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Technoprogressive? BioConservative? Huh?
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Algocracy as Hypernudging: A New Way to Understand the Threat of Algocracy

Techno-Anxiety? We’ve Been Afraid of Disruptions Since the Printing Press

Short story: Rush Hour

To solve old problems, study new species

The Dullest Moment In Trump’s Press Conference Was Also The Most Shocking

The next step in nanotechnology

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TECHNOPROG, le transhumanisme au service du progrès social
Marc Roux and Didier Coeurnelle

Philosophical Ethics: Theory and Practice
John G Messerly

eHuman Deception
Nicole Sallak Anderson

Keywords for Environmental Studies
eds. Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, David N. Pellow


Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as “Standing Reserve”

Moral Enhancement and Political Realism

Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life

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2016 Dec 17 Bratislava, Slovakia Sorgner @ Open Society Foundation
2016 Dec 5-6 Rice University, Houston, Texas Humans, Machines, and the Future of Work Conference
2016 Dec 6 Marseille, France Technoprog at The Health Future Show
2016 Dec 3 London, England Transpolitica 2016 Conference
2016 Nov 28 Stockholm, Sweden Hughes @ Singularity Salon
2016 Nov 27 Stockholm, Sweden Hughes @ Transhumanist Culture Festival
2016 Nov 25-26 Berlin Stefan Sorgner @ Meditation & Wirklichkeit Conference in Berlin
2016 Nov 20 Universidad Elche, Spain Robotic Online Short Film Festival
2016 Nov 18 Twente, Netherlands Stefan Sorgner @ Technology & Transcendence Conference
2016 Nov 18 New York University, NY NY Posthuman Fall Summit
2016 Nov 8-10 London, England Anticipation 2017 Conference
2016 Nov 7 Austin, Texas Cyborg Law Symposium
2016 Nov 4 Atlanta, Georgia IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur @ Society for Literature, Science and the Arts
2016 Oct 28 Harvard University Posthuman and Transhuman Bodies in Religion and Spirituality Panel
2016 Oct 2 Unitarian Hall - East Melbourne 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne Environmentalism, Progressivism and Technoprogressivism Meetup
2016 Sep 29-1 Brussels, Belgium Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging
2016 Sep 29 NYIT, Old Westbury, Long Island IEET fellow Kevin LaGrandeur speaking on technology-caused unemployment
2016 Sep 27-28 Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center Singapore InsurTech 2016
2016 Sep 15 ConsenSys, 49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn NY Melanie Swan @ Rethink/ECONOMICS
2016 Aug 6 Redmond, Washington Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Conference
2016 Aug 3 Paley Center for Media, NYC Human by Design: Conference on Human Augmentation
2016 Jul 22-24 Washington Hilton Wold Future 2016
2016 Jul 20 The Center for Transformative Media, NYC Future of Mind symposium
2016 Jul 16-19 The New School in New York City HLAI: The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence 2016
2016 Jul 16-17 Malta Star Trek Symposium @ Malta
2016 Jul 11-15 National Taiwan University, Taiwan IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner @ Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 2016
2016 Jul 12 Vienna, Austria Campa@Third ISA Forum on Sociology
2016 Jun 23-24 Lisbon, Portugal Seminar on Susan Schneider’s Work
2016 Jun 16 Vienna, Austria Benedikter@Vienna
2016 Jun 10 New York City, NY Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ Personal Democracy Forum
2016 May 25-28 Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Faculty of Philosophy 8th Beyond Humanism Conference
2016 May 20 Portland, OR Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ Webvisions
2016 May 20 Portland, OR Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ Powell’s Books
2016 May 20 Durham, North Carolina BJ Murphy@Moogfest
2016 May 17 Los Angeles, California Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ Hammer Museum
2016 May 12-15 Manitoba, Canada North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
2016 May 13 New York City, NY Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ PFSK 2016 Forum
2016 May 11 Krakow, Poland Campa @ Krakow Symposium
2016 May 5 Connecticut Science Center | Downtown Hartford, CT “A Dangerous Master” by Wendell Wallach (Lecture & Book Signing)
2016 Apr 28 Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) Spring Exhibition Kevin LaGrandeur at Cleveland MOCA
2016 Apr 27 Zurich, Switzerland Rushkoff on “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” @ Digital Economic Forum
2016 Apr 22 New York University Vita-More, Swan at NY Posthuman Research Group Symposium
2016 Apr 15-17 Nürnberg, Germany Sorgner@Star Trek “New Worlds” event
2016 Apr 11 Rushkoff @ Toronto
2016 Mar 30 92nd St. Y, NYC, NY Rushkoff @ The 92nd St. Y, NYC, NY
2016 Mar 24 Commonwealth Club, San Francisco Rushkoff @ SF Commonwealth Club
2016 Mar 23 City Lights, San Francisco Rushkoff @ City Lights, SF
2016 Mar 12 Austin, Texas Rushkoff @ SXSW - Austin, TX
2016 Mar 1 Civic Hall, NYC Rushkoff @ Civic Hall NYC
2016 Feb 25 Berlin Danko Nikolic@“Rise of the AI” in Berlin
2016 Jan 7-8 Oxford, UK Human Enhancement and the Law: Regulating for the Future
2015 Dec 5 Nürnberg, Germany Sorgner @ Transhumanism: Perspektiven, Chancen, Risiken
2015 Nov 21 Orlando, FL USA GSA Interest Group “Societal Implications of Delaying Aging”
2015 Nov 20 NYC, NY USA Wallach, Hughes, Rothblatt, Swan, Baum @ World Technology Summit
2015 Nov 20 Brin @ Deloitte All-Hands
2015 Nov 16 Iskandar, Malaysia Love and Sex with Robots
2015 Nov 13-15 Houston, Texas Kevin LaGrandeur @ Conference of the Society of Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA)
2015 Nov 14 Hooksett, NH USA Faggella on AI @ TEDxAmoskeag
2015 Nov 12-14 Targoviste, Romania Sorgner@7th LUMEN international conference
2015 Nov 5-7 Trento, Italy Anticipation
2015 Nov 6-7 Seoul, South Korea Orban, Wood, Pearce @ SIAI Seoul
2015 Oct 25-29 Indian Wells, CA USA Brin on “Beyond Curing Disease”
2015 Oct 28 Seattle, WA USA Brin on “The Future of Virtual Reality”
2015 Oct 27-28 Belgrade, Serbia Enhancing Understanding of Enhancement
2015 Oct 26 Amsterdam, Netherlands Brin on “Human Augmentation” @ Innovation Outreach Program
2015 Oct 26 Brookings Institution, Washington, DC USA Santens @ How robotics will affect the availability of employment and social benefits (WEBCAST)
2015 Oct 23-24 Old Westbury, NY USA Values, Morals, and Science: An Interdisciplinary Conference
2015 Oct 19 Stuttgart, Germany Sorgner on “Transhumanism, Human Perfection, and the Radical Plurality of Goodness” @ TEDxStuttgart
2015 Oct 18 Oakland, California Hughes, Brin, Anderson, Pellissier, Sirius, Gillis, Kuzsewski @ Future of Politics
2015 Oct 16-17 Austin TX USA New Worlds 2015
2015 Oct 15-16 Chicago, IL USA Engineering the Brain
2015 Oct 15 Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY USA Brin on “Privacy: Why Does It Matter?”
2015 Oct 9-11 Scottsdale, AZ USA Vita-More @ Alcor Conference
2015 Oct 9-11 NYC, NY USA Horizons - Perspectives on Psychedelics
2015 Oct 10 NYC, NY USA Hughes, Prisco, Goertzel @ Modern Cosmism Conference
2015 Oct 9-10 Montpellier, France Roux on H+ & Cyborgization @ “Transformed Body” (“Le Corps Transformé”)
2015 Oct 4-5 Milan, Italy Orban @ State of the Net 2015
2015 Oct 3-4 New Delhi, India Stambler, de Grey @ Super Longevity Conference
2015 Oct 3-4 Berkeley CA, USA Humanism and its prefixes (non-, trans-, post-, in-, a-)
2015 Oct 2-4 Sofia University, Palo Alto CA, USA Siegel @ Transformative Technology Conference
2015 Oct 3 London, UK Wood, Twyman @ Anticipating 2040: A Roadmap to Sustainable Abundance?
2015 Oct 1-3 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK 6th Annual Alliance for Healthy Aging Conference
2015 Oct 1 Global International Longevity Day
2015 Sep 30 Santens @ North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
2015 Sep 29 NYC, NY USA Hughes, Santens, Wallach @ World Summit on Technological Unemployment
2015 Sep 26 Athens Greece Orban @ Evolution TedX
2015 Sep 24-26 Samford University, Birmingham, AL USA Benek, Deasy, Redding @ Transhumanism and the Church
2015 Sep 24 NYC, NY USA Advances in Meditation Research: Genetics, Neuroscience and Clinical Applications
2015 Sep 24 San Francisco, CA USA Brin @ CloudFlare Internet Summit
2015 Sep 18 San Francisco, CA USA Brin on “The Future Seen Through the Eyes of Science Fiction”
2015 Sep 15-18 Seoul, S. Korea Sorgner @ Beyond Humanism Conf: From Humanism to Post- and Transhumanism?
2015 Sep 10 London, UK Wood @ Pioneering Change in Partnership
2015 Sep 4-9 Berlin Germany Vita-More @ IFA+ SUMMIT
2015 Sep 7-8 Berlin, Germany Vita-More @ Next Level of Thinking: AFI+ Summit
2015 Aug 18-19 Malmö, Sweden Darling @ The Conference
2015 Aug 3-7 Daejeon, S. Korea Sorgner, Wallach @ International Conference on the Integration of Science, Technology and Society
2015 Jul 26-31 Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA USA Vita-More, Rothblatt, Hughes @ Juniata H+ Conference
2015 Jul 27-31 La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain Living Machines 2015
2015 Jul 22 San Francisco, CA USA Ramez Naam on “Enhancing Humans, Advancing Humanity”
2015 Jul 21 Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain Kevin LaGrandeur and Stefan Sorgner@ Hacking Big Data Brother Conf
2015 Jul 20 Second Life Terasem Seminar on Teilhard de Chardin
2015 Jul 18 Redmond, WA Extreme Future Tech Conference
2015 Jul 12 Oakland, CA Anderson, Pellissier @ Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity Conference
2015 Jun 27 Boston, MA USA Confronting the Anthropocene
2015 Jun 17-19 Paris, France Danaher @ Clinical Neuroethics: Bench to Bedside
2015 Jun 8-10 Santa Clara, CA USA Brin @ Augmented World
2015 Jun 8 Kevin LaGrandeur and Stefan Sorgner@Hacking Big Data Brother Conference: From Biometrics to Intra-ac
2015 Jun 3-7 Vienna, Austria The Global Brain and the Future Information Society
2015 Jun 3 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Wallach, Bostrom on “Technological Unemployment and the Future of Work”
2015 May 31 Cologne, Germany Sorgner @ International Festival of Philosophy
2015 May 28-29 Scottsdale, AZ, USA Brain Matters! Cutting Edge Neurotechnologies: Clinical and Ethical Issues
2015 May 26-28 Scottsdale, AZ USA Wallach, Hughes, Vita-More, Smart, Lin, Darling @ Governance of Emerging Technologies
2015 May 20 Hull, UK Sorgner, Schneider on “Transhumanism and Immortality”
2015 May 18 London, UK Sorgner @ Posthuman Studies and the Arts
2015 May 11 David Wood @ Creating Future Tech Businesses Through Exponential Thinking
2015 May 9 Hong Kong Goertzel @ Exponential Future Symposium
2015 May 9 NYC, NY USA Hughes, LaGrandeur @ Posthumanism and Society
2015 May 1 Brown University, Providence, RI USA Hughes, Wallach, Darling @ Societal Implications of Robotics Symposium (SIRoS)
2015 Apr 29 Harvard University, Cambridge MA USA Hughes on “The Politics of Transhumanism”
2015 Apr 25 London, UK David Wood on “Technological Unemployment” @ Z-Day
2015 Apr 24 Braunschweig, Germany Sorgner @ Eternity
2015 Apr 21 Jena, Germany Sorgner @ University of Jena: Nietzschean transhumanism
2015 Apr 17-19 Amherst, MA USA Psymposia - Beyond the War on Drugs
2015 Apr 17 NYIT - College of Arts & Sciences, NYC, NY USA LaGrandeur @ Metabody: Technologies, Cultures and Movement
2015 Apr 10 Dissection Room, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Danaher @ Neuroethics on Trial
2015 Mar 29-4 Flat Rock, NC USA Buddhist Geeks Mind Hacking Retreat
2015 Apr 3 Salt Lake City, UT Cannon @ 2015 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association
2015 Mar 23 Ostschweiz, Switzerland Sorgner on “Transhumanism”
2015 Mar 21 San Jose, CA USA Smart, Pellissier @ Transhuman Strategies
2015 Mar 20-21 Flint, Michigan, USA Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction
2015 Mar 20-21 Flint, MI, USA The Work of Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction
2015 Mar 11-14 Strasbourg, France Human in the Meshes of the Digital Web. Ethical Challenges of Info and Communication Technologies
2015 Mar 11 Zurich, Switzerland Ted Chu @ Europe Trend Day
2015 Mar 5 Smith College, Northampton, MA, USA Mikey Siegel on “Transformative Technology: An Evolution of Contemplative Practice”
2015 Mar 5 Santa Clara University Technology, Policy & Ethics Lecture Series: Ethics for Software/App Design
2015 Feb 27-28 Berkeley, CA USA Neoliberalism + Biopolitics | Conference
2015 Feb 26-28 New York, NY USA Brain @ North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
2015 Feb 27 Nijmegen, Netherlands Sorgner on “Nietzsche, the overhuman and transhumanism”
2015 Feb 27 Collegezalencomplex Radboud University, Mercatorpad 1, Nijmegen Sorgner @ TranshumaNietzsche (Lecture and debate)
2015 Feb 22 Hessen, Germany Sorgner on “Nietzsche and Transhumanism”
2015 Feb 17-21 Hamburg, Germany Sorgner on “Meta-, post- and transhumanism and the arts”
2015 Feb 19-21 Lutfi Kurdar Convention & Exhibition Center 4th Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair & International Design Conferences
2015 Feb 19 Smith College, Northampton, MA, USA Hughes on “Using Neurotechnologies to Enhance Virtues”
2015 Feb 18 Pasadena, CA USA Brin @ In the Year 2525: Big Science, Big History, and the Far Future of Humanity
2015 Feb 12-16 San Jose, CA USA Brin @ AAAS Annual Meeting
2015 Jan 27-30 Orlando, FL USA Brin @ NASA NIAC Meeting
2015 Jan 4-5 San Diego, CA USA Brin on SETI @ AAPT
2014 Nov 20-22 Paris, France Hughes, Vita-More, de Grey, Roux @ TransVision 2014
2014 Nov 17 University of Innsbruck, Germany Sorgner on robotics and H+
2014 Nov 15 Vancouver 2014 Longevity and Genetics Conference: Vancouver
2014 Nov 12-13 San Diego, CA USA Brin @ San Diego
2014 Nov 12 Nürnberg, Germany Sorgner on transhumanism
2014 Nov 6-8 Miami Gardens, FL USA Technology and Politics
2014 Nov 3 Seoul, South Korea Pearce, Sorgner on Nietzsche and transhumanism @ “Transhumanism and Asia”
2014 Oct 30-1 Daejeon City, S. Korea Sorgner @ 3rd World Humanities Forum
2014 Oct 22-27 San Jose, CA USA Siegel @ Science and Non-Duality
2014 Oct 16-18 Boulder, Colorado Siegel @ Buddhist Geeks Conference
2014 Oct 14 Kansas, USA Brin @ Newman University
2014 Oct 13 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS USA Brin @ University of Kansas
2014 Oct 9-12 Dallas, TX USA LaGrandeur @ Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
2014 Oct 9-12 Culver City, CA USA Siegel @ Indiecade
2014 Oct 11-12 NY, NY USA Brin @ New York Comic-con
2014 Oct 10 NY, NY USA Brin on the future of technological change.
2014 Oct 7 San Diego, CA USA Brin @ TERADYNE Corp. biannual internal technical conference.
2014 Oct 2-4 MIT's Media Lab, 75 Amherst St. Cambridge, Boston MA, USA CyborgCamp ‘14
2014 Sep 30 Erlangen, Germany Sorgner on “three types of posthuman perfection”
2014 Sep 25-28 University of the Aegean, Lesbos, Greece Sorgner @ Posthuman Politics
2014 Sep 20 Reddit/Futurism Hughes, Walker @ Basic Income Reddit AMA (1pm EDT)
2014 Sep 20 Piedmont, California Cascio, Pellissier @ Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity Conference
2014 Sep 18-19 Washington D.C., USA Schneider on Extraterrestrial Intelligence @ Astrobiology Symposium
2014 Sep 18 Marin, CA USA Cascio @ TEDx in Marin
2014 Nov 13-15 University of California, Santa Barbara Democratizing Technologies: Assessing the Roles of NGOs in Shaping Technological Futures
2014 Sep 12-14 Atlanta, GA USA Neuro-Interventions and the Law
2014 Sep 3-5 Global Conference: Augmentation
2014 Aug 26-29 Camp Soft Landing, Black Rock City, NV Siegel @ Palenque Norte, Burning Man
2014 Aug 18-21 Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany Cascio @ Climate Engineering Conference 2014
2014 Aug 13-15 Netherlands COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT: Moral, Legal and Scientific Challenges
2014 Jul 26 Berkeley, California Siegel, Pellissier, Kuszewski @ The Future of Emotional Health and Intelligence
2014 Jul 20-22 Suceava, Romania Sorgner, Vita-More, Hughes @ Enhancement & Morality in the Digital Era
2014 Jul 11-13 Orlando, Florida Naam, Cooper, Chu @ WorldFuture 2014: What If
2014 Jul 3 Fujitsu Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan Future of Aging
2014 Jun 26-29 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Re-Democratizing the Economy: Basic Income Canada
2014 Jun 24-26 Boston, MA USA Driving Technology’s Future: Norbert Weiner in the 21st Century
2014 Jun 18-20 Miami, Florida Baum on “Global Catastrophic Risk And The Limits Of Insurability” @ Catastrophe Risk Modelling
2014 Jun 14 Piedmont, CA USA Brin, Baum, Pellissier @ Global Existential Risks and Radical Futures
2014 Jun 3-6 Vercelli & Torino, Italy LaGrandeur @ Life, in Theory
2014 Jun 5 London, UK Sorgner on “The Importance of Genetic Modifications: Why Habermas is wrong”
2014 May 28-29 Seoul, S. Korea Hughes, Sorgner @ Mapping Trans- and Posthumanism as Fields of Discourses
2014 May 27-29 Scottsdale, AZ, USA Wallach @ Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics
2014 May 17 Los Angeles, CA USA Vita-More @ Transhumanism and Space Exploration
2014 May 17 Stanford, CA USA Glenn @ Advancing Humanity Symposium
2014 May 11 Hangout on Air Hughes, Brain @ Robots, unemployment, and basic income
2014 May 10 Piedmont, CA USA LaTorra, Pellissier @ Religion and Transhumanism - the future of faith, ethics, and philosophy
2014 Apr 28-9 New York City, NY USA Baum on “Risks of accidental nuclear war” @ UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Committee
2014 May 7 New Haven, CT USA Vita-More on “Radical Life Extension”
2014 Apr 23-27 Asheville, North Carolina Dvorsky, Bostrom @ Moogfest 2014
2014 Apr 22-24 Prato, Italy Hughes @ Translational Bodies: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
2014 Apr 6-11 Belek, Turkey Andy Miah & Natasha Vita-More @ SportAccord


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