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Soenke Ziesche Topics
SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche > Affiliate Scholar > Roman Yampolskiy
IEET Affiliates Roman Yampolskiy and Soenke Ziesche Publish New Paper on AI Welfare Big Data and Cognitive Computing

In light of fast progress in the field of AI there is an urgent demand for AI policies. Bostrom et al., provide “a set of policy desiderata”, out of which this article attempts to contribute to the “interests of digital minds”. The focus is on two interests of potentially sentient digital minds: to avoid suffering and to have the freedom of choice about their deletion. Various challenges are considered, including the vast range of potential features of digital minds, the difficulties in assessing the interests and wellbeing of sentie...

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche

The objective of this article is to identify synergies for two relevant challenges, which are currently faced by the world community, yet addressed separately: The artificial intelligence value-loading problem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. First, the challenges and their significance are outlined. Subsequently, opportunities and risks are discussed to utilize the Sustainable Development Goals to set the values of an artificial intelligence. History has shown that it is complex to agree on universal and sufficiently sp...

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Bioculture > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche > HealthLongevity > Sociology > Philosophy > Psychology > Neuroscience > Biosecurity > Eco-gov > Resilience
Soenke Ziesche
Promoting scientific and rational literacy to create a friendly global ideology that helps humanity by Soenke Ziesche

We are living in a world with many challenges and even existential risks. Yet only a relatively small number of people seem to be concerned about this, while others apparently oblivious behave adversely towards these challenges, e.g. through an environmentally unfriendly lifestyle, in developing as well as developed countries. Very often the reason for this behaviour is not lack of education, but wrong education. In many places children are neither educated properly in sciences, nor are their rationality skills trained. Instead in many parts...

Vision > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Psychology > Innovation
Soenke Ziesche
Rakawa in the Age of Quantified Self by Soenke Ziesche

Seven years, ago when microblogging was still fairly new, I co-launched Inspired by the work of the Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara, (photo below) Rakawa is a tool to document daily accomplishments by entering a response of up to 150 characters to the question “What have you achieved today?” Optionally a picture for illustration can be added.