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MULTIMEDIA: Sociology Topics The Future of Empowerment Today
You Matter! Your Choices Make A Difference
Memes 101 | How Cultural Evolution Works
‘Hey Bill Nye, What Technology Can We Expect to Have 50 Years From Now?’
Steve Fuller on Transhumanism and the Proactionary Imperative
How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution
State Will No Longer Go After Dead Students’ Loans
Corporate Media Is Just As Dangerous As Fake News Sites
It Doesn’t Cost Much To Have A Decent Society
The Free Press: How a War on Truth Threatens Democracy
U.S. To Forgive $108 Billion In Student Debt
Help for kids the education system ignores
Aaron Wright on Blockchains and the Law
Can a divided America heal?
4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines

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Sociology Topics
Technopolitics > Sociology > Affiliate Scholar > Hank Pellissier
Hank Pellissier
Patriotism is a Dangerous Disease; Be Cosmopolitan Instead by Hank Pellissier

My father died on the 4th of July. He was a flag-waving veteran who loved right-wing politics. His family is convinced expiring on Independence Day was his patriotic intention.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
Kneeling is NOT Disrespecting the Flag by Tsvi Bisk

Given that our emergent technologies have provided the entire human race with a ringside seat to the horrors of recent weeks, on the streets of the United States, it is entirely appropriate that the ‘pages’ of IEET reflect on the issue of kneeling NFL players, but do so in a deeper philosophical manner.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Philosophy > Contributors > Cyril Gazengel
Cyril Gazengel
Covid-19 : L’engagement techno-progressiste by Cyril Gazengel

Tout choc global, que ce soit une guerre, un désastre majeur ou une pandémie, porte en lui les germes d’un changement. La pandémie actuelle créée par le SARS-COV-2 ne fera pas exception compte tenu de son impact.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller

Thinking in Four Orders One can imagine four orders of thinking about the COVID-19 crisis, or indeed, any pandemic:

Technopolitics > Sociology > Philosophy > Contributors > Leo Igwe
Leo Igwe
Beyond Humanism: Emerging Technologies and African Futures by Leo Igwe

Beyond Humanism highlights the philosophical implications of emerging technologies. And any one who is deeply concerned about improving the human conditions needs to pay attention to discourses on critical transhumanism and post humanism. The consequences of emerging technologies on the lives and prospects of Africans cannot be overemphasized because these technologies have the potential of radically transforming the life worlds.

Francaise > Technopolitics > Sociology > Psychology > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
The hedonic treadmill (4/4) : Améliorer notre accès au bonheur ? by Marc Roux

Les processus biologiques qui conduisent au plaisir et au bonheur sont très complexes et sensibles. Quelles conséquences pourraient découler d’une modulation transhumaniste de cette subtile alchimie ?

Francaise > Technopolitics > Sociology > Philosophy > Contributors > Armand Ngaketcha
Armand Ngaketcha
CRIPSR contre le VIH en Afrique ? by Armand Ngaketcha

Pourquoi faut-il encourager la technologie CRISPR contre le VIH en Afrique ?

Technopolitics > Sociology > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
2019 Should be the end of Big Attention by Marcelo Rinesi

If your business or cultural strategy was based on attention at scale, the first years of the century felt great, as the leading Internet platforms offered the possibility of nearly limitless, precisely targeted traffic. Then came the troubles

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
The Future of the European Union by Tsvi Bisk

The present crises of the EU (70 years after its creation) are in large part a consequence of absorbing three former fascist countries (Greece, Portugal and Spain) and eleven former communist countries, whose economies, standards of living and political cultures lagged behind the 13 more politically and economically advanced countries. The internal migrations towards a better standard of living from the 14 to the 13, in addition to the refugee crisis, have been major contributors to the dissatisfactions that led to Brexit as well as the rise...

Technopolitics > Sociology > Philosophy > Psychology > Technoprogressivism > Rights > Economic > Affiliate Scholar > Rick Searle
Rick Searle
Utopia of the Wastelands by Rick Searle

Part of the problem with utopia is the question of where do you put it. After all, what any imaginary ideal society ultimately ends up being is its “own world turned upside down”, which means that the world, as it is, must not have a place for anything like a paradise on earth, otherwise an author would have had no reason to dream up a utopia in the first place.