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MULTIMEDIA: Nick Bostrom Topics The Ethics of AI
The Simulation Hypothesis
On Existential Risk and Individual Contribution to the “Good”
Is the Universe a Giant Computer Simulation?
What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?
The intelligence explosion hypothesis
The SuperIntelligence Control Problem - Oxford Winter Intelligence
Transhumanist Dignity
The end of humanity
Extinction Level Event
The Simulation Argument (Full)
Video Interview of Nick Bostrom by Adam Ford
Cognitive Enhancement
Existential Threats
The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

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Nick Bostrom Topics
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Daniel Faggella
Existential Risks Now to Yield AI Enrichment, Not Destruction by Daniel Faggella

With a BA in Philosophy, Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence, plus a PhD in Philosophy, Nick Bostrom is uniquely qualified to consider what happens at the junction of humanity and robotics.

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IEET Co-Founder Nick Bostrom sets out threats from future technologies at UN meeting

IEET co-founder Nick Bostrom briefed a UN committee about the national and international security risks posed by artificial intelligence and other future technologies at a UN event last week.

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IEET Fellows and Affiliate Scholars Receive AI Safety Grants

IEET co-founder Nick Bostrom, IEET Fellow Wendell Wallach and Affiliate Scholar Seth Baum are Principal Investigators on projects n funded by Elon Musk and the Open Philanthropy Project and administered by the Future of Life Institute.

Fellows > Wendell Wallach > Former > Nick Bostrom
Wendell Wallach and Nick Bostrom finalists for World Technology Award in Ethics

Nick Bostrom and Wendell Wallach are finalists for the World Technology Award in Ethics this year. Other finalists include Julian Savulescu and Pat Churchland.

SciencePolicy > Neuroscience > Brain–computer-interface > Implants > Former > Nick Bostrom
Nick Bostrom Testifies on Cognitive Enhancement for Obama BRAIN Initiative

The Obama administration’s Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues held a session on the ethical issues of cognitive enhancement, as part of the ethical, social, legal issues wing of the federal BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative. IEET co-founder and author of the new bestseller SuperIntelligence, Nick Bostrom was one of four asked to testify. His comments focused on the importance of ensuring egalitarian access to and benefits from cognitive enhancement.

Staff > J. Hughes > Fellows > Affiliate Scholar > Hank Pellissier > Mike Treder > Nick Bostrom
Big Changes Afoot for the IEET in 2012

After six years serving as the IEET’s Chairman of the Board, Nick Bostrom will be stepping down and assuming the role of IEET Senior Fellow. And after three years service as managing director of the IEET, Mike Treder will be stepping down to be an IEET Fellow.  IEET Affiliate Scholar Hank Pellissier will be replacing Mike as Managing Director.

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New JET article by Nicholas Agar

Over at the Journal of Evolution and Technology we’ve published a new article by Nicholas Agar, in which he summarises some of the argument from his new book, Humanity’s End, which focuses on and critiques the work of Ray Kurzweil, and the IEET’s Nick Bostrom, James Hughes and Aubrey de Grey.

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Milan Cirkovic
Anthropic Shadow: Observation Selection Effects and Human Extinction Risks by Milan Cirkovic

(by Milan M Cirković, Anders Sandberg and Nick Bostrom)  We describe a significant practical consequence of taking anthropic biases into account in deriving predictions for rare stochastic catastrophic events. The risks associated with catastrophes such as asteroidal/cometary impacts, supervolcanic episodes, and explosions of supernovae/gamma-ray bursts are based on their observed frequencies. As a result, the frequencies of catastrophes that destroy or are otherwise incompatible with the existence of observers are systematically un...

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List of “Top 100 Global Thinkers” includes two from IEET

Foreign Policy taps Nick Bostrom and Jamais Cascio among the world’s most influential thinkers in 2009.

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Nick Bostrom
Human Enhancement Ethics: The State of the Debate by Nick Bostrom

Are we good enough? If not, how may we improve ourselves? Must we restrict ourselves to traditional methods like study and training? Or should we also use science to enhance some of our mental and physical capacities more directly?