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Rick Searle on 'The Sofalarity is Near' (Mar 31, 2015)

CygnusX1 on 'The Sofalarity is Near' (Mar 31, 2015)

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IEET > Affiliate Scholar > Rick Searle

Rick Searle

Rick Searle, an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET, is a writer and educator living the very non-technological Amish country of central Pennsylvania along with his two young daughters.  He is an adjunct professor of political science and history for Delaware Valley College and works for the PA Distance Learning Project a state-wide program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that focuses on extending online learning opportunities to marginalized groups both rural and urban. Rick is the creator and writer of the blog utopiaordystopia.com which explores the intersection of science, technology, and politics. He is currently working on a non-fiction Utopia: The Traveler’s and Builder’s Guide that attempts to understand the promise and pitfalls of the Utopian tradition for the near human future.

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"The Sofalarity is Near"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 30, 2015

"Seeing the Future through the Deep Past"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 16, 2015

"A Global History of Post-humans"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 8, 2015

"Truth and Prediction in the Dataclysm"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 23, 2015

"Sex and Love in the Age of Algorithms"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 14, 2015

"Big Data as statistical masturbation"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 8, 2015

"Edward O. Wilson’s Dull Paradise"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 1, 2015

"There are two paths to superlongevity: only one of them is good"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 19, 2015

"#2 Editor’s Choice Award: 2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 9, 2015

"William Gibson Groks the Future: The Peripheral"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 4, 2015

"Living in the Divided World of the Internet’s Future"   utopiaordystopia.com  Dec 24, 2014

"2014: The death of the Human Rights Movement, or It’s Rebirth?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 15, 2014

"Think Time is Speeding Up? Here’s How to Slow It!"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 7, 2014

"Is AI a Myth?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 30, 2014

"Summa Technologiae, Or Why The Trouble With Science Is Religion"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 22, 2014

"Mary Shelley’s other horror story; Lessons for Super-pandemics"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 11, 2014

"The Human Age"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 3, 2014

"2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Oct 26, 2014

"Digital Afterlife: 2045"   Utopia or Dystopia  Oct 19, 2014

"The Future As History"   Utopia or Dystopia  Oct 12, 2014

"How to predict the future with five simple rules"   Utopia or Dystopia  Oct 5, 2014

"How to avoid drowning in the Library of Babel"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 24, 2014

"Can Machines Be Moral Actors?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 16, 2014

"City As Superintelligence"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 7, 2014

"How our police became Storm-troopers"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 30, 2014

"A Cure for Our Deflated Sense of The Future"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 22, 2014

"Why archaeologists make better futurists than science-fiction writers"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 13, 2014

"The First Machine War and the Lessons of Mortality"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 5, 2014

"Sherlock Holmes as Cyborg and the Future of Retail"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 29, 2014

"Plato and the Physicist: A Multicosmic Love Story"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 21, 2014

"Why the Castles of Silicon Valley are Built out of Sand"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 13, 2014

"How Should Humanity Steer the Future?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 5, 2014

"Malthusian Fiction and Fact"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 29, 2014

"This City is Our Future"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 21, 2014

"Why the World Cup in Brazil Is Our Future: In More Ways Than One"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 13, 2014

"Jumping Off The Technological Hype-Cycle and the AI Coup"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 3, 2014

"The Kingdom of Machines"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 25, 2014

"Our Verbot Moment"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 14, 2014

"Why does the world exist, and other dangerous questions for insomniacs"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 6, 2014

"The Problem with the Trolley Problem, or why I avoid utilitarians near subways"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 27, 2014

"War and Human Evolution"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 17, 2014

"Wired for Good and Evil"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 7, 2014

"The Danger of Using Science as a God Killing Machine"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 31, 2014

"Waiting for World War III"   Ethical Technology  Mar 23, 2014

"How the Web Will Implode"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 16, 2014

"Privacy Strikes Back, Dave Eggers’ The Circle and a Response to David Brin"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 11, 2014

"Cracks in the Cult of Radical Transparency"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 3, 2014

"The Pinocchio Threshold: A possible better indication of AGI than the Turing Test"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 24, 2014

"The Earth’s Inexplicable Solitude"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 17, 2014

"Erasmus reads Kahneman, or why perfect rationality is less than it’s cracked up to be"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 11, 2014

"Welcome to the New Age of Revolution"     Feb 4, 2014

"The Dark Side of a World Without Boundaries"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 28, 2014

"The World Beyond Boundaries"     Jan 20, 2014

"Silicon Secessionists"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 12, 2014

"Knowledge and Power, Or Dark Thoughts In Winter (Part 00110010)"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 7, 2014

"Knowledge and Power, Or Dark Thoughts In Winter (Part 00110001)"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jan 6, 2014

"Preparing for a New Dark Age"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 30, 2013

"An Epicurean Christmas Letter To Transhumanists"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 21, 2013

"Don’t Be Evil!"   utopiaordystopia.com  Dec 14, 2013

"Maps: how the physical world conquered the virtual"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 10, 2013

"Shedding Light on The Dark Enlightenment"   Utopia or Dystopia  Dec 2, 2013

"We Are All Dorian Grey Now"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 25, 2013

"Caves, Creationism and the Divine Wonder of Deep Time"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 18, 2013

"The Longevity Crisis"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 9, 2013

"Finding Frankenstein a Home"   Utopia or Dystopia  Nov 2, 2013

"Science, a religious or utopian project?"   Utopia or Dystopia  Oct 8, 2013

"The Falling Sky: A Different Sort of Science Fiction"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 30, 2013

"On the Space Between the Human and the Post- Human"     Sep 22, 2013

"Betting Against The Transhumanist Wager"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 16, 2013

"Techno-Progressives and the Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 9, 2013

"The Philosophy Behind Elysium"   Utopia or Dystopia  Sep 2, 2013

"On Recognizing Deep Fragility"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 26, 2013

"Towards a Transhumanist Techno-progressive Divorce"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 20, 2013

"The Terrifying Banality of Humanity 2.0"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 13, 2013

"Taxing Multinational Corporations Against Global Catastrophic Risks"   Utopia or Dystopia  Aug 6, 2013

"Welcome to Our Future: 2312"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 29, 2013

"Time Lost: Scene 2"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 22, 2013

"Time Lost: Scene 1"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 15, 2013

"Why the Global Brain needs a Therapist"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jul 8, 2013

"Psychobot"   Ethical Technology  Jul 7, 2013

"The Algorithms Are Coming!"   Ethical Technology  Jun 30, 2013

"Bookmark the permalink. Of Art, Algorithms and Humanity"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 24, 2013

"Tenochtitlan, Dürer, Civilization"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 20, 2013

"Science Fiction and the occulted canvass of time"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 13, 2013

"Capitalism, Evolution and the Attack of the Giant Fungus"   Utopia or Dystopia  Jun 6, 2013

"Inventing a New World"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 28, 2013

"The Far Futures Project"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 20, 2013

"Reflections on Abundance"   Utopia or Dystopia  May 9, 2013

"Boston, Islam and the Real Scientific Solution"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 29, 2013

"Visions of Immortality and the Death of the Eternal City"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 23, 2013

"Return to the Island of Dr. Moreau"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 16, 2013

"The Lost Art of Architectonic"   Utopia or Dystopia  Apr 7, 2013

"How Science and Technology Slammed into a Wall and What We Should Do About It"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 31, 2013

"The Ubiquitous Conflict between Past and Future"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 24, 2013

"The Ethics of a Simulated Universe"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 17, 2013

"Immortal Jellyfish and the Collapse of Civilization"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 10, 2013

"Finding Our Way in the Great God Debate, Part 2"   Utopia or Dystopia  Mar 4, 2013

"Finding Our Way Through The Great God Debate"   Utopia or Dystopia  Feb 24, 2013

"God in the Age of Alien Earths"   utopiaordystopia.com  Feb 17, 2013

"Big Brother, Big Data and The Forked Path Revisited"   Ethical Technology  Feb 11, 2013

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Futurists discuss The Transhumanist Wager   2013-10-22


IEET Affiliate Scholar Rick Searle was a 3rd place winner of a $2,000 prize from FQXi (Sep 08, 2014)

IEET Appoints Rick Searle as Affiliate Scholar (Aug 26, 2013)


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