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Vacation in Libertarian Paradise



Posted: Jun 21, 2011

May not be as good as living on a floating barge of garbage in the middle of the ocean, harassed by pirates. But in Somalia you get cholera….


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oh my gosh, that is soooo funny. Mike, did you find this? what a hoot. I hope everyone sees it !

favorite line: "I've got cholera!"

If you want to see a real example of escaping from progressive politics, consider what many of China's new millionaires plan to do, despite a lifetime of socialist indoctrination about altruism and sharing:

China's 'Wealth Drain': New Signs That Rich Chinese Are Set on Emigrating

Read more:,8599,2077139,00.html#ixzz1Q98zJzHG

Also love it. Great find! smile

Funny! and 'funny' how if libertarians wanted liberty more than power, rather than vice versa, libertarianism would be valid. Same goes for Communism. Ravi Batra wrote that if Communism hadn't been corrupted (presumably in the 1920s and '30s) it would have been the greatest economic success ever. However it is what people don't say, not what they say: no matter what economic activity and material progress exists, politics is always dreary; culture, religion, all of it, dreary & tasteless.
Is THAT off topic?

...and what is Afghanistan? a Somalia with a 'government'? at this rate, Afghanistan will be a nation hundreds of years from now.
BTW, do you know where the troops were obtained for the Surge in Iraq 3-4 years ago? from US forces in Afghanistan. Yes, the position in Afghanistan was weakened so Iraq could be shored up-- the Old Switcheroo.

Most people want power and money and will do anything to get more power and more money. Most (nearly all) politicians try to appear ideologically motivated with noble sounding big words (socialism, communism, libertarianism, anarchism, humanism...) but they really want only money and personal power like everyone else.

Those who fight the current power elites usually want to become the next power elite, and then they will do the same or worse.

What we need is a system which nobody has power over anybody else.

Giulio, you are a voice of rationality in an irrational world, so you'd best wear tennis shoes at all times so you can run the opposite direction of where the irrational are walking towards. Just an hour ago I overheard some rowdies discussing how they'd like to drag people out of their houses and beat them. Naturally they were only shooting their mouths off, however in one of the most-- if not The most-- advanced countries in the world, these jackasses waste their time flapping off like punks in a playground. Perhaps progress is merely material and our thinking is wishful thinking, or at best necessary fiction-- that is we have to 'believe' certain things even though no basis for such beliefs exist. Isn't that what a canard is? a carrot to motivate a donkey to move forward? Today in the news another silly controversy is revolving around intelligent design, and ID does make backwards sense: if no intelligent design is in evidence simply believe the opposite: believe that ID does exist. As you, Giulio, are rational in an irrational world, I try to make sense where no sense exists.
To get slightly back on-topic, Afghanistan is (or shall we say WAS) a good example of trade-off, by redeploying troops to Iraq for the Surge a few years ago, the mission in Afghanistan was weakened. Makes 'sense' because Afghanistan isn't much more of a nation than Somalia is.

Who is John Galt?

Can you be a libertarian and not be selfish?
What is the difference between a libertarian that is selfish and a socialist who is selfish?

Whilst I have been stuck half way through "Atlas shrugged" for some time now, it may just be one of the most insightful books I have ever read. It most certainly is well written and inspired, and between the lines we may uncover the ideals and musings of a romanticist and an idealist at "heart", whom aspires to a form of expression of existentialism that excels in the worth and value of life, mortality, morality and fairness – No? You don't see it?

So who is John Galt? And what does it mean? Well I thought it was obvious from the start – it is the surrender to apathy and indifference – what greater enemy to human existence? Most likely even a greater threat than Self-ishness it-Self? Whilst Rand's views on individualism and meritocracy does not necessarily align with my own views on unity and cohesion, her rants against socialism's apathy and indifference ring true enough for me, I make no apologies for this. And yet socialism does not need to, and should not be permitted to drag humanity into despair! Once again, it really is all down to Self-ishness – for the socialist and the individualist.

Rand's objectivism is really telling us that we should aspire to greatness and "be the very best we can possibly be", (like Nietzsche?) – now imagine a world where everyone aspired to these lofty values – without being selfish? Imagine how this world may be transformed with a view to inspiring greatness and personal fulfilment, (as I see it through personal development, wisdom and enlightenment)?

From the sociocultural to the deeply philosophical – "the idea is not to be Self-less, it is to be not Self-ish!" This is a more powerful ethic and more sustained than weak minded altruism? (Although she doth protests too much on occasions, I really think she did so to confront and tenaciously challenge her critics, and I do sense a deeply bitter disposition – most likely as a result of her personal searching for moral absolutism and true spiritual love unbridled?)

In any case, we must get over these deeply polarised political and philosophical extremes and realise that the "middle way" is the most practicable way forward. Socialism left to it's own devices will most definitely lead to the extinction of the human race, he who shrugs last shrugs with despair!

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