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Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper is a science fiction writer, a futurist, and a technology professional. She has published fiction in Analog, Oceans of the Mind, Nature, and in multiple anthologies. She is the author of the Endeavor award winner for 2008: THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, and of multiple other books.  Her most recent novel is THE CREATIVE FIRE, part of a duology that will be completed with the release of THE DIAMOND DEEP in October of 2013 from Pyr. 

Brenda is avidly interested in saving the world, since it seems like a generally good idea.  She blogs about this at, and can occasionally be found giving talks on the topic. Her website is at and she can be followed on Twitter @brendacooper and FaceBook at BrendaJCooper.

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Naam, Cooper, Chu @ WorldFuture 2014: What If (Orlando, Florida - Jul 11, 2014)