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Kevin LaGrandeur@Hacking Big Data Brother Conference: From Biometrics to Intra-action
June 8-

Love and Sex with Robots
June 16-
Iskandar, Malaysia

June 27-10

Anderson, Pellissier @ Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity Conference
July 12
Oakland, CA

Kevin LaGrandeur@ Hacking Big Data Brother Conference: From Biometrics to Intra-action
July 21
Medialab Prado, Madrid

Ramez Naam on “Enhancing Humans, Advancing Humanity”
July 22
San Francisco, CA USA

Vita-More, Rothblatt, Hughes @ Juniata H+ Conference
July 26-31
Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA USA


Did the Evolution of the Brain… Evolve Our Morality?

On Existential Risk and Individual Contribution to the “Good”

The Future of Superhuman Technology

Basic Income Guarantee in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Basic Income: The Totally Crazy (Not Crazy) Idea

Tinkering with Consciousness

The Forgotten History of Autism

Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

Transhumanist Fashion Research Film

Sleepless in the Future?

Cyborg Sex - Greg Stevens and B.J. Murphy discuss sexuality and gender in a transhumanist future

Do we see reality as it is?

AI, Immortality and the Future of Selves

Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio

The Bionic Man | Robotica

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The Problem of Predation (Part 1 of “Reprogramming Predators”)

by David Pearce

And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the
 calf and the young lion and the yearling together and a little child shall lead them.”  
Isaiah 11:6

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Brain Damage Update:  avoid cholesterol statins, sugar, wheat, and cat feces?

by Hank Pellissier

Eating Wheaties for breakfast? Keeping Fluffy’s litter box clean? Gulping down cholesterol-lowering medication? If you think these activities are healthy, sorry… reports suggest all these habits contain the potential to poison your brain.

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The Groundhog Generation

by Marcelo Rinesi

The combination of longer lives, lower fertility, relatively low economic mobility, and high correlation between economic and political power, has left the United States in the novel situation of being (at least partially) a sort of partially gerontocratic democracy in which the 1940’s and 1950’s excert a degree of political influence over 2012 which the 1910’s and 1920’s did not have over the 1980’s.

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by Alex McGilvery

One of the catastrophic risks that technoprogressives take more seriously than most policy analysts is the emergence of self-willed artificial intelligence and robotics. We are skeptical of the focus on “hard take-off” scenarios, which tend to lead to fatalistic or magical thinking approaches to risk mitigation, and we emphasize instead the importance of incremental steps such as regulation of computing to avoid the creation of self-willed machine minds until we have a better handle on how to safely integrate them. In this short story Alex imagines one way that the tension between human control and the self-awareness of machine minds might play out.

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Meditation Boosts the Brain

by Owen Nicholas

Science and meditation are two things that one might initially regard as having no more in common with each other as Chinese calligraphy and Italian pasta. Science, however, has recently examined the eastern tradition to answer the longstanding question: how does meditation work?  Is anything actually happening or is it “all in the head?”

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World Economic Forum: Top Emerging Technologies Trends

by Andrew Maynard

For the past few months, the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies has been working on identifying some of the most significant trends in technology innovation.  Published in early February, 2012 by WEF, these represent ten areas that we as a council felt are likely to shake things up over the next few years in terms of their economic and social impact.

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Why Bad Arguments Suck

by John Niman

Today I want to talk about intellectual honesty for a minute. Let’s start with an article from Rebecca Taylor at

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Why Time Appears To Move Forward

by Ben Goertzel

On a long drive to my mom’s house earlier this weekend, my son Zar and I got into a long conversation about the nature of causality, which got me thinking about the old puzzle of where the feeling of the directionality of time comes from…

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Back to the 60s, Back to the Future, and Onwards to the Stars

by Giulio Prisco

I was honored to be included in the 200th episode of The Future and You: “Over a hundred never before heard predictions about the future from dozens of past guests, a few possible future guests, several listeners and an assortment of people actively building the future we are all going to live in.”

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Where Human Brains Far Surpass Computers

by Andrea Kuszewski

A current trend in AI research involves attempts to replicate a human learning system at the neuronal level—beginning with a single functioning synapse, then an entire neuron, the ultimate goal being a complete replication of the human brain.

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Volume of Criticism of H+  Published

All the anti-H+ essays generated by the four year Templeton grant to the Arizona State University project on Transhumanism have been published in Germany.

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Why Teaching Business Ethics can be Difficult

by P. Tittle

Teaching a business ethics course can be more difficult than one anticipates.  This is so for a number of reasons, which briefly outline below:

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Cyberpunk SF/Mathematics Legend Rudy Rucker’s “Nested Scrolls”: An Interview

by RU Sirius

Both the funniest and the most scientific of cyberpunk SF’s fab four, Rudy Rucker’s autobiography Nested Scrolls is a laid back groove, in the best sense. It’s funny, real, a bit off center… yet friendly and so thoroughly engaging that I was sorry that it ended.  Maybe Rudy could live another life so that he could take us along, once again.

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Further evidence that Twitter will not liberate the world

by Annalee Newitz

Though optimistic pundits have declared Twitter largely responsible for social uprisings like Arab Spring, the microblogging network is hardly going to usher in a more liberated future. It’s a business, after all, and it bends to the law like every other business does.

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“Headhunter” explains why USA high-tech industry is declining

by Hank Pellissier

The United States has lost 28% of its jobs in high tech since its peak in 2000, claims a study released recently by the National Science Board. This means 687,000 positions have been lost. Why has this happened?

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Hell Is Cheaper: China, Apple and the Economics of Horror

by Richard Eskow

I hate what I’ve learned about Apple’s outsourcing to China. I hate hearing Professor William Black explain why he believes that Steve Jobs, who I admired very much in some ways, must have ignored repeated reports that employees were being cheated and endangered.

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Five Top Reasons Transhumanism Can Eliminate Suffering

by David Pearce

Reality is big. So our optimism must be confined to sentient beings in our forward light-cone. But I tentatively predict that the last experience below “hedonic zero” will be a precisely dateable event several hundred years hence. Here are five grounds for cautious optimism:

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Ritual Killing and Human Sacrifice in Africa

by Leo Igwe

The practice of ritual killing [1] and human sacrifice [2] continues to take place in several African countries in contravention of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and other human rights instruments. In this 21st century, human beings are still being hunted down, mutilated, murdered or sacrificed for ritual purposes across the region. Several cases of kidnapping and disappearance of persons [3] are traced to the vicious schemes and activities of ritualists. In most cases, those targeted for ritual sacrifice are vulnerable members of the population — the  poor, women, children[4], the aged and people with disabilities.[5]

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Space-Based Solar Power Could Arrive in Ten Years and Create Millions of Jobs, Say Researchers

by Patrick Tucker

A space-based solar power (SSP) system capable of meeting the energy needs of millions of people could be “deployed within a decade using technologies that are today in the laboratory,” says John C. Mankins, a former manager of the Advanced Concepts Studies Office of Space Flight for NASA and widely considered one of the world’s leading experts on space-based solar power.

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Which Strange Existence Do You Prefer?

by Edward Miller

Existence is the most fundamental thing which is taken for granted. When we actually think about it, we all find it pretty mysterious, but I wonder if you realize just how mysterious it really is. Here’s a few things to consider.
The first is Occam’s Razor. A simple logic tool, right?

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The Ethics of Zombie Killing

by Kyle Munkittrick

Zombies are a strange source of ethical inspiration, but as I mentioned to io9′s Lauren Davis, if academic ethicists get to spend all day talking about trolleys, I see no reason we can’t banter about the ethics of the undead.

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Tax Inequity and the Middle Class—Top Issue for 2012

by David Brin

In an earlier political posting I pointed out that the top federal income tax rate - for earned income - has seldom been lower than it is right now.. and the rate that Mitt Romney pays on dividends is half of that.  Federal taxes, in general, are at one of the lowest points since 1912… suggesting that our current national argument about taxes ought to at least feature commensurately lower rates of anger. 

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FAQ on AGI and The Singularity

by Ben Goertzel

Here are some brief answers to some non-technical questions about AGI/Singularity that I get asked a lot…

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Get ready for the Sexapocalypse – some say it’s already here

by Annalee Newitz

We are living through the golden years of apocalyptic storytelling, and nothing is immune from dystopia fever - even sex.

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Got the Time

by Jamais Cascio

I’ve been mulling something of late, and it hasn’t left me in a tremendously good mood. Take a look at these two sets of graphs.

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IEET Readers Want Drones Used, But with Caution

Last month we asked “Is it ethical for an advanced military to use drones or robots to attack enemy soldiers?”  A third of you want military drones and robots banned, and a quarter believed they were unproblematic. But the center of opinion was that they should be under human control or used by both sides.

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“Resuscitative Resurrection” - who gets brought back to life first?

by Hank Pellissier

Nikolai Fedorov - the Russian proto-transhumanist philosopher — believed that the “Common Task” of humanity was to technologically conquer death.  This means… Immortality for those who are presently living… right? No, think bigger, his vision was immensely more ambitious. Federov believed that the evil horror of death would not be fully conquered until everyone who had ever died… was brought back to Life.

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Why Robots Need Psychologists

by Andrea Kuszewski

“My brain is not like a computer.” The day those words were spoken to me marked a significant milestone for both me and the 6-year-old who uttered them.

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Syria: the center of the New World Order

by piero scaruffi

The Syrian regime of Bashir Assad is the last remaining of the secular despots of the Arab world after the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. The rest of the Arab world is in the hands of “enlightened” kings/sheiks/sultans that somehow have better weathered the “Arab Spring” or is in the process of becoming democratic (Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria).

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The Transcendence of Life

by Martine Rothblatt

The third criterion of life, Transcendence, requires a potential life form to demonstrate that it can extend itself beyond its information processing capability to serve the purpose of life.  A fair test for Transcendence is compliance with the Second and Third Principles of Geoethics – the Principles of Equilibria and Assurance.  (Part 4 of Hybriduality and Geoethics)

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