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Fracture the Empire-States to Enhance Democracy - Global Separatism

Hank Pellissier

November 02, 2012

Does your vote really count? Is your bio-region dominated by a far-away demographic? Is your community powerless? Is progress in your city halted by small-brained conservative dinosaurs hundreds of miles away?


Complete entry


Posted by Intomorrow  on  11/02  at  07:57 PM

It has to be done.
BTW, the Right doesn’t get it America is probably more productive than Europe but our quality of life is eroded by our treating students as commodities; art and entertainment as products—
and so on.
The right goes on ‘n about how “lib’rals and socialists are ruinin’ this, the greatest country in the world”; Rightists have replaced Communists as the broken records of politics, playing the same political song over and over.

Posted by Intomorrow  on  11/02  at  10:11 PM

... it is easy to confuse that which is academic with that which is activist, so before going further we should head off criticisms from those who might suppose IEET is more activist than it actually is when no one as far as we know who subscribes to IEET is a violent radical.
All the same, there is good reason for secession; after many decades we still have no energy policy, we can’t work together on education, and many other difficulties. There is a prideful lack of willpower to acknowledge the negatives, of how diversity is a positive yet also a negative because diversity can be uniting but also refractory.
The best way to describe America is large, wealthy, dynamic, and overheated. The last is something we do have in common with ancient Rome- so comparisons with Rome and its empire cannot be dismissed out of hand. So as to not be so Ameri-centric, the Soviet Union’s splitting up was as least as positive as it was negative. We can probably all agree China ought to remove its troops from and grant full autonomy to Tibet.

Posted by SHaGGGz  on  11/03  at  03:48 AM

“I vote for the latter, because I support local, decentralized civic management”
I took the poll as measuring predicted outcome, not desired outcome.

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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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