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Siegel @ Science and Non-Duality
October 22-27
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Sorgner @ 3rd World Humanities Forum
October 30-1
Daejeon City, S. Korea

Pearce, Sorgner on Nietzsche and transhumanism @ “Transhumanism and Asia”
November 3
Seoul, South Korea

Technology and Politics
November 6-8
Miami Gardens, FL USA

Sorgner on transhumanism
November 12
Nürnberg, Germany

Brin @ San Diego
November 12-13
San Diego, CA USA

2014 Longevity and Genetics Conference: Vancouver
November 15


Morality and God

Is the UN up to the job?

Digital Leaders TV: The Internet of Things (S01E01) - Full Episode (48min)

Winning the war on cancer?

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

The Art of Data Visualization, Design & Information Mapping

When Do We Quarantine or Isolate for Ebola?

Open Source Biotech: Fund Anti-Cancer Research and Make Drugs Cheaper at the Same Time

Genetic engineering leads to glow-in-the-dark plants

Singularity 1 on 1: Take Steps and Be Prepared!

What is Transhumanism?

Watching the brain in action

Brain to brain communication edges closer (including downloading information from the internet!)

“Storing Your Brain in a Computer” (Discussed on ABC’s The View)

Does Space Travel Make You Stupid?

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Novae produce gamma-rays. Damn.

by George Dvorsky

Bad news: Novae emit gamma-rays.

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The Essential Psychopathology Of Creativity

by Andrea Kuszewski

If we could identify a gene for creativity - let’s call it the “creativity gene” - you would be hard pressed to find many people who would consider it a negative gene or a hazard to possess or carry.

Full Story...

Beyond the “New Atheism”?

by Russell Blackford

Understanding (and misunderstanding) the so-called New Atheists

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Posthuman Feminism: Thoughts on Posthumanism and Beauty

by Kristi Scott

The first time I heard the term posthuman was in Natasha Vita-More’s “Primo Posthuman.” Her figure fascinated me and I thought I understood what the image meant.

Full Story...

The Future of Space Telescopes

by George Dvorsky

With the Hubble Telescope project slowly winding down, it’s time to look ahead to the next generation of space-based telescopes.

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Solutions for a Creativity Crisis: Technological Disobedience

by Andrea Kuszewski

When you think of the ideal creative environment, what comes to mind? We may imagine a place where you have freedom of expression, a place that encourages breaking convention, somewhere that is abundant in resources that are readily accessible for innovative development of technology, and exposure to many different cultures for inspiration and collaboration.

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Two New Affiliate Scholars

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Melanie Swan, MBA, and Patrick Hopkins, PhD, as Affiliate Scholars of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

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Why do We Believe What We Believe?

by Kris Notaro

Why do people believe different paradigms and memes over others? At this point in time there are a number of theories that can be utilized to answer this question but they remain crude in nature.

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Brazil: Future Farm of the Planet?

by Hank Pellissier

Hungry? Want to devour a monstrous meal of chicken, pork, beef, orange juice, soybeans, coffee, corn, bananas, and chocolate [cacao & sugar]? Scoop it out of your iron skillet while wiping your saliva with a cotton napkin? And afterwards… relax with some tobacco and a drive in your ethanol-powered auto?

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‘Super’ salmon: Safety concerns overblown, but consumers have right to know

by Arthur Caplan

Biotech types call the first genetically engineered fish - a whopper of a salmon - a food breakthrough. Critics call it -frankenfish.’ But the ultimate judge should be you, the consumer.

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On Wrestling with a Pig: Getting Dirty in a Debate

by Patrick Lin

With some people, you just can’t win. Do you engage them in a debate, or do you hold your tongue and save yourself the frustration from beating your head against a brick wall? That is the dilemma I face now.

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How long until human-level AI?

by Ben Goertzel

Experts on artificial general intelligence provide estimates for the future of AGI.

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Teaching Robots to Lie, Cheat, and Deceive

by Mike Treder

Would it ever be acceptable for a robot or a computer program to deliberately deceive a human being?

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Most IEET Readers Expect Libido Will Persist

Nearly 70% of those who answered an IEET poll question say the human libido is here to stay. Though it may become adjustable and even optional, enhanced humans or posthumans are likely to retain some form of the libido for its social bonding function “” not to mention its pleasure factor!

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Could precisely engineered nanoparticles provide a novel geoengineering tool?

by Andrew Maynard

While traveling to the World Economic Forum meeting in China, I came across a new paper that piques my interest. The paper is by David Keith at the University of Calgary (published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science), and is a theoretical investigation of how injecting large quantities of precisely engineered particles into the upper atmosphere might provide a cost-effective tool for climate intervention - geoengineering.

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Filtering the Flashy from the Transformative

by Jamais Cascio

Nature’s Nicola Jones asked me to comment on Singularity University for an article she was putting together; that article is now available. She included a couple of brief observations of mine, but I thought it would be useful to show the full context of my thoughts.

Full Story...

SETI on the Lookout for Artificial Intelligence

by George Dvorsky

Slowly but surely, SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is starting to get the picture: if we’re going to find life out there-and that’s a big if-it’s probably not going to be biological.

Full Story...

Getting Mental with Giulio Prisco

IEET Board Member Giulio Prisco was interviewed for a new article in the online magazine, H+.

Full Story...

State-by-State Gay Marriage Acceptance

by Hank Pellissier

How is gay marriage in America proceeding down the aisle?  This question concerns all transhumanists because persecution of homosexuality is an anti-Enlightenment human rights violation that is rooted in archaic religious superstition and anti-scientific thought.  Actively supporting gay marriage is the ethically responsible position for all progressive transhumanists.

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What do people think about synthetic biology?

by Andrew Maynard

The fifth Hart survey of what American adults think about emerging technologies like nanotechnology and synthetic biology has been released by my former colleagues at the Woodrow Wilson Center - the first since I left the group earlier this year.

Full Story...

Survival Beyond the Flesh

by Russell Blackford

I’ll be speaking at the Singularity Summit AU this Sunday afternoon, on the topic “Survival Beyond the Flesh” - which relates to the prospect of “uploading” rather than to anything of a more otherworldly or spiritual kind.

Full Story...

Reverse Engineering the Human Brain to Achieve AI

by George Dvorsky

The ongoing debate between PZ Myers and Ray Kurzweil about reverse engineering the human brain is fairly representative of the same debate that’s been going in futurist circles for quite some time now. And as the Myers/Kurzweil conversation attests, there is little consensus on the best way for us to achieve human-equivalent AI.

Full Story...

On Surveillance and Privacy

by David Brin

We are in for a time of major decision-making as the Moore’s Law of Cameras (sometimes called “Brin’s Corollary to Moore’s Law”) takes hold and elites of all kinds are tempted to utilize surveillance in Orwellian/controlling ways, often with rationalized good intentions.

Full Story...

Rethinking Nanotechnology

by Andrew Maynard

Back in July, the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) posted a Request For Information in the Federal Register for input to the next NNI strategic plan - to be published later this year. The closing date for comments was a couple of weeks ago now. I got mine in in the nick of time.

Full Story...

We All Live in a Virtual World

by Maria Korolov

The IEET’s Mike Treder recently asked a loaded question: “If you could live in a world that was just the way you wanted it to be, with specifications you’d chosen, customized and personalized to meet your every need and fulfill your fondest desires, would you spend all your time there? Or would you prefer to stay here, in the real world?”

Full Story...

Crowd-Viewing the Moon: September 18

by Michael Gold

You are cordially invited to what might be called a worldwide moon-up.

Full Story...

The Conversion of a Noted Ostrich

by David Brin

Bjørn Lomborg has apparently changed his mind, and now thinks that global warming is the number one planetary crisis priority.

Full Story...

IEET is Rocking the Intertubes

In the last year our web traffic has doubled.

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Skrying Excremental Fans from Idaho and Manhattan

by J. Hughes

With the US facing a possible double dip recession, and a resurgent far right political movement poised to sweep into Congress in the Fall elections, I found myself reading two strangely complementary dystopian novels about economic collapse. The first, Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse by Survivalblog writer James Rawles, is a manual for right-wing survivalist gun-nuts dressed up like a novel. The second, Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story, is an example of contemporary literature at its finest. Although from nearly opposite ends of the social universe both novels see the spiraling economic and political crisis in the United States ending in the complete collapse of the Republic as we know it.

Full Story...

Is the libido merely a function of biological reproduction that will disappear in posthumans?

Our new IEET reader poll asks whether the exercise of human sexuality someday could become obsolete.

Full Story...

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