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Is The Ebola Crisis (in the US) As Severe As The Media is Making It Out To Be?

Five Things Worth Knowing About Ebola

Winning the war on cancer?

When Do We Quarantine or Isolate for Ebola?

Open Source Biotech: Fund Anti-Cancer Research and Make Drugs Cheaper at the Same Time

Genetic engineering leads to glow-in-the-dark plants

Singularity 1 on 1: Take Steps and Be Prepared!

Watching the brain in action

Gene therapy spray: A breath of fresh air - Presentation

What is Bionanotechnology?

Nanotechnology to fight cancer

Color My Poop Beautiful – now on video

Politics & Abolition From Suffering

On Wellbeing, Bliss and Happiness

The World Transhumanist Association (WTA)

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Bioculture Topics

Why Do We Love To Call New Technologies “Creepy”?

by Evan Selinger

When we can’t find another way to explain our objections to facial-recognition software, for instance, creepy becomes a crutch.

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Wake Up, Deathists! - You DO Want to LIVE 10,000 Years!

by Hank Pellissier

The future won’t be boring. It will accelerate in excitement. Don’t fear radical life extension - embrace it.

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When Science Teachers Don’t Believe in Evolution

by Valerie Tarico

Last week, as I was driving a carload of middle-schoolers to a movie, the kids started talking about their teachers.  I couldn’t help overhearing, “ . . . He’s a great science teacher, but he doesn’t believe in evolution.”  

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Prominent Scientists Sign Declaration that Animals have Conscious Awareness, Just Like Us

by George Dvorsky

An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus.

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Obtaining Political Support for USA Life Extension Research

by Tom Mooney

There are many ways to influence elected officials to support life extension. Here’s several suggestions on how become involved.

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Longevity Running: Life Extension Scientist Bill Andrew’s 138-mile Himalayan Ultramarathon

by Jason Sussberg

A funny thing happens when I film with biotech scientist and telomere expert Bill Andrews: I run a lot. This trend continued when I arrived in the Himalayas in Northern India to film Andrews racing in an impossibly cruel 138-mile ultramarathon at 18,000 feet.

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Are We Panspermia or Not? Does Knowing Matter?

by Gabriel Rothblatt

Did life on Earth arrive from outer space? Are we spawned by Von Neumann Probes sent from distant solar systems? Here’s pro and con arguments for both possibilities.

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Billionaire Peter Thiel Invests in the Development of 3D Printed Meat

by George Dvorsky

The prospect of lab-grown meat has intrigued both vegetarians and environmentalists for years - can this develop soon, aided by a 3D printer?

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The Longevity Party - Who Needs it?  Who Wants it?

by Ilia Stambler

A few weeks ago, there began organizing efforts to create longevity parties in several parts of the world – in Russia, the US, Israel and Europe – dedicated to political promotion of life-extension research and practice.

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17 Definitions of the Technological Singularity

by Nikola Danaylov

The term singularity has many meanings. Here are 17 distinct definitions by noted observers, ranging from R.Thornton, Samuel Butler and Alan Turing, to contemporaries such as Ray Kurzweil, John Smart, and Eliezer Yudkowsky. Which description of The Singularity is your favorite?

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IEET’s African Futures Project delivers Cellphones to Madagascar

IEET is sending an initial shipment of 25 cellphones to Madagascar as part of it’s African Futures Project, to elevate daily life there via techno-progress.

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The Praxis, by Dirk Bruere (Book Review)

by Giulio Prisco

I have known Dirk Bruere online for many years, but I only met him in person a few weeks ago in London. He came to my talk on Turing Church unlimited - Transhumanist Religions 2.0, on July 14 in London, and gave me a copy of his book The Praxis.

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Higgs Boson and the Spiritual Universe

by Christopher de la Torre

Right now the Higgs boson discovery seems little more than a spasm of speculation, but the recent event follows a progression—a hidden connection between technology, spirituality and self-awareness—that’s tough to ignore.

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IEET Fellow Linda Glenn Publishes “Nanofood” Essay in Northeastern University Law Journal

IEET Fellow Linda MacDonald Glenn JD, LLM  is the co-author - with Lisa D’Agostino - of an bioethics essay entitled “The Movable Feast: Legal, Ethical, and Social Implications of Converging Technologies on our Dinner Tables.”

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Controlling Minds… With Science!

by Jathan Sadowski

Optogenetics has been heralded as one of the Breakthroughs of the Decade

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by Katherine McCarthy

Disturbingly beautiful science fiction by a new IEET contributor. What’s it about? “Catastrophic implications of a literal technological virus that finds its host in human brain tissue.”

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Posthuman: The Endgame?

by Travis James Leland

What does the word “post-human” actually mean? Of course, we’ll be merging with machines, but what’s the final product? Do we need focus? Is this worrisome?

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Immortality Will Arrive via Singularity, Nanotech, or Genetic Engineering - say 800+ Transhumanists

by Hank Pellissier

Three candidates mob the top post, with four other candidates trailing, according to Terasem Survey respondents.

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E-Health Futures for Bangladesh

by Sohail Inayatullah

Can e-health transform the nature of the Bangladeshi health system? If so, how? And who can deliver this vision?

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Morality, Spirituality, and Communications Technology

by Valerie Tarico

For the first time in human history, we have communication technologies that combine the best of oral tradition and the written word. What are the implications for our moral and spiritual dialogue?

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How the Brain Works

by Ben Goertzel

The human brain is a big, complicated system, with different parts doing different things. No one fully understands how it works, yet. But like many other researchers, I think I have a fairly good idea, at a high level.

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Civility and Free Speech

by Russell Blackford

There’s much discussion in the blogosphere at the moment about the merits of requiring charity and civility on comment threads. For example, Jerry Coyne has a post about his rules over here, while Daniel Fincke writes about his rules here. (Ed: IEET has its own Buddhist Right Speech policy)

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The Male Bias in Archeology - A Commonsense, Feminist Revision of Pre-History

by piero scaruffi

In my opinion, archeology fails to understand what it finds because:  1) most archeologists are male, and… 2) most archeologists are not doctors.

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Cognitive Machines Offer Many Benefits to Humanity

by Dick Pelletier

Building cognitive machines that process information the same way a brain does has been the dream of neuroscientists for more than 50 years.

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Picture a Technology Revolution. In Contraception. It’s Here.

by Valerie Tarico

Imagine a future in which we can simply toggle the default on human fertility, so that accidental pregnancy is a thing of the past and women become fertile only when they want to become pregnant.

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We Can’t Go This Way: Self-Immolation in Tibet

by Paiden Gyal

Over the past few months I would go to bed every night praying not to wake up to another horrifying self-immolation in Tibet. My prayers have been going unanswered. Plus, After fifty-one self-immolations, thirty-four of them fatal (known), in the past seven months, no leaders of the free world seem to hear their calls.

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The Link Between the Environment, Poverty and Development in South Africa

by Lee-Roy Chetty

A 2011 World Bank study estimates that environmental wealth accounts for 26 percent of the total wealth of low-income countries. This is contrasted with 13 percent of wealth in middle-income countries and only 2 percent of wealth in OECD countries.

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Climate Change and Inter-Group Cooperation

by Evan Selinger

Earth is threatened by numerous ecological dangers. To solve these issues, humanity needs to work collectively.

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IEET Fellow Douglas Rushkoff joins Codecademy

IEET Fellow Douglas Rushkoff, author of “Program or Be Programmed”, praised Codecademy in an essay that IEET posted in January 2012, entitled “Why I am Learning to Code and You Should, Too.”  Eventually, Rushkoff met with the founders of the organization, and he agreed to be “a member of Codecademy, dedicated to promoting code literacy and digital education.”

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Nudge, Nudge: Can Software Prod Us Into Being More Civil?

by Evan Selinger

Maybe the answer for making online comments more thoughtful isn’t in people, but in code.

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