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Darlene Cavalier Topics

Cheering Microbes Into Space!

by Darlene Cavalier

Science Cheerleader Wendy Brown, a graduate student in biomedical engineering, will recruit school kids and volunteers to collect microbial samples from a wide range of environments.

Our Changing Planet

by Darlene Cavalier

“Changing Planet” is a series of three televised town hall meetings, hosted by Tom Brokaw and Anne Thompson of NBC News, on what climate change means.

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What a year at SciCheer

by Darlene Cavalier

Hot damn, 2010 was a great year in terms of reaching our goals. I say, it’s time to reach higher!

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Why We Need Participatory Technology Assessments

by Darlene Cavalier

2011 promises to be a year chock full of complex legislative debate over the policies of emerging technologies like synthetic biology and geoengineering, to name only two. Fortunately, three elements are brewing to create what might just be a perfect storm in terms of getting all the right folks to huddle together so the best policies are set forth.

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Listen to the Sounds Around You

by Darlene Cavalier

The Acoustics Research Centre at the UK’s University of Salford is building a sound map of the world as part of a new study into how sounds in our everyday environment make us feel.

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How the Quest for Sex Shaped the Modern Man

by Darlene Cavalier

Meet Faye Flam, a talented journalist and media personality who makes science sexy and makes sex “sciencey.”

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First-ever Global Citizens Consultation Held

by Darlene Cavalier

On September 26, 2009, World Wide Views on Global Warming organized the first-ever, globe-encompassing democratic deliberation in world history. WWViews enabled roughly 4,400 citizens from 38 countries all over the world to define and communicate their positions on issues central to the U.N. climate change negotiations, which will take place in Copenhagen from December 7–18, 2009.

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