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Bioculture Topics

Banksters Go Wild - and “The Economist” Joins the Revolution

by Richard Eskow

In the ongoing scandal about Barclays’ employees tampering with the “LIBOR,” or London interbank lending rate - which is to say, bank fraud - The Economist offers this brilliant cover. It’s not just the word “banksters,” or the fact that it shows bank executives dressed like the guys in Reservoir Dogs.

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Earth 2050-2100: Longer Lives; New Energy; FTL Travel; Global Village

by Dick Pelletier

Of course, no one can predict the future this far in advance with 100% accuracy, but if technologies continue to advance exponentially, which most experts predict they will; and we blend in a few scenarios that push the envelope, an amazing future begins to take form.

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Education and Social Programming - let’s re-write our codes to optimize the world

by Alex McGilvery

Why are we preparing children to live in an environment that no longer exists?  The future generation needs new rules and lessons.

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Online Learning is where Online Music was Five Years Ago

by Andrew Maynard

YouTube is gearing up to transform the way we learn…We are at the beginning of an exciting revolution in online educational content.

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YouTube does the the Higgs Boson – Science communication on the quick!

by Andrew Maynard

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement on the Higgs Boson, some of YouTube’s most viewed science communicators burned the midnight oil to explain why this is so exciting.  Wrapping up this series of posts on YouTube, I thought I would call out three prominent YouTubers who were at VidCon last week, yet still found the time to pull together a video.

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The City as an Ecosystem

by Rachel Armstrong

Currently our urban design and development practices work within the framing of modernism, which positions humans at the centre of existence that prioritises the status of objects and operates through the technology of machines. The processes engaged by modernism involve the simplification of systems to command their obedience, without any ideological commitment to return something in exchange for their servitude.

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My Socio-Political Disagreements with Transhumanism

by Benjamin Abbott

In general, I have affection for the goals of H+.  However, when I compare my socio-political stances with transhumanism, I discover numerous points of contention. Here’s a brief list of platform issues and my positions that are occasionally in synch with H+ majority but often contrast sharply.

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Could Reincarnation be Real?

by Giulio Prisco

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions and a common belief of pagan religions found in many tribal societies around the world. I don’t think there is a “spirit” or “soul” separate from the information encoded in our brain. But if there is, what can it be?

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The Not-So-Fine Line Between Privacy and Secrecy

by Valkyrie McGill

Transparency forces accountability. Secrecy enables an escape from accountability. It really cannot be made any plainer than that.

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Nanorods Extract Bioluminescent Properties From Fireflies

by Jake Anderson

Last month a gaggle of science publications reported that researchers had devised a way to harness the light from fireflies using nanotechnology. As a lifelong firefly enthusiast, I simply could not believe that the crepuscular creature of my childhood would now be opening the gateway for bioluminescence in consumer products as well as enhanced, energy-efficient technology.

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Ritual Killing in Nigeria of People with Hunchbacks and other Disabilities

by Leo Igwe

Last year a court in Southern Nigeria remanded in custody 4 persons for allegedly killing a hunchback woman, Mrs Ifeoma Angela Igwe for ritual purposes. According to the report, the hoodlums went to the woman’s house and kidnapped her.  They took her to a nearby bush where they beheaded her, butchered her and removed the hunch. It is believed that the hunch contains ‘magical substance or mercury’ which can make people rich.  I do not know how Nigerians came about this erroneous idea.

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BioPrinting Humanity? Where It’s Heading

by Patrick Tucker

Oli Archibald, ‏@FutureSelfOli  sent this interesting infographic my way on bioprinting human beings. Thought I would share. What’s your take? Original image at

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Why Do Naked Mole Rats Live So Long?  Do they hold the key to human life extension?

by Maria Konovalenko

Naked mole rats basically live 9 times more than “they should.” At an age equivalent to a human age of 92 years, naked mole-rats show unchanged levels of activity and metabolic rate, as well as sustained muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, cardiac health, and neuron number.

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Who is “Singularity Utopia” and Why is She so Optimistic?

by Hank Pellissier

Will the Singularity arrive in 2045 as Ray Kurzweil predicts? Will it never arrive, due to global catastrophe or technological failure? Will it arrive with apocalyptic horror, as an “UnFriendly AI” annihilates our species? We wonder, we dread, we anticipate nervously. But there’s - at least - one human being who is ecstatically convinced that The Singularity will solve all humanity’s problems and embrace us ever-afterwards in a blissful paradise. This person has renamed herself “Singularity Utopia.”

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How Transparency Will End Tyranny

by Valkyrie McGill

Most of you followed last year’s revolution in Egypt, and how protestors used Twitter, Facebook, etc, and the effort the government made to “shut down the internet”.  This illustrated very effectively how the internet is a tool that is inherently hostile to “information control.”

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VidCon and YouTube Science

by Andrew Maynard

Having been initiated into the alternative world of teen YouTube culture last year, I am once again being dragged along to VidCon – the Comic-Con of the online video community.  This year – the third year for VidCon – promises to be bigger than better than ever with around 6,000 signed up for the extravaganza June 28-30 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

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Civilization: from Slow Beginning to Space Colonies on Moon, Mars

by Dick Pelletier

Humanity faces what many see as the most important decision in its history – to move from nonrenewable fossil fuels as the primary source of energy to renewable sources that could, some believe, allow us to achieve higher civilization status.

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National Rifle Association (NRA) - the Largest Terrorist Organization in the World Strikes Again

by piero scaruffi

An armed madman, James Holmes, walked into a movie theater armed with weapons that any Islamic terrorist would love to have and killed 12 people. The difference between this madman and an Islamic terrorist is simple: this madman lives in a country in which it is legal to own a gun, and in fact it is encouraged.

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Nanorobots: Radical Science in Clinical Trials by the 2020s; expert says

by Dick Pelletier

You enter the wellness center and tell the receptionist avatar that you’re here for an annual restoration, and though your real age is 110, you would like to be restored to the age of a 20-something. A nurse then injects billions of genome-specific ‘bots non-invasively through the skin; you’re now set for another year.

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IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio quoted by CNN

A June 15 CNN article entitled “Post-apocalytpic TV is everywhere” interviewed IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio, as an “ethical futurist.”

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The Technological Elimination of Pain is Both Feasible and Possible

by Ben Goertzel

I love lots of things about being alive and being human — but pain isn’t one of them.  Put crudely, pain really sucks.  It’s just not a pleasant thing.  I’d really rather do away with it. 

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Could We Build a Weather Machine to Stop Climate Change?

by George Dvorsky

It’s starting to get pretty warm outside. And it’s also starting to get increasingly obvious that human-made global warming is not going away anytime soon. As our environment continues to degrade and collapse, we may be headed into some fairly desperate times — and with them, the inevitable call for desperate measures.

Artificial Lifeforms Promise Cleaner World, Healthier Humans

by Dick Pelletier

Say goodbye to global warming, toxic waste, and dependency on fossil fuels, and get ready to enjoy perfect health with exotic bugs that could one day cure every human disease, including aging.

Terrorists Attack Nanotech Labs with Bombs, claiming they fear NanoCyborgs and Gray Goo

by Annalee Newitz

A group of self-identified terrorists has sent several mail bombs to nanotechnology labs and researchers in Latin America, injuring two people earlier this month in the engineering department at the Monterrey Institute of Technology outside Mexico City. In an online manifesto, the group calls itself Individualists With Savage Tendencies (this a translation from the Spanish, Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvage, or ITS), and writes about how they are trying to stop a “gray goo” scenario where self-replicating nanobots destroy the world.

From Consumers to Producers - adopting the Algae Lifestyle

by Rachel Armstrong

Most of us are familiar with the sustainable citizen drill. We’ll have turned off the lights when we’re not using them, sorted the rubbish into the respective recycling bins, used the stairs instead of the lift, cut down on airline travel and are making conscious choices to buy ‘eco’ friendly products. But are our efforts working?

The Puzzle of Personhood

by Jønathan Lyons

Ethically speaking, I’m waiting for B1-66ER or the hot humanlike cylons of Battlestar Galactica to show up and make a claim for personhood. Or possibly for someone’s RealDoll (NSFW), Roxxy True Companion (also NSFW), or Anydroid (NSFW — yes, again) to become imbued with enough AI to say “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache” (or to be able to say “No” and mean it.)

George Dvorsky is now a Contributing Editor at io9

IEET Chairman of the Board George Dvorsky is joining as a full-time Contributing Editor, beginning June 4.  He will be posting articles at the popular science website on a variety of topics, on a daily basis.

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IEET Looking for Short Science Fiction

IEET wants short science fiction pieces that reflect on the social, moral, political, economic or philosophical consequences of future technologies, in particular pieces that touch on the IEET’s core issues - the ethics and policy dimensions of life extension, human enhancement, moral enhancement, non-human personhood, structural unemployment and catastrophic risks. 

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Earth 2062: a brief look at how our Future could unfold in 50 years

by Dick Pelletier

Flying cars, super-smart robots, conquering death, heading for the high frontier

The Aesthetics of Transhumanism

by Natasha Vita-More

The current socio-political discussion on transhumanism concerns human use of NBIC [1] technologies and sciences to enhance human biology and to radically extend human life. I address this concern by bringing art and design into the discussion.

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