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Global Conference: Augmentation
September 3-5

Neuro-Interventions and the Law
September 12-14
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Cascio @ TEDx in Marin
September 18

Cascio, Pellissier @ Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity Conference
September 20

Sorgner @ Posthuman Politics
September 25-28
University of the Aegean, Lesbos, Greece

Sorgner on “three types of posthuman perfection”
September 30
Erlangen, Germany

CyborgCamp ‘14
October 2-4
MIT's Media Lab 75 Amherst St. Cambridge, Boston


Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene: Staying with the Trouble

The Next X Prize: Artificial Intelligence!

Sequencing the Ebola virus

The Near Future Of Implantable Technology

Future News From The Year 2137

Effective Altruism, an Introduction

Death: Why the Brain Matters

Skepticism, the Singularity, Future Technology & Favorite Frauds

Can Brain Implants Make Us Smarter?

What we Hear in Music and Why it Matters to us (50 min)

Science and Human Nature (1 hr)

Animals and Ethics

On Parfit’s view that we are not Human Beings (50 min)

Under the ice: Looking for Life

Singularity 1 on 1: Science is an epistemology in the house of philosophy

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True Blood Season 3 and Morphological Freedom

by Ben Scarlato

This summer True Blood, now in its third season, continues to explore the issues that it has in the past, such as personhood and the coexistence of humans with a species that has many advantages over humans. However, with the introduction of werewolves and the greater focus on shapeshifters, this year there are even better opportunities to relate True Blood to morphological freedom.

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Futurisms Takes My Favorite Picture at H+

by Kyle Munkittrick

Our frienemies over at Futurisms went to the H+ summit at Harvard and had lots to say. So many that after more than ten posts on the topic, there are still some scraps on the side.

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The 2010 H+ Summit: Conference 2.0

by Andrea Kuszewski

Ten days ago, Boston was taken over by the transhumanists, for the gathering of the 2010 Humanity Plus (H+) Summit at Harvard University. The H+ Summit was two glorious days of information loading, idea sharing, and networking—among scientists, techno-geeks, and futurists from all domains—with one common goal: to enhance the human condition.

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Workshop on Advancing Substrate Independent Minds Held in Teleplace

by Giulio Prisco

The First Online Workshop on Advancing Substrate Independent Minds, ASIM2010-1, was held in Teleplace on June 5, 2010. It was a very intense workshop with 10 talks and lively discussions.

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Work and Play

by Ben Goertzel

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; but so does all play and no work.

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Why Slow Matters

by Mike Treder

If we are on a slow, winding, and undependable road to tomorrow, as I assert, how does that change things?

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Day 2 Afternoon Liveblogging H Summit

by J. Hughes

The Humanity+ Summit is winding down to a close. Ben’s fingers are tired, so Dr. J. is in the house to do some snarky blogging.

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Day 2 Afternoon Liveblogging H+ Summit: Ray Kurzweil

by Ben Scarlato

Ray Kurzweil didn’t cover much new this afternoon. As one wag said on Twitter, “Shouldn’t Ray’s five year-old stump speech be 10,000 times more interesting and only five minutes long?” But Ben does his best to summarize. By the way, check out Kurzweil, J. Hughes, and a cast of thousands in this New York Times story on the Singularity University - J.

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Martine Rothblatt’s Lifenaut Project Featured in New Scientist

The Terasem Foundation, a project of IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt, is working with IEET Senior Fellow Bill Bainbridge on capturing human personality for later instantiation. Their free Lifenaut and CyBeRev services have just received a positive review from New Scientist.

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Day 2 Morning Liveblogging H+ Summit

by Ben Scarlato

We’re here for day 2 of the H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist. Ray Kurzweil will be keynoting at the end of the day, but first we’ll hear talks from a bunch of other great speakers, including the IEET’s George Dvorsky, Aubrey de Grey, James Hughes, Patrick Lin, and Natasha Vita-More.

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Day 1 Afternoon of H Summit: Stephen Wolfram

by Ben Scarlato

Stephen Wolfram is the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, the creator of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, and the author of A New Kind of Science.

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Day 1 Afternoon of H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist

by Ben Scarlato

J. Hughes: This afternoon’s session started with a robot demonstration by the charming roboticist Heather Knight.  [Watch the conference live]

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Day 1 Morning of H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist

by Ben Scarlato

The IEET will be providing coverage of the H+ Summit today. We’re a few minutes away from Alex Lightman’s opening speech. I’m here with James Hughes and we’ll posting updates after every few talks. The first day is packed with exciting speakers. [Watch the conference live]

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Too Big to Fail? The BP Bailout as Corporatism

by Doug Rushkoff

Nowhere have I seen a clearer example of the perils of corporatism playing out than in the current handling of the BP oil spill. If only Obama understood the context of the decisions he’s about to make, he might be able to use this as an opportunity to turn all this around, and put people and the planet before profits. (Will someone please tell him to read my book Life Inc?)

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From Gears to Genes: A Sea Change in Transhumanism

by Kyle Munkittrick

Transhumanism is the idea of guiding and improving human evolution with intention through the use of technologies and culture. If those technologies are not robotic and cybernetic but, instead, genetic and organic, then so be it.

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Reaction to Venter’s Creation is Mixed

Showing a broad range of opinions, IEET readers who answered a recently concluded poll say the development of the first synthetic organism is either a very good thing, a very bad thing, or more likely neither.

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Can Libertarian Conservatism Find Its Way?

by David Brin

The conservative movement in the United States badly needs a counter reformation. Is there any hope that this might happen?

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Opening the Future

by Jamais Cascio

As an overview of my work, here are links to some articles I’ve written during the last few years that best illustrate what I’m thinking about…

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Looking for the End of the Rainbow

by Mike Treder

On my way through life, I’ve traversed a range of different paths, trying to find something that would satisfy a deep internal desire for ultimate meaning and happy outcomes.

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Would Mindclones Have Rights?

by Martine Rothblatt

What is the path of philosophical and political struggle ahead of us to secure the rights of virtual, uploaded persons?

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Cerebral Imperialism

by Richard Eskow

Could it be that there is no intelligence without a body? That there’s only computation? That cognition is the byproduct of biological processes, and never the driver of them?

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Free book on automation and structural unemployment

Martin Ford and his publishers have decided to make the PDF version of his The Lights in the Tunnel free to download and free to share.

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The DREAM Gene for the Posthuman Athlete

by Andy Miah

I have a chapter in a new scholarly anthology just published. The book is The Anthropology of Sport and Human Movement: A Biocultural Perspective, and my piece is titled “The DREAM Gene for the Posthuman Athlete: Reducing Exercise-Induced Pain Sensations Using Gene Transfer.”

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Will posthumans all be atheists?

by Phil Torres

There is good reason for thinking that posthumans will, on the whole, be atheists. And there is good reason for thinking that widespread apostasy would, on the whole, be desirable.

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Goals and Meta-Goals

by Ben Goertzel

Ever have the experience that you seriously think you’re trying to achieve one thing, but then in hindsight, years later, you look back and feel like your past self was actually trying to achieve something else entirely?

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Defining Disability in an Age of Enhancement

by J. Hughes

Last week I made a presentation at a conference on disability rights held at Union College in Schenectady, New York. I was invited by my former student, Joe Stramondo, who is now teaching philosophy in Michigan. The topic that our panel addressed was the impact of enhancement technologies on the understanding of disability.

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Teenage births and abortions - responsibility is better than moralism

by Russell Blackford

Citing a new study in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, The Globe and Mail reports that Canada experienced a significant drop (36.9 per cent) in teenage births and abortions between 1996 and 2006. This is attributed to better access to contraception, better sex education, and changing social norms, but not to a decline in actual sex among teenagers. Rather, Canadian teenagers are now more likely to use condoms and/or the contraceptive pill than was the case in the mid-1990s.

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Telepresence Education for a Smarter World

by Giulio Prisco

(co-authored with J. Simone Riccardi)  There can be no doubt that the explosion of Internet technology started in the 90s has had a huge impact on our culture. For the first time in history, geographically distributed large groups of people have been able to interact in near-real time. Usenet groups and mailing lists, and then the Web, message boards, blogs, social networks, IP voice and video conferencing, have enabled and empowered global communities held together by common interests and world-views instead of geographical proximity.

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Technological and Political Progressivism in Historical Buddhist Thought

by Kris Notaro

An overview of the history of progressive politics and Buddhism written by Andrej Cvercko and edited by Kris Notaro.

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The Future Safety of Synthetic Biology

by Andrew Maynard

Last week’s announcement from the J. Craig Venter Institute that scientists had created the first-ever synthetic cell was a profoundly significant point in human history, and marked a turning point in our quest to control the natural world. But the ability to use this emerging technology wisely is already being dogged by fears that we have embarked down a dangerous and morally dubious path.

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