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Nikola Danaylov Soars to No. 1 Best Seller for Conversations With The Future
(Feb 12, 2017)

Singularity.FM Podcaster and author, Nikola Danaylov was recently recognized as an Amazon #1 International Best Seller for his new book, “Conversations with the Future: 21 Visions for the 21st Century.”

CFP for Beyond Humanism Conference
(Jan 28, 2017)

Via the following link you can access the CFP’s of the 9th Beyond Humanism Conference which will take place from the 19th until the 22nd of July 2017 at John Cabot University in Rome. It is a meeting of scholars from all parts of the world who are interested in and excited about dealing with the challenges related to emerging technologies. This year’s event will be dedicated to the topic “Posthuman Studies”. During the conference, the newly established “Journal of Posthuman Studies” will be launched. It is being edited by IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and the director of IEET James Hughes:

IEET affiliate scholar Steve Fuller published at the London School of Economics (Jan 27, 2017)

Posthuman Perspectives by IEET Fellow Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (Jan 20, 2017)


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John Danaher Can you be friends with a robot? Aristotelian Friendship and Robotics
by John Danaher
Feb 25, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Let’s talk about Davecat.

Davecat is the pseudonym of a Michigan-based man. He is married and has one mistress. Neither of them is human. They are both dolls — RealDolls to be precise. Davecat is an iDollator; he promotes love with synthetic beings. His wife is called Sidore. They met at goth club in the year 2000 (according to a story he tells himself). They later appeared together on the TLC show Guys and Dolls. That’s when Elena saw them (Elena is his mistress). She was in Russia at the time, but moved to the USA to live with Davecat and Sidore. They are happy together.

EMG Pétition : Pour un plan national de lutte contre le vieillissement
by EMG
Feb 24, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

L’élection de 2017 approche, et le transhumanisme reste peu présent dans le débat politique. Pourtant, l’humanité est capable de grandes choses quand elle s’en donne les moyens : envoyer un homme sur la Lune ou, plus récemment, le Human Brain Project en Suisse (visant à simuler un cerveau humain complet).

Steven Umbrello A Deadline for Philosophy
by Steven Umbrello
Feb 23, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

The visitors of this site are no stranger to discussions surrounding the imminent coming of artificial intelligence. Many arguments that surround AGI/ASI are typically polarized; either emphasizing the catastrophic risks associated with the technology or with possible utopian futures that may be ushered in. In either case, two things are almost universally agreed upon by experts in the field of AI 1) that AGI will almost certainly be developed by the end of the century (with ASI perhaps not long after) and 2) that the development and creation of AGI/ASI should be beneficial – i.e., beneficial AI.

Marcelo Rinesi Short story: Dead Man’s Trigger
by Marcelo Rinesi
Feb 22, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

My name is Rob, short for Roberta. I’m a private investigator, which means I’m good enough with social networks to do what the police does, just without the automated subpoenas and the retroactively legal hacking. It’s not difficult, really. Nine times out of ten the obvious suspect did it. The bereaved know who did it, acquaintances know who did it, even the police know who did it.

Brian Hanley Quantum Biology – Wandering where the edge is
by Brian Hanley
Feb 22, 2017 • (1) CommentsPermalink

I have had thoughts about quantum mechanics and biology for many years - ever since my thermodynamics class in chemistry as an undergrad. I discussed and developed them over the years. When I thought it was ready, decades ago, I wrote to Linus Pauling about my speculation that the most important differentiator for life is that from the molecular scale to the organization of organs, chaos (in the mathematical chaos theory sense) is the organizing principle. This means that living organisms are all potentially sensitive to quantum events. He was kind enough to write back, and I think it intrigued him, but there was no experiment that I could conceive of to do in support.

Rick Searle On the use and misuse of 1984 in the reign of Trump
by Rick Searle
Feb 21, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Events have taken such a dark turn in the United States with the election of Trump that many have felt the need to go back to the dystopian classics to get their bearings. These were novels written in the first half of the prior century when totalitarianism wasn’t just something relegated to gray photos in our history books while we lived our days in the bright neo-liberal sunlight of the post- Cold War era, but actually roamed alive and deadly in the real world.

Steve Fuller Value Conflicts surrounding the Meaning of Life in the Trans/Post/Human Future
by Steve Fuller
Feb 20, 2017 • (1) CommentsPermalink

Posthumanists and perhaps especially transhumanists tend to downplay the value conflicts that are likely to emerge in the wake of a rapidly changing technoscientific landscape. What follows are six questions and scenarios that are designed to focus thinking by drawing together several tendencies that are not normally related to each other but which nevertheless provide the basis for future value conflicts.

John G. Messerly Trump’s Lying Reveals That He Is Empty Inside
by John G. Messerly
Feb 19, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late. ~ Jonathan Swift

In response to my recent post “Why Truth Matters,” Chris Crawford provided a biological explanation for Trump’s lying.

J. Hughes What Do Technoprogressives Believe in 2017?
by J. Hughes
Feb 18, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

In December and January we surveyed the IEET audience about a wide range of topics, and 455 of you responded. This was a follow up to a 2013 survey we conducted (for instance “Who are the Technoprogressives?“Who are the IEET’s audience?”). As we continue to focus the IEET on building the emerging technoprogressive ideological current, we are again looking at what the self-described technoprogressives believe.

David Brin Is Class War as Inevitable as the Return of Karl Marx?
by David Brin
Feb 18, 2017 • (1) CommentsPermalink

I’ve long written how we should envision America as a continuing revolution against the failed feudal model that crushed human hope in 99% of human societies, across 6000 years. Indeed, our major issues today have little to do with the hoary, lobotomizing “left-right axis.” Not when Enterprise, markets, entrepreneurship and national defense all do vastly better across Democratic administrations, and the state gathers more power into its hands, across Republican ones.

Alexandre Maurer Le syndrome de Stockholm de la mortalité
by Alexandre Maurer
Feb 17, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

L’un des objectifs du transhumanisme est l’allongement de la durée de vie en bonne santé, voire l’amortalité (vivre sans limitation de durée). De nombreuses personnes rejettent cette idée de façon brutale, presque instinctive, comme si l’on s’attaquait à leurs valeurs les plus intimes.

David Brin Start planning the revolution! In real life and in sci fi
by David Brin
Feb 16, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

First items you all have probably heard by now - news that Donald Trump’s senior staff all use the same RNC email server that mysteriously disappeared 22 million messages during George W. Bush’s administration and one that U.S. intelligence services believe was compromised by the Russians at the same time as the DNC’s. The Trump campaign hammered Hillary Clinton for her using a private email server, during her tenure as Secretary of State.  Also five members of DT’s staff turn out to have been registered to vote in more than one state.  Ah, consistency.

John G. Messerly The USA Overthrows Democracies Abroad, Will They Overthrow Their Own?
by John G. Messerly
Feb 15, 2017 • (3) CommentsPermalink

All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage—torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians—which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side.
~ George Orwell

John Danaher Symbols and Consequences in the Sex Robot Debate (TEDxWHU)
by John Danaher
Feb 14, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

[Note: This is (roughly) the text of a talk I delivered at TEDxWHU on the 4th February 2017. A video of the talk should be available within a few weeks.]

There is a cave about 350km from here, in the Swabian Jura. It is called the Hohle Fels (this picture is the entrance to it). Archaeologists have been excavating it since the late 1800s and have discovered a number of important artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic era. In June 2005, they announced an interesting discovery.

John G. Messerly Douthat’s “How Populism Stumbles” and Frum’s “How To Build An Autocracy”
by John G. Messerly
Feb 13, 2017 • (1) CommentsPermalink

(I keep intending to return to my existential concerns about the meaning of life, but the troublesome situation in my home country keeps bringing me back to politics.)

In today’s New York Times conservative columnist Ross Douthat penned, “How Populism Stumbles.” Douthat argues that movements like Trump’s fail because of bigotry, extremism and, especially, hubris. With this in mind Douthat dismisses my worries about authoritarianism:

Nikola Danaylov Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about
by Nikola Danaylov
Feb 12, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

This is the introduction to my bestselling book Conversations with the Future. If you like it, you can buy the book on Amazon:

Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about

“If someone needs directions, don’t give them a globe. It’ll merely waste their time. But if someone needs to understand the way things are, don’t give them a map. They don’t need directions; they need to see the big picture.” Seth Godin

David Brin Want to Investigate Electoral Fraud? Start with whistle blowers and judo!
by David Brin
Feb 11, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

== Calling all henchmen! ==

I’ve called for this since way back in the last century, illustrating it in The Transparent Society and in novels like Earth. We must unleash whistleblowers on the world. Envision Edward Snowden and the Panama Papers revealer, only far more extensively, with protections and rewards that lure secrets out of shadows.

Cyril Gazengel La lente évaporation du travail
by Cyril Gazengel
Feb 10, 2017 • (0) CommentsPermalink

Entre fantasme et réalité

Depuis le début de l’ère industrielle, l’idée du remplacement de l’homme par la machine dans le milieu du travail a fait du chemin, au point de paraître crédible aujourd’hui. En effet, les percées en intelligence artificielle lèvent une inquiétude : et si l’humain devenait obsolète.


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(Feb 21, 2017)

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(Feb 20, 2017)

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(Feb 19, 2017)


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Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life


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