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New you by 2022: biotech enhancements will help you ‘grow young’

Dick Pelletier

Ethical Technology

October 31, 2012

In just ten years, many of today’s older citizens might look in the mirror and ask, “Who is that gorgeous person?” Their reflection would reveal a revitalized body overflowing with enthusiasm, sporting a dazzling smile, wrinkle-free skin, perfect vision, natural hair color, real teeth, and an amazing mind and memory.


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Posted by SHaGGGz  on  11/01  at  03:34 AM

Those that wish to hold onto the “older look” are free to exempt skin elasticity from the rejuvenation regimen, or avoid the regimen entirely, should they wish to back up their death worship with action. I merely ask that they stop short of imposing their nihilism on others.

Posted by ToddJansensMonkey  on  11/02  at  11:19 AM

I kind of like my grey hair.  By 2022 I should be just about completely grey.  But I’ll sign up for just about any other enhancement.

Posted by Dick Pelletier  on  11/02  at  12:47 PM

Although few people want to live forever (scientists cannot even tell us how long forever is), nobody wants to suffer from age-related sicknesses. Eliminating diseases will bring humanity to higher levels of existence.

As many of these enhancement technologies may help us look younger, with the development of molecular nanotechnology, we will be able to assume different skin and hair coloring. We could have youthful hair one day, and grey or white hair the next; and our skin could change colors on command.

Go “magical future.”

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