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MULTIMEDIA: Brent Logan Reitze Topics

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Brent Logan Reitze Topics
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Brent Logan Reitze
VR Will Create Multiple Existences - “meatspace” will not be considered the only true reality by Brent Logan Reitze

The nature of what is truly real has been pondered by philosophers for centuries. Plato argued we were only seeing shadows of true reality. Descartes pointed out nothing could be proven by your own thoughts. And while we must assume a shared reality to function with other over the course of daily life, that assumption will come to be questioned in the future with the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. 

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Brent Logan Reitze
Sex Beyond Procreation - Sex as Hobby by Brent Logan Reitze

Sex throughout history has been fraught with psychological baggage, due to its role in procreation - but this provided sex with its initial evolutionary value: “I have more sex, thus higher chance of procreation; therefore I’m more evolutionarily valuable.“ This evolutionary value has impelled cultures to stigmatize and control sex, leading to sexist concepts. Virginity, for example, is a concept that’s been seen as more “valued” because there is no procreative competition.