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Ted Chu Topics
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IEET Scholar Ted Chu Appointed Chief Economist at World Bank’s International Finance Corporation

Ted will be moving to Washington D.C. to lead the Global Economics and Strategy Department and be responsible for IFC’s strategy and development impact functions, leading a global team of approximately 100 people.

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Ted Chu
Beauty Is Skin-deep—But That’s Where Genetic Engineering Is Going Next by Ted Chu

A Korean woman was on the verge of divorce because her husband no longer found her attractive and was having an affair. Nothing worked in her efforts to save the marriage and as a last resort she underwent cosmetic surgery. The result was so dramatic and her son didn’t recognize her when she returned home.

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Ted Chu
How can we Prevent Transhumans’ Violent Behavior Toward Humans? by Ted Chu

The science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov famously proposed three laws for all robots to follow: (1) a robot may not attack a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; (2) a robot must obey the orders given to it by a human being except where such orders would conflict with the first rule; (3) a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first two rules. These “laws,” though they sound just and logical, are utterly impossible to implement if the autonomous robots ...

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Giulio Prisco
Cosmic Beings: Transhumanist Deism in Ted Chu’s Cosmic View by Giulio Prisco

In Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic Vision for Our Future Evolution, IEET affiliate scholar Ted Chu, a professor of Economics at New York University in Abu Dhabi and former chief economist for General Motors and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, argues that post-humanity is a logical and necessary evolutionary next step for humanity, and we need a new, heroic cosmic faith for the post-human era. “The ultimate meaning of our lives rests not in our personal happiness but in our contribution to cosmic evolution,” s...

Affiliate Scholar > Ted Chu > Dick Pelletier
An Economist/Philosopher, a Journalist/Politician and a Futurist Enter the IEET Bar..

To be fair, all three of the new Affiliate Scholars the IEET is welcoming this month are best described as “big thinkers,” with work that ranges from philosophy and religion to politics and science. Ted Chu is a professor of economics at NY Abu Dhabi and former chief economist for General Motors, Dick Pelletier is a very popular contributor here at the IEET, and Giuseppe Vatinno is a journalist who was the first openly transhumanist member of the Italian parliament.