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  • Trans-Spirit list a transhumanist research program into religion and spirituality. It seeks to understand religion and spirituality in terms of cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, and to project the future of religion and spirituality in the dawning transhuman era.
  • "Trans-Spirit: Religion, Spirituality and Transhumanism," Michael LaTorra, Journal of Evolution and Technology 14(1) August 2005: 39-53.
  • Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Promoting clinical research on psychedelics
  • Council on Spiritual Practices

  • Scientific Study of Consciousness and Neurotechnology

  • Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
  • NeuroInsights a neurotechnology consulting firm directed by Zack Lynch
  • Mind and Life Institute Works on establishing research partnerships between modern science and Buddhism, especially the Dalai Lama.
  • The "neurodharma" project of psychologist Rick Hanson and neurologist Rick Mendius, both of whom are Buddhist meditators. They teach a "Train the Brain Course" and have a many talks, slides, and articles at the site.

  • Neuroethics and Cognitive Liberty

  • Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
  • Wikipedia on Cognitive Liberty
  • Neuroethics Society scholars, scientists and clinicians who share an interest in the social, legal, ethical and policy implications of advances in neuroscience.
  • Neuroethics at UPenn a source of information on neuroethics, provided by Martha Farah of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Happiness, Positive Psychology and The Virtues

  • Positive Psychology Center at UPenn, directed by Martin Seligman
  • Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman.
  • Wikipedia on Positive Psychology
  • Ethics of Mood Enhancement NY Academy of Sciences
  • The Hedonistic Imperative Advocates the development of neurotechnology to permit the elimination of all suffering
  • Abolitionist SocietyPromotes eliminating involuntary suffering and increasing lifelong individual happiness through science

  • Cyborg Buddha Project

    IEET Executive Director James Hughes - a former Buddhist monk and attenuated Buddho-Unitarian - is writing a book tentatively titled Cyborg Buddha: Using Neurotechnology to Become Better People.

    IEET Board member Mike LaTorra - a Zen priest and author of A Warrior Blends with Life: A Modern Tao - runs the Trans-Spirit list promoting discussion of neurotheology, neuroethics, techno-spirituality and altered states of consciousness.

    IEET Board member George Dvorsky - a practicing Buddhist - writes and podcasts frequently from a rationalist, transhumanist, and Buddhist point of view, winning him an award this year as one of the best Buddhist blogs.

    The three of us are launching the IEET Cyborg Buddha Project to combine our efforts and promote discussion of the impact that neuroscience and emerging neurotechnologies will have on happiness, spirituality, cognitive liberty, moral behavior and the exploration of meditational and ecstatic states of mind.

    Aug 29, 2012

    How Do We Care For Future People? Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 2)

    by J. Hughes

    My proposal is that instead of a binary approach to jiva/ajiva, or souled and soulless, the Buddhist and Jain ideas of ensoulment are open to an analog interpretation in line with neuroscience and ethology. From a Keynote Address delivered at the International Jain Conference at Claremont Lincoln University, August 24-25, 2012.

    Full Story...

    Aug 28, 2012

    Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity

    by Nikola Danaylov

    An excellent way to get motivated to create the best possible future is to read this list of the 10 most inspiring reasons we should embrace The Singularity:

    Full Story...

    Aug 27, 2012

    The Dalai Lama on Technological Change

    What Is The Question That I Should Be Asking?

    Is the Dalai Lama a transhumanist singularitarian? Watch this video to find out yourself!


    Aug 27, 2012

    How Do We Care For Future People?
 Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 1)

    by J. Hughes

    Buddhists and Jains believe there is moral and evolutionary continuity between animals, humans and “gods,” and that all creatures can evolve from animal to posthuman. This places them closer to the progressive optimist and posthumanist aspects of European Enlightenment thought, than followers of the Abrahamic faiths. The Buddhist emphasis on anatta or no-self is also close to neuroscientific reductionism. From a Keynote Address delivered at the International Jain Conference at Claremont Lincoln University, August 24-25, 2012.

    Full Story...

    Aug 19, 2012

    The Praxis, by Dirk Bruere (Book Review)

    by Giulio Prisco

    I have known Dirk Bruere online for many years, but I only met him in person a few weeks ago in London. He came to my talk on Turing Church unlimited - Transhumanist Religions 2.0, on July 14 in London, and gave me a copy of his book The Praxis.

    Full Story...

    Aug 13, 2012

    Taiwan’s first same-sex Buddhist wedding


    Lesbian couple Huang Mei-yu and You Ya-ting marry in Taiwan’s first same-sex Buddhist wedding ceremony. for more information on Buddhism and sexual orientation see Buddhism and sexual orientation.


    Aug 6, 2012

    Tibet’s Forgotten War: Cursed by the Cold War

    by Paiden Gyal

    How and why did CIA suddenly withdraw its covert military assistance to Tibetan Resistance Movement in 1969?

    Full Story...

    Aug 1, 2012

    ‪“From Eliza to Watson to Passing the Turing Test”‬

    Singularity Summit's channel

    The Singularity Summit 2011 was a TED-style two-day event at the historic 92nd Street Y in New York City. The next event will take place in San Francisco, on October 13 & 14, 2012.


    Aug 1, 2012

    Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 promo


    Extreme Futurist Festival is a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on radical voices of the new evolution. Last year we had a great event and were called “a TED conference for the counterculture” by the LA Weekly. This year we seek to make XFF an even more epic experience.

    Extreme Futurist Fest 2012 from H+ Worldwide on Vimeo.


    Jul 22, 2012

    Consciousness and Thinking Machines‬

    The Rational Future

    Dr. Goertzel is a leader in the AI field, with a dozen academic books and 100+ papers published; and the chief individual behind the Artificial General Intelligence conference series, which has played a key role in the overall advent of AGI technology in the past few years. He is Vice Chair of nonprofit organization Humanity+; chief founder of AI consulting firm Novamente LLC and bioinformatics consulting firm Biomind LLC; and co-founder and chief cognitive architect of the OpenCog open-source AGI project. He has also pioneered the application of advanced AI to life extension genomics. Currently he is focusing efforts on his role as Chief Scientist at Hong Kong financial prediction firm Aidyia Holdings.


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