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Technoprogressive? BioConservative? Huh?
Quick overview of biopolitical points of view


Hughes @ Translational Bodies: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
April 22-24
Prato, Italy

Dvorsky, Bostrom @ Moogfest 2014
April 23-27
Asheville, North Carolina

Baum on “Risks of accidental nuclear war” @ UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Committee
April 28-9
New York City, NY USA

Vita-More on “Radical Life Extension”
May 7
New Haven, CT USA

LaTorra, Pellissier @ Religion and Transhumanism - the future of faith, ethics, and philosophy
May 10
Piedmont, CA USA

Hughes, Brain @ Robots, unemployment, and basic income
May 11
Hangout on Air

Wallach @ Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics
May 27-29
Scottsdale, AZ, USA


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Yeb Saño: We are at war with climate change and hunger

NASA IMAX: The Earth - Blue Planet [HD 1080p]

How I help transgender teens become who they want to be

Science and Democracy

National Geographic Investigates the Future of Food

Lucy Movie (2014)

Semantic MediaWiki in neuroscience - The BlueBrain perspective

Engineers are ‘schooling’ themselves on fish maneuvers

The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory and Mindfulness Based Mind Coaching

On Consciousness

We Will Live Again: A Look Inside a Cryonics Laboratory

Implantable Technology - Pros and Cons

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Changes and Trends, For Better or For Worse

by Mike Treder

In the year 2025, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find…

Full Story...

In Defense of the New

by Kyle Munkittrick

Ratatouille is a fantasy, but a fantasy so close to reality that the fantastic bits almost go unnoticed. The moments where the film asks us to suspend our disbelief are so few and so minor that we forget the film is about a talking rat who can cook. Remy’s unbelievable intelligence is what creates the conflict for the whole story.

Full Story...

On Singer and Radical Life Extension

by Russell Blackford

Peter Singer argues that we should not proceed to develop a hypothetical life-extension drug, based on a scenario where developing the drug would fail to achieve the greatest sum of universal happiness over time. But that’s the wrong test.

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IEET Readers Pick Europe, With Outer Space Close Second

When asked in a recently concluded poll, where they would choose to live if they had to leave their current nation of residence, IEET readers made Europe their top choice, at 19%, but outer space was just behind, at 18%.

Full Story...

Ten Emerging Technology Trends of the Next Ten years

by Andrew Maynard

What can we expect as we enter the second decade of the twenty first century?  What are the emerging technology trends that are going to be hitting the headlines over the next ten years?

Full Story...

Are You Amazed Yet?

by Mike Treder

Have the last ten years filled you with awe at the pace of scientific discovery? Or are you more, like, meh…

Full Story...

Advocating Visionary Futurism and Practical Technoprogressivism

by Giulio Prisco

It is possible to both be a practical technoprogressive, working for safe, equitable consequences of emerging technologies today, and a visionary inspired by a future with immortal lives among the stars.

Full Story...

Rational Capitulationism

by Phil Torres

As far as I can tell, contemporary society—from pop culture to academia—is infused with a paradoxical mixture of technological optimism and pessimism.

Full Story...

Could Gonzo Vote?

by Kyle Munkittrick

My family has the tradition (as do a lot of other families, I think) of watching The Muppet Christmas Carol at some point the week of Christmas. I got to overthinking things per the usual and now am worried about whether or not The Great Gonzo could cast a vote.

Full Story...

Will Uploaded Minds in Machines be Alive?

by Martine Rothblatt

Mindclones—consciousness in post-biological media—will feel as full of life as we biological creatures.

Full Story...

Cascio Receives Special Recognition

IEET Senior Fellow Jamais Cascio has been granted the honorary title of Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto, California.

Full Story...

Scientist just wants to have fun – a compendium of mindless games for the holiday season!

by Andrew Maynard

Here’s some sciency fun for a long holiday weekend. Enjoy!

Full Story...

Avatar: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by George Dvorsky

Great science fiction films are few and far between, so it was with great anticipation that I went to see Avatar on opening night…

Full Story...

Tinkering With Libido

by Kyle Munkittrick

The human sex drive is complicated (duh). It is closely tied with mental processes, both biologically and by association within our culture, that we often forget how simple hormonal or physical “problems with the plumbing,” as it were, can mess things up.

Full Story...

Two New Articles in the Journal of Evolution and Technology

Mark Walker thinks through the ethics of Americans being denied both the right to health care and the right to self-medicate, while Philippe Verdoux suggests that taking the transhumanist path to the future may only be the best of a lot of very bad options.

Full Story...

What About the Children?

by Russell Blackford

At a time when the Australian government has announced its decision to introduce a new regime to censor the Internet, it’s worth thinking again about the argument that exposure to certain kinds of speech and expression might be harmful to children. The problem is that it is difficult to find evidence as to what kinds of material are actually likely to produce that kind of harm.

Full Story...

Making the Best of a Messy Real World

by Mike Treder

We face an uncertain future. And there are no easy answers.

Full Story...

Creativity: A Crime Of Passion

by Andrea Kuszewski

Creativity seems to be the “buzz word” of the 2000s. Society values it, companies need it, and employers want it. Or do they?

Full Story...

The Second Self through Second Life: Mask or Mirror?

by Kristi Scott

Kristi Scott has published her essay The Second Self through Second Life: Mask or Mirror? as part of the book The Real and the Virtual.

Full Story...

Dialoguing with the US Military on the Ethics of Battlebots

by Ben Goertzel

Today I gave a brief invited talk at the National Defense University, in Washington DC, about the ethics of autonomous robot missiles and war vehicles and “battlebots” (my word, not theirs!) in general. The talk came about as a consequence of my role in the IEET, but I wound up bringing in a number of explicitly H+ themes.

Full Story...

Fringe and the Neutrality of Technology

by Kyle Munkittrick

In keeping with the theme of talking about my favorite TV shows under the pretense of some sort of analysis, I’d like to talk a little bit about Fringe.

Full Story...

Love, Virtually

by Mike Treder

As opposed to love, actually…

Full Story...

Why Singer is Wrong About Radical Life Extension

by Russell Blackford

Peter Singer has argued that we should not proceed with a hypothetical life-extension drug, based on a scenario in which developing the drug would fail to achieve the greatest sum of happiness over time. However, this is the wrong test.

Full Story...

A Cold War Over Warming

by Jamais Cascio

What happens if global efforts to set and abide by strong carbon emissions cuts fail?

Full Story...

TechnoProgressive Biopolitics and Human Enhancement

by J. Hughes

A principal challenge facing the progressive bioethics project is the crafting of a consistent message on biopolitical issues that divide progressives.

Full Story...

Space Station Baby Due First

According to IEET readers who answered a recently concluded poll, the first human baby born off-Earth is very likely to appear in a space station, rather than on the Moon, on Mars, or somewhere else.

Full Story...

Science and Technology Innovation: Looking to the Future

by Andrew Maynard

How do we ensure that our dependency on science and technology works for us, rather than against us?

Full Story...

New Milestone for Visitors to IEET Site

Total hits on the IEET site for November 2009 have surpassed two and a half million. That’s a new high by a long way.

Full Story...

Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

by Richard Eskow

Last Friday’s IEET seminar on Biopolitics and Popular Culture has come and gone. What were the take-aways?

Full Story...

Pop-Bio-Culture Seminar Totally Rocked

by Mike Treder

Yesterday, December 4, 2009, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies convened an intimate but ambitious seminar to explore the “Biopolitics of Popular Culture.” We heard from a remarkable collection of speakers, including movie directors, screenwriters, science fiction authors, game designers, culture critics, and entrepreneurs.

Full Story...

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