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities and the Futurist Board of the Lifeboat Foundation, a reviewer for the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, an invited member of the Judging Panel for the 2008 Udo Schuklenk Bioethics Essay Competition in Nigeria, and a contributor and blogger for the Women’s Bioethics Project.


Care to Elaborate...

Introductory thoughts on Posthumanism and Beauty or Posthuman Beauty

Body parts get options: which one will you choose?

Pandora’s Box gets bleached, tightened & a mint for good measure

Women and Posthumanity: The future looks large and sexy

Examining Free Reign over Vacant Eyes


"Where are all the Techno-Progressive Moms?  busy raising the future"   Ethical Technology  Jun 27, 2012

"Transhumanism and Neurophilosophy"   Ethical Technology  Sep 14, 2011

"Emerging Threats and Challenges, Bible-Style"   Ethical Technology  Jul 24, 2011

"Transhumanism vs. /and Posthumanism"   Ethical Technology  Jul 14, 2011

"Human enhancement technologies are nothing new: It’s what humans do"   Ethical Technology  Apr 7, 2011

"#15: The Future Looks Large and Sexy"   Ethical Technology  Dec 17, 2010

"Posthuman Feminism: Thoughts on Posthumanism and Beauty"   The Yellow Canary  Sep 24, 2010

"Body parts get options: which one will you choose?"   The Yellow Canary  Jul 16, 2010

"You may have made a friend, but did you find a person?"   Ethical Technology  Jul 7, 2010

"Pandora’s Box gets bleached, tightened & a mint for good measure"   Yellow Canary  Apr 17, 2010

"A Few Questions for Our New Staff Member"   Ethical Technology  Apr 12, 2010

"Women and Posthumanity: The future looks large and sexy"   The Yellow Canary  Mar 24, 2010

"The Baroque Body: The Role of Body Modification in Scott Westerfeld´s Uglies"   Humanity in Cybernetic Environments  Mar 20, 2010

"Examining Free Reign over Vacant Eyes"   The Yellow Canary  Jan 27, 2010

"An Imperfect Organic Woman’s Perspective on the “Perfect Robot Woman”"   Women's Bioethics Project  Jan 21, 2010

"Big hairy hobbit feet are OK by me"   The Yellow Canary  Jan 7, 2010

"Kristi Scott: Best and Worst"   h+  Dec 31, 2009

"The Second Self through Second Life: Mask or Mirror?"     Dec 16, 2009

"How do the kids know, and what do we say?"   Care to Elaborate  Nov 9, 2009

"Part II: Jon and Kate Plus Truman"   Care to Elaborate  Oct 20, 2009

"Andy Miah, Sports Doping, and the Enhancement Enlightenment"   h+ Magazine  Aug 8, 2009

"Cheating Darwin: The Genetic and Ethical Implications of Vanity and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery"   Journal of Evolution and Technology  Jul 27, 2009

"Jon & Kate plus Plastic Surgery"   Care to Elaborate  Jul 8, 2009

"Review of The Medicalization of Cyberspace"   Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology  Feb 4, 2009

"Wall-E takes over my Two-Year Old and what it can do for the environment"   Care to Elaborate  Jun 21, 2008

"The Pistorius Effect"   Care to Elaborate  May 25, 2008

"Bionic Athletes stepping out of the debate and in to action"   Women's Bioethics Project  May 15, 2008

"Autonomous Killing Machines"   Care to Elaborate  Oct 21, 2007

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IEET appoints Scott as Program Director (Apr 12, 2010)

Congrats to Kristi and Natasha (Jan 19, 2010)

IEETers step down from and up to the Humanity+ Board (Jan 08, 2010)

IEET folks in latest h+ magazine (Sep 14, 2009)

Treder, Goertzel, Scott in Summer Issue of h+ Magazine (Jun 03, 2009)

Longevity Dividend Course: April 21-June 29 (Feb 28, 2008)

Past Appearances

Kristi Scott @ STGlobal’s 11th Annual Conference (Washington, DC - Apr 15, 2011)

Biopolitics of Popular Culture Seminar (EON Reality, Irvine, CA, USA - Dec 04, 2009)

Kristi @ Cybercultures: Exploring Critical Issues (Salzburg, Austria - Mar 13, 2009)

Kristi Scott @ Visions of the Human in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction (Oxford UK - Jul 01, 2008)


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