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March 20-21
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MULTIMEDIA: Bioculture Topics

Politics & Abolition From Suffering

On Wellbeing, Bliss and Happiness

The World Transhumanist Association (WTA)

Secrets of the Mind: Can Science Explain Consciousness? (34 min)

What is Transhumanism? – the 3 Supers

Beyond The People’s Climate March

Genetically Engineered Ethical Super Babies?

Biohacking - the forefront of a new kind of human evolution

Can Brain Implants Make Us Smarter?

What we Hear in Music and Why it Matters to us (50 min)

Animals and Ethics

Under the ice: Looking for Life

Singularity 1 on 1: Science is an epistemology in the house of philosophy

Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap

Buildings That Can Heal the Environment

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Bioculture Topics

No Dystopian Future For Me!

by Kris Notaro

How can we save our planet, ourselves, and increase the quality of life world wide?

Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change

by Ramez Naam

Hurricane Sandy fizzled out over Quebec Wednesday morning, leaving a trail of devastation along the US East Coast and into southern Ontario. As I write this, Sandy’s death toll stands at 132 people – 71 in the Caribbean and 61 in the United States. Since making landfall in the US, it flooded the New York City subway system, left 8 million people without electricity (6.5 million of whom still lack it), destroyed the Atlantic City boardwalk, and shut down the New York Stock Exchange for 2 days.  Estimates of its economic damage are up to $50 billion, making it the 2nd most expensive storm in US history, after Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans.

When Hope is Unethical

by Marcelo Rinesi

With the best of intentions, climate scientists might be doing an ethical disservice to the world.

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Is there an Ecological Architectural Design Method?

by Rachel Armstrong

A talk on nature, ecology, synthetic biology and the machines of living grace, delivered to architecture students at the University of Greenwich, October 10th, 2012

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BioLime: The Mock Rock

by Rachel Armstrong

Climate change in the small town of Mossville is tackled by creating a rock-like salt that “energizes” their buildings. “Science Faction” / Biochemistry / Metabolic Architecture

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The Biggest Problem of All: The End of the World is Coming?

by piero scaruffi

Paul Ehrlich recently gave a talk that listed eight major catastrophic environmental problems that are coming sooner than even pessimists predict… should we create a “culture of panic”?

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Google Street View, Now Underwater

by Breki Tomasson

While Apple is doing their best to manage the fiasco that is their iOS 6 map roll out, Google has decided to start adding underwater shots to Google Maps, starting with the Great Barrier Reef.

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Melancholia, the Game

by Jamais Cascio

Plague, Inc., by Ndemic Creations, is an iDevice game with a simple story: you’re a plague, and your goal is to wipe out the human race.

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Soft Cities (Part 1)

by Rachel Armstrong

All that is built squirms. This is the fundamental reality that applies to buildings.

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What’s Wrong With Selling Your Organs?

by P. Tittle

It seems to be morally acceptable to sell one’s blood, sperm, eggs, and hair. So… what’s so unacceptable about selling one’s kidney?

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Lemur Steaks & Pigeon Pickings - The Malagasy Bushmeat Conundrum

by Dustin Eirdosh

Last night I had the fortune of sitting down with the leading researcher in Madagascar focused on the intersection of wildlife conservation and human health, Dr. Chris Golden from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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New Zealand: A Future ‘Home Base’ for Transhumanists?

by Hank Pellissier

Is tech progess in your Luddite homeland too slow? You’d rather dwell in a Transhuman-Land? Here’s plans for a H+-friendly Home Base in the South Pacific, from “Zero State”…

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Lawless Sustainability—new technology & innovative solutions for a sustainable future

by Rachel Armstrong

The problem with sustainability is that it was designed by committee rather than springing from the loins of a mature design movement.

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Giulio Prisco will discuss The Singularity, at conference in Madrid

IEET Director Giulio Prisco will deliver a lecture titled, “A Spectre is Haunting the World: Is the Singularity Near?” at a conference titled, “The Voice of Science” on September 22 in Madrid.

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The Rise of Big History: An Evolutionary Pedagogy for the Future

by Dustin Eirdosh

Rather than teaching historical change as disconnected – alien from biological change, irrelevant to social and technological change – we have to start doing something BIGGER.

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If Cows Were Time Travelers - The BioPolitics of Animal Consciousness

by Dustin Eirdosh

If cows were time travelers - I would stop eating most meat! Let me explain…. the ability to be a time traveller is a critical defining marker in how we must practically interpret the nature of any given animal consciousness.

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Call of the Wild: Decoding Australia’s Long-Term Future

by Michael Lee

A generation of far-reaching social change lies ahead for Australia.  There will be a serious struggle to adapt to climate change as water security becomes a critical issue for many coastal cities and for agriculture.

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India to Africa: Living in Hand-Me-Downs

by Valerie Tarico

Some years back, a group of anti-poverty advocates cast their lot in with Chevy and Ford to oppose higher gas taxes. “That’s just stupid,” said my ever-blunt brother Dan.

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Synthetic life: its Wonders could Revolutionize our Lives

by Dick Pelletier

Say goodbye to global warming, toxic waste, and dependency on fossil fuels, and get ready to enjoy perfect health with exotic drugs that could one day cure most diseases and extend lifespan indefinitely.

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Beyond the Gold: creating alternative ways to measure Olympic success and failure

by Sohail Inayatullah

We love watching the Olympics, and are inspired by athletic and organisational excellence. However, the Olympics are not a neutral venue. Every medal is based on a stream of money, power, genes and deep culture. In this essay [1] we unpack the political-economy of the Olympics.

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Progress for Immediate Profit - why can’t we consider the consequences?

by Alex McGilvery

A great deal of our behavior is determined by our instincts and prejudices, plus… Mental Laziness.

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The Transcension Hypothesis: An Intriguing Answer to the Fermi Paradox?

by Owen Nicholas

Ever since Enrico Fermi questioned back in the 1950’s why, if a multitude of civilisations are likely to exist in the Milky Way, no sign of their existence in the form of probes or spacecraft has ever been detected, scientists and critical thinkers have struggled to resolve the problem by supplying a host of inventive arguments with mixed reception.

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Abolishing Suffering via Bio-Engineering and Drugs - would this cripple social activism and art?

by Hank Pellissier

The abolition of suffering has been advanced for many years as a transhumanist ideal by IEET Fellow David Pearce. Recently, the Longevity Party engaged in a debate about it’s value.

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Evan Selinger is our new IEET Fellow

Let’s welcome Evan Selinger as our newest IEET Fellow.

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A Contact Lens for Cows?

by Dustin Eirdosh

From the You Heard it Here First department - let me present an idea that sounds patently ridiculous and yet - according to my discussions with the leading researcher in the field - is entirely possible within 20 years - a possibility that I argue - is indeed a probability.

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Too Big to Succeed? Three China Scenarios to 2050

by Michael Lee

Expect increased nationalism, including the flexing of military muscle, from China between now and 2050. Although I predict a surge in nationalistic sentiment and policy-making, one cannot rule out the possibility that a great new peaceful Chinese civilisation could emerge towards the middle of the century which would benefit, rather than harm, humanity.

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Please Donate to the Venturist Society To Save a Life

by Giulio Prisco

Kim Suozzi is 23, and about to die from a fatal brain tumor. She has already lived far longer than expectations. Kim is seeking donations to help fund her cryosuspension.

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A Matter of Feeling (exploring interzone materials between “inert” and “alive”)

by Rachel Armstrong

All matter squirms. This is the fundamental reality that underpins our cosmic fabric. Introductional essay for the Meta.Morf 2012 conference.

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IEET’s Top Essays and Videos in August

What did IEET visitors read, watch and argue about in August?  Statistics reveal a big interest in enhancement, the singularity, life extension, and tech innovation.

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How Do We Care For Future People?
 Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 3)

by J. Hughes

Buddhism and Jainism believe there is an evolutionary continuity between animals, humans and “gods,” and that all creatures will evolve from animals to a posthuman state. From a Keynote Address delivered at the International Jain Conference at Claremont Lincoln University, August 24-25, 2012.

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