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How Donald Trump Skillfully Taps into Twitter’s “Ocean of Emotional Chaos”

Doug Rushkoff


February 05, 2017

Author Douglas Rushkoff, who coined the term “viral media,” reveals how POTUS successfully pushes buttons on the social media site, which “rewards those who can generate an immediate response.”


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Posted by instamatic  on  02/06  at  03:58 PM

Ocean of Emotional Chaos

Emotional Toxic Waste. And today, a conventional morality is being preached that few actually subscribe to. Numerous factors; merely the Web alone provides too many temptations for a true morality to exist. Today’s situational ethics are an analog to a Soviet aphorism:

“you will pretend to work,
we will pretend to pay you.”

The morality of Now:

“you will pretend to be virtuous,
we will pretend to be your moral compass.”

The above is far more crucial to comprehending Trump than anything else.

Charlie Sheen was the last figure to get the sort of national attention that Trump has been garnered. And it wasn’t because he was saying anything so brilliant or entertaining. He simply jumped into that standing wave of culture and surfed it for all it was worth. Then he wiped out…Likewise, Donald Trump didn’t do anything particularly creative or substantive on Twitter. He simply recognized the undertow, threw himself into the current and surfed it all the way to the presidency

Precisely. Trump matches the soul of the American male of all races: epitomized by the loudmouthed anti-hero found very frequently in cinema—sometimes violent cinema. (‘Death Wish’. ‘Die Hard’. ‘Dead Reckoning’, etc.)
The potty-mouth comedian.
The violent-sports mania of American males. The cult of the loudmouthed football anti-hero whose private life is at odds with a widespread conservative idolization of him.

Trump has the mouth and the demeanor of a cinema anti-hero and also a sports anti-hero.
In 2016, Antihero Culture rose to the surface, to the very top of the heap. And since the Opposition did not carefully consider how Hillary’s baggage (as distinct from her much more solid politics) might tip the balance in Trump’s favor, the outcome was so predictable it was almost inevitable.

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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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