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Santens @ North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
September 30-

Engineering the Brain
October 15-16
Chicago, IL USA

Brin on “Privacy: Why Does It Matter?”
October 15
Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY USA

New Worlds 2015
October 16-17
Austin TX USA

Hughes, Brin, Anderson, Pellissier, Sirius, Gillis, Kuzsewski @ Future of Politics
October 18
Oakland, California

Sorgner on “Transhumanism, Human Perfection, and the Radical Plurality of Goodness” @ TEDxStuttgart
October 19
Stuttgart, Germany

Values, Morals, and Science: An Interdisciplinary Conference
October 23-24
Old Westbury, NY USA


What is the Future of Human Advancement?

Hands Off My Settings

Life, Death and Palliative Care

3D Printed 9mm Semi-Automatic

Embrace: affordable, portable infant incubator

Neurotechnology Revolution Seminar

Consciousness is a Mathematical Pattern

Could new gene therapies help us live for much longer?

Europeans Are Desperate for Babies

The Future of Work and Death (Trailer)

Virtual Reality and Reality Augmentation

Envy of the Future

The Brain with David Eagleman

Anti-love drugs? The ethics of a chemical break up

Alzheimer’s is Not Normal Aging and We Can Cure It

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National Rifle Association (NRA) - the Largest Terrorist Organization in the World Strikes Again

by piero scaruffi

An armed madman, James Holmes, walked into a movie theater armed with weapons that any Islamic terrorist would love to have and killed 12 people. The difference between this madman and an Islamic terrorist is simple: this madman lives in a country in which it is legal to own a gun, and in fact it is encouraged.

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IEET Readers Lean a Little to the Left

In our recent poll (N=239) no political self descriptor garnered more than 17%, which was the percent who chose the broad point of view being promoted by the IEET, “technoprogressive.” But another 45% chose other left-of-center terms for a total of 62% broadly on the Left.

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Eugenics 2.0: Prometheus, Power & The Procreation Delusion

by Christopher de la Torre

Does neo-eugenics represent a promethean form of enlightenment—a risk taken to avert imminent and irreversible disaster? Part One: Procreation, Afterlife and the Illusion of Choice

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Is Humanity Accelerating Towards… Apocalypse? or Utopia?

by David Pearce

Will the future provide us with a genetically preprogrammed blissful paradise, or a global catastrophe? Will there be cessation of all suffering, or annihilation of all sentient life?

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Transhumanism’s Dark Side: Tittle’s Regulation, Prisco’s “Progress” and Scaruffi’s Austerity

by Benjamin Abbott

IEET’s latest offerings highlight the politically pernicious elements of transhumanism and Singularity movement. P. Tittle promotes licensing for parents as a logical expansion of the state’s prerogative to control everything, Giulio Prisco contemplates Terran aggression against Cosmists, and piero scaruffi chides the Greeks for their “lavish lifestyle” and lack of nuclear power.

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For Organ Donation, Facebook Beats the DMV

by Arthur Caplan

Right now, nearly 114,000 people in the United States are waiting for organ transplants to save their lives. Tens of thousands more are in need of tissue, bone and cornea transplants to restore their mobility or sight. Facebook has decided to do something about the constant shortage of donors. 

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Why Eating like a Caveman May be the Way of the Future

by George Dvorsky

When it comes to our eating habits, it’s clear that we’re doing it wrong. We may be in the midst of health crisis, but there are few practical solutions for dealing with it.

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The Succubus Mythology - Engineering a Radical Future Sexy Self

by Hank Pellissier

“The Succubus assimilates the hyper-sexualized feminine, and the hyper-empowered predatory state…  she’s in high demand, and needs a firm dose of sexual intercourse to sustain herself… Many Succubi fit the niche of solitary hunters.” An interview with Khannea Suntzu, infamous ‘Nymian’ resident in the virtual environment of Second Life.

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Creating the Prevention Prama Society

by Sohail Inayatullah

Changing the health story from passive acceptance to active foresight.

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How Not to Solve a Problem (the Eurozone Crises)

by piero scaruffi

There is widespread consensus among economists and politicians that the Eurozone needs to do more in order to help the countries that cannot repay their debts (that’s what it is, in simple words). Historians beg to disagree.

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The first Terran shots against the Cosmists

by Giulio Prisco

Hugo de Garis, author of The Artilect War, agrees that our cosmic destiny is to transcend biology and build/become “Artilects”, but thinks that flesh-and-blood humans (the “Terrans”) will resist and wage bloody wars against those who want to move on (the “Cosmists”). De Garis fears that “species dominance” wars may result in billions of deaths, and perhaps he is right.

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Buddhist Right Speech – can we improve ourselves, to improve others?

by Alex McGilvery

IEET has introduced the Buddhist concept of Right Speech as the tool for moderating comments and adding civility to the community. As we are using it, Right Speech is a tool for deciding if a comment is useful to the conversation. Thus, a comment needs to be true, it needs to not be abusive or divisive, and it needs to move the conversation forward.

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Scientists Cure Ebola in Monkeys — and Humans could be Next

by George Dvorsky

Monkeys infected with the Ebola virus have been cured by a chemical cocktail administered 24 hours after the initial exposure. The breakthrough could eventually result in a similar human treatment for this disease, which kills up to 90% of those infected.

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The Inconsistency of Not Licensing Parents

by P. Tittle

The proposal to license parents – that is, to require people to obtain a license, by demonstrating certain attributes and/or abilities, before they produce and possibly rear children – is usually rejected, usually quickly and loudly. I contend that this rejection reveals inconsistent thinking, to the extent that certain other regulations already in place are accepted.

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Transhumanist Papa: a talk with my six-month-old son

by Jønathan Lyons

“What’s up?”
“When will you die?”

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Nanorobots: Radical Science in Clinical Trials by the 2020s; expert says

by Dick Pelletier

You enter the wellness center and tell the receptionist avatar that you’re here for an annual restoration, and though your real age is 110, you would like to be restored to the age of a 20-something. A nurse then injects billions of genome-specific ‘bots non-invasively through the skin; you’re now set for another year.

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IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio quoted by CNN

A June 15 CNN article entitled “Post-apocalytpic TV is everywhere” interviewed IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio, as an “ethical futurist.”

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Buddhist Right Speech: Ethical and Effective, or just Thought Policing?

by Peter Wicks

The comment threads here at IEET have changed somewhat over recent days. After what Hank Pellissier has described as “a two-month battle between religious and irreligious commenters”, suddenly peace has broken out, and everything is peace, harmony, love and understanding. The Buddha must be allowing himself a faint, Gioconda-like smile. Or is he?

Transgender and Transhuman - the alliance, the complaints and the future

by Hank Pellissier

Transhumanism and Transgenderism enjoy a close relationship due to mutual interest in enhancement technology. Multiple transgenders are valuable spokespeople in H+, such as IEET fellow Martine Rothblatt, IEET contributor and KurzweilAI editor Amara Angelica, and the brilliant tech writer for Acceler8or and hplusmagazine that I interviewed for this article: Valkyrie Ice.

People Who Justify Aging are Profoundly Wrong – Aging is Abhorrent

by Maria Konovalenko

I read this recent opinion in the New York Times, entitled “Age and Its Awful Discontents” by Louis Begley, and it resonated with my personal feelings about the topic. The author vividly describes the last years of his mother’s life, who had been a widow for the previous 40 years before her death.

German Doctors Apologize for Holocaust Horrors

by Arthur Caplan

The German Medical Association has issued a remarkably blunt and straightforward apology, more than six decades after the end of World War II, for the role it played during the Holocaust in the mass murder, sterilization and barbaric medical experiments done on Jews and many other groups.

Is the term “Transhumanism” a misnomer?

by Gabriel Rothblatt

Although the current definition of transhumanism is accurate, most people aren’t “reading the book, just judging its cover”… the term generally has the opposite effect of its intended purpose.

Radical Futurism for Newbies (A Brief Reading List)

by Ben Goertzel

This article presents a series of links to online articles and essays, that I feel are useful for bringing “newbies” up to speed on some of the main currents of modern transhumanist / radical-futurist / Singularitarian thinking, science and technology.

Elite Sports and the Enhancement Debate

by Owen Nicholas

With the Olympic Games fast approaching, in all of its ritualised pomp and ostentation, doping in sport has once again become a hot topic for social commentators and pundits to chew over in regards what is seen as acceptable forms of enhancement and the kind which is seen as warranting public condemnation.

Becoming… (thanks to Ray Bradbury)

by Jamais Cascio

I was 13, and a freshman in high school (that would make it, um, 1979). A local community college, Mt. San Antonio College (“Mount Sac”—funny that I didn’t realize at the time how dirty that sounds), announced a science fiction writing contest, to be judged by special guest Ray Bradbury.

Determining Personhood: Not Black & White, But Many Shades of Gray

by Jønathan Lyons

In my last column, I mentioned that the Turing Test is an important part of determining personhood. The Turing Test determines not necessarily the consciousness of a technological agent, but whether that agent does a good enough simulation of a human being’s consciousness when communicating with a human being to fool that human being into believing that ze is communicating with another human being.

Cracks in Reality: How our Systems Fool Themselves

by David Eubanks

In the first two parts of this series I explored the idea that a self-modifying singular intelligence may be doomed to self-destruction because of motivational interference [1]. The idea is at least as old as Epicurus, who advised: “If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.”

The Technological Elimination of Pain is Both Feasible and Possible

by Ben Goertzel

I love lots of things about being alive and being human — but pain isn’t one of them.  Put crudely, pain really sucks.  It’s just not a pleasant thing.  I’d really rather do away with it. 

Full Story...

Could We Build a Weather Machine to Stop Climate Change?

by George Dvorsky

It’s starting to get pretty warm outside. And it’s also starting to get increasingly obvious that human-made global warming is not going away anytime soon. As our environment continues to degrade and collapse, we may be headed into some fairly desperate times — and with them, the inevitable call for desperate measures.

Artificial Lifeforms Promise Cleaner World, Healthier Humans

by Dick Pelletier

Say goodbye to global warming, toxic waste, and dependency on fossil fuels, and get ready to enjoy perfect health with exotic bugs that could one day cure every human disease, including aging.

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