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Renaming Killers—the Idea Spreads

by David Brin

Folks have been writing in, ever since I posted the latest version of my “Names of Infamy” essay.  In fact, during just the last few days there has been a noticeable media swell - - a growing movement not to mention the name of the Aurora/Batman shooter.

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Austero-Erotic Fantasies For The Elites, Terror For Everyone Else

by Richard Eskow

It was a dream come true for the austerity crowd when Great Britain’s conservative/“centrist” coalition government took power in 2010. And for commentators like Slate’s Anne Appelbaum it was that kind of dream. Her celebratory column reflected the orgiastic glee with which the new government’s austerity plans were greeted, reveling in admiring (yes, admiring) phrases like these:

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Is the United States a Democracy? Or Not?

by piero scaruffi

There is something fundamentally weak with the way the USA picks its president.

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When Evening Comes (Fiction)

by Beth Turnage

“The apocalypse came, but not in the way we expected. There was no violent overthrow of governments, no alien invasion, no deadly Armageddon between nations or even of “good” and “evil”. Rather a genius, some say a madman threw, literally threw, his Gift into the waters of the world and it was forever changed.

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IEET Fellow Steven Wise will be featured in Animal Rights documentary

Documentarians D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus – husband/wife directors of The War Room, the Oscar-nominated 1993 look at Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign—will feature IEET Fellow Steven Wise in their next project. The film will examine Wise’s mission to gain legal personhood for nonhuman animals.

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Russians Create the “Longevity Party”

by Maria Konovalenko

On July 19, we made the first step towards the creation of the Longevity Party. The initiative group of 10 people gathered together in Moscow to establish the first political party aimed at extending human lifespan using technological advances.

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IEET Fellow David Brin interviewed by Geekwire

David Brin, an IEET Fellow, was interviewed recently by Geekwire while on book tour for his just-published science fiction novel, Existence.

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Do Dyson Spheres and Von Neumann Probes make the Fermi Paradox Worse?

by Lincoln Cannon

Are we ourselves perhaps the self-replicating probes (panspermia?) of another civilization that has already begun colonizing the universe?

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Pirate Party Wants Copyright Laws to “Walk the Plank”!

by Owen Nicholas

In an age where the mainstream media is quick to label any dissenting opinion as controversial, dangerous, and a threat to the natural order, it is perhaps surprising that such an unorthodox, radical organisation as the Pirate Party should have achieved such popular electoral support over the past 6 years.

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The First Synthetic Organism: Our Victor Frankenstein Moment?

by David Brin

In a breakthrough effort for computational biology, the world’s first computer model of an organism has been completed, Stanford researchers reported last week in the journal Cell.

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What Went Wrong with Political Correctness?

by P. Tittle

My guess is that it started well enough, as sensitivity: people realized that terms such as ‘crippled’ and ‘retarded’ had gathered too many negative connotations, had become insults; so they replaced them with new words such as ‘physically challenged’ and ‘mentally challenged’ – words that, because new, would be free of such slant.

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Water Wars - Nine Thirsty Regions where H20 Conflict is Steaming

by Hank Pellissier

“I’d kill for a drink of water,” could be a military call-to-arms soon, as the planet’s most essential commodity is swallowed, evaporated, polluted, and utilized at unsustainable levels.

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The Evolution of Robots: Natural Selection in Action

by Phil Torres

Chapters 6 and 7 of the recently-published book, A Crises of Faith - Atheism, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity

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Remembering the 1960’s: Racism, Prisons and… What Went Wrong?

by Alan Brooks

The ‘60s were like the Beatles: overrated but good nonetheless…  What I remember is the incongruity of the era…

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“We Took a Rat Apart and Rebuilt It as a Jellyfish”

by Andrew Maynard

Sometimes you read a science article and it sends a shiver down your spine.  That was my reaction this afternoon reading Ed Yong’s piece on a paper just published in Nature Biotechnology by Janna Nawroth, Kevin Kit Parker and colleagues.

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The Philosophy of the Technology of the Gun

by Evan Selinger

Does the old rallying cry “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people” hold up to philosophical scrutiny?

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Deny Killers the Notoriety They Seek

by David Brin

Now it’s “James Eagan Holmes,” another name we’d rather not know. Opening fire at a crowded Colorado movie theater during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Holmes killed twelve and injured dozens—seizing world attention and far more than his fair share of our collective memories.

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Structuring Biomimicry, Improving Building’s Resiliency

by Wilfredo Méndez

The same way Einstein assumes the speed of light to be a constant of reference for his Theory of Relativity [1], the philosophy of biomimicry assumes Nature as a constant of reference to a performance-based beauty for design.

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Phil Torres - IEET writer - publishes e-book: “A Crisis of Faith”

IEET writer Phil Torres has written and published an e-book, available at Amazon in Kindle. The book is entitled “A Crisis of Faith - Atheism, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity”

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End of Human Aging Can Be Achieved in 20 years, experts say

by Dick Pelletier

Technologies with the greatest promise to provide humans with this treasured dream of extended health, youth, and longer lifespan include stem cell therapies, genetic engineering, and nanomedicine.

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Bulletins from the Transparency Front

by David Brin

1) Toronto researcher Steve Mann, who was one of the earliest pioneers of wearable computing and augmented reality (AR), and who co-coined the term “sousveillance,” was physically assaulted by employees of a Paris McDonald’s restaurant during a recent family vacation, for the crime of wearing AR visual aids akin to Google’s Project Glass.  We are indeed in an era of rough transition.

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Creating/Discovering New States of Mind

by Ben Goertzel

Our society puts a fair bit of energy, these days, into creating new technologies and discovering new scientific facts. But we don’t put hardly any effort at all into creating/discovering new states of mind. I think maybe we should – at the end of this blog post I’ll suggest a specific type that synthesizes spiritual mindfulness and intense scientific creativity.

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Terasem Seeks Manuscripts for Online Journals

Terasem Movement Inc., a non-profit organization established by IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt, is presently seeking manuscript submissions for its online journals. Transhumanist writers are urged to apply. The Terasem press release is below:

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IEET Fellow Steven Wise interviewed in WIRED

Wired Science published an article yesterday, entitled “New Science Emboldens Longshot Bid for Dolphin, Whale Rights.” The report features the viewpoints of IEET Fellow Steven Wise, the founder of the Nonhuman Rights Project.

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Steve Mann Assaulted at French McDonald’s in world’s first “Cybernetic Hate Crime”

by Gabriel Rothblatt

France must apologize; McDonald’s should be boycotted… “vloggers” are valuable, they exposed the BART execution…
“Sousveillance” provided by emerging technology enables citizens to monitor the government and other repressive forces…

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Same-Sex Couples to the Rescue of Marriage?

by Russell Blackford

Is marriage obsolete? Has matrimony lost its power? If this is true, why are gay activists striving to attain the privilege? The latest issue of Free Inquiry features pieces by myself and Tom Flynn on same-sex marriage and related matters.

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Accelerating Dangers and Opportunities from Transparency

by David Brin

The future comes rushing upon us so quickly, already I worry that the world portrayed in my freshly minted novel will be old hat long before the time it is set, 30 years from now. (Meaning that we need futuristic and open-minded thought experiments now, more than ever.)

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Foreskin? Or Against It? - In Germany, Circumcision is Criminalized, in Africa it’s Encouraged

by Hank Pellissier

The tender tiny flesh-cap is wired with nerves and controversy - Is religion an excuse for “penile reduction”? In the sub-Sahara, is it the best HIV preventative? The sensitive prepuce shrouding the male glans is a battlefield for religious and medical arguments… Big flaps about the floppy tips have erupted in Germany and Africa… Bioethical answers are not clear-cut…

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The Rise of the Slacktavist

by Lee-Roy Chetty

We’re all guilty of it. Some more than others, but nonetheless, we’re all culpable. Log on to Facebook or Twitter, hit the “like” or “favourite” button and, for a fleeting moment, we feel like we’re somehow making a tangible difference in the world. But surely it’s slightly more complicated than that?

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“The Stem Cell Hope” and Our Indefinitely Delayed Future

by Kyle Munkittrick

Medicine is the next frontier of the future… Alice Park’s new book The Stem Cell Hope, convinced me it is time to retire, “Where is my jetpack!?” once and for all. After reading her new book, Park will have you screaming, “Where are my stem cells?” from every rooftop.

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