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Christopher de la Torre Topics

Systems, Simulation and the New Collectivism

by Christopher de la Torre

We are a burgeoning collective, unlike anything before us. The rapid communalization of cities, brought about by the Internet (specifically social web culture and practice), supports the notion that “community” and “collective” are best treated synonymously, wherein the whole values each individual beyond the basic tenets of production.

Higgs Boson and the Spiritual Universe

by Christopher de la Torre

Right now the Higgs boson discovery seems little more than a spasm of speculation, but the recent event follows a progression—a hidden connection between technology, spirituality and self-awareness—that’s tough to ignore.

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Alan Turing, Father of Computer Science, Defied Stereotypes, the Nazis, and a Nation

by Christopher de la Torre

On June 23, cognitive scientists, tech enthusiasts, and gay activists came together to celebrate Alan Turing, the man who, in the 1950s, along with colleague John von Neumann, reanimated human consciousness and inspired a century of technological determinism. Turing, the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, the man whose mathematical genius gave birth to the “conscious” machine via the Turing Test, turned 100 this month.

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Eugenics 2.0: Prometheus, Power & The Procreation Delusion (Part 2)

by Christopher de la Torre

Of Genes and Men: Overpopulation, Negative vs. Positive Eugenics in China and the USA, and the history of Xq28, the “Gay Gene.”

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Eugenics 2.0: Prometheus, Power & The Procreation Delusion

by Christopher de la Torre

Does neo-eugenics represent a promethean form of enlightenment—a risk taken to avert imminent and irreversible disaster? Part One: Procreation, Afterlife and the Illusion of Choice

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