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Margaret Morris

Margaret Morris devised the GEO-DMF System (geopolymerization + diamond microcircutiry film + a power source) for robotically building virtually permanent automated solid rock outer space facilities (using indigenous resources) on the Moon, Mars, etc., as described in her book ‘Moon Base and Beyond’ (Scribal Arts – 2013). Margaret worked for decades as an assistant to Dr. Joseph Davidovits, the award-winning founder of the chemistry of geopolymerization (which produces artificial rock at ambient temperatures and without high pressure). She worked with the late Dr. Edward J. Zeller, Head of the former NASA-funded Radiation Physics Laboratory (RPL), at the Space Technology Center of the University of Kansas, on the testing of archaeological samples to help prove the case for ancient synthetic rock (today called geopolymers), and with Zeller and his successor at the RPL, physicist Dr. Gisela A.M. Dreschhoff (the inventors of DMF) on commercializing DMF and innovating new applications. Margaret served as assistant director to the former Institute For Applied Archaeological Sciences (IAPAS), established at Barry University. She served as an associate editor of Drew University’s ‘Journal of Higher Criticism’ and has published books and in science and technical journals, including the ‘Journal of Geological Education.’ All profits from her ‘Moon Base and Beyond’ go towards funding the GEO DMF System for the purpose of being able to create an enormous space economy that can provide everyone with a guaranteed income in perpetuity in coming generations.

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