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MULTIMEDIA: PostGender Topics Maria Mitchell: America’s First Celebrity Scientist
How a 27yo Poet Became the First Computer Programmer
Hamlet’s Transhumanist Dilemma: Will Technology Replace Biology?
Where Are All the Women Scientists?
How Female Astronomers Revolutionized Our Understanding of Stars
The Future of Sex
Sex Robots Are Coming
Martine at Washington Ideas Forum
Transhuman Impact on Gender and Human Potential
Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women
Anti-love drugs? The ethics of a chemical break up
Identity: In & Beyond the Gender Binary
Fashion industry’s First Transgender Modeling Agency
AI, Immortality and the Future of Selves
Does Homosexuality Make Evolutionary Sense?

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PostGender Topics
Rights > BodyAutonomy > PostGender > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
What makes an algorithm feminist, and why we need them to be by Marcelo Rinesi

About one in nine engineers in the US is a woman, which makes some men infer from this that they are “naturally” bad at it. Many data-driven algorithms would conclude the same thing; that’s still the wrong conclusion, but, dangerously, it seems blessed by the impartiality of algorithms. Here’s how bias creeps in.

Francaise > Rights > Personhood > Advisory Board > Marc Roux > FreeThought > PostGender
Marc Roux
Pourquoi la théorie du genre effraie-t-elle encore? by Marc Roux

La rentrée des classes en France a été particulièrement médiatisée cette année, notamment à cause de la hausse des effectifs scolaires. Mais avant même que les suppressions de postes et leurs conséquences n’eurent atteint les médias nationaux, une toute autre polémique, concernant le contenu des nouveaux programmes de SVT, avait déjà occupé le paysage médiatique et crée un débat sociétal assez peu commun.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Martine Rothblatt > FreeThought > Sociology > PostGender
Dr. Martine Rothblatt Speaks at 2016 MOOG Fest Protesting Transgender Bias Law New York Time

Moogfest will feature a keynote address from IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt, a transgender woman who is the chief executive of United Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, and a founder of Sirius Satellite Radio, now SiriusXM. United Therapeutics has an office and manufacturing facility outside of Durham.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > John G. Messerly > FreeThought > Enablement > Sociology > PostGender
John G. Messerly
The Injustice of Sexism by John G. Messerly

I read an interesting article this morning titled, “Late-breaking sexism”: why younger women aren’t excited about electing a woman president.” Its main theme is that while women have made great strides, there is still a lot of sexism in the USA, especially the kind that manifests itself in a woman’s late twenties and early thirties when the demands of career and family intersect.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Contributors > Jules Hamilton > FreeThought > Sociology > Psychology > PostGender
Jules Hamilton
The Future of Gender by Jules Hamilton

Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, a classic sci-fi, and Nebula Award winner for best novel, is about descendants of the human race that, due to evolution, periodically alternate their genetic sex. Sometimes they’re male and sometimes they’re female; it’s an intriguing exploration on the role of culture and gender. The story’s protagonist is like you and me, a visiting alien trying to understand the customs of this other world. What is gender? And why is everyone talking about it so much right now?

Rights > Contributors > Leo Igwe > FreeThought > PostGender
Leo Igwe
The Challenge of Secularism and Human Rights in Africa by Leo Igwe

African countries have been facing various challenges since independence and one of these major dilemmas is defining the relationship between religion and politics. At independence, African countries inherited multiple faiths, political religions that seek to control state formation and structure.

Rights > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > B. J. Murphy > Artificial Intelligence > ReproRights > PostGender
BJ Murphy interviewed by Future of Sex Future of Sex

IEET Affiliate Scholar BJ Murphy was recently interviewed by the website Future of Sex.

Rights > Economic > Vision > Martine Rothblatt > Futurism > PostGender
Martine Rothblatt at The Women’s Center 30th Annual Leadership Conference

IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt will be speaking at the 30th Annual Leadership Conference of the Women’s Center.

Rights > Martine Rothblatt > PostGender
Martine Rothblatt referenced in “Sex Education Robots” article

IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt was referenced by Sarah Sloat of in the article “Sex Education Robots: How Androids Help Humans Rethink Gender and Sexuality.”

The article refers to Rothblatt in the opening two paragraphs:


Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Fellows > Ramez Naam > Technoprogressivism > Eco-gov > PostGender
Ramez Naam
#8: If We Can Achieve Gay Marriage and Legal Pot, We Can Fix Climate Change Too by Ramez Naam

According to IEET readers, what were the most stimulating stories of 2015? This month we’re answering that question by posting a countdown of the top 30 articles published this year on our blog (out of more than 1,000), based on how many total hits each one received.

The following piece was first published here on July 18, 2015,  and is the #8 most viewed of the year.