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Hughes & Sorgner @ Tedx Transmedia

September 27, 2013
Villa Farnesina, Rome, Italy

TEDxTransmedia is in its fourth edition and by now we know this isn’t just another conference on Transmedia storytelling. TEDxTransmedia is special and different. As a TED-style event that is passionate and wildly inspiring we include people from diverse fields and bring them together to respond to a theme through the prism of their expertise. This year’s theme is ‘Dangerously Ethical’ and focuses on how we evolve the ethics of the future and face the challenges ahead. One of those major challenges is how media ethics evolves to be fit for the future, but the event won’t be limited to considering that issue. Our talented speakers include philosophers, scientists, media professionals, musicians, artists, students, athletes and educators. Each has a fresh and interesting angle on the topic of ethics. From cyber warfare to biohacking, from engineering happiness to the ethics of transmedia, from climate change to the future of artificial intelligence, we will be exploring the big questions of our times.

Our aim this year is to help you imagine a better future through an analysis of what the future could and should be. At the core of the event will be the theme of ethics. Our aim is to give ethics a new, stronger and even sexier image – ethics as an art of living, ethics as a road to happiness. We suspect that some of the questions raised will require what might be termed a ‘dangerous’ or ‘disruptive’ approach. We think it is time to ‘live dangerously’ and break out of some entrenched habits of thinking to imagine a new world. Please join us in considering these huge and important questions in the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome.


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