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Woody Evans

Woody Evans is a native Mississippian who has lived and worked in the UK, Taiwan, and the UAE.  He is a librarian, and his research interests include cultural issues in information literacy, the politics of comics, and transhumanism.  He lives now in North Texas, where he whittles, walks, and winterizes.  His work appears in American Libraries, Journal of Evolution and Technology, Boing Boing, Motherboard, Blunderbuss Magazine, Rain Taxi Review, h+ Magazine, The Future We Deserve, and others.


"Cyberspace is the Child of the Industrial Age - Defining it as Independent is Nonsense"   Ethical Technology  (Feb 20, 2016)

"Against Transhuman Separatism: Breakaway Cultures Become Broken Cultures"   Ethical technology  (Feb 10, 2016)

Posthuman Rights: Dimensions of Transhuman Worlds (Apr 14, 2016)