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Adrian Cull Topics
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Adrian Cull Launches Kickstarter for Immortality Coffee Book

IEET Advisory board member, Adrian Cull, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his book “Live Forever Manual – 101 Practical Tips on How to Live Forever.”

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Adrian Cull
Humans by Adrian Cull

The new television show Humans raises some important ethical questions for a not-too-distant future society where human-looking domestic robots are commonplace. The 8 part series, shown on AMC in the US and Channel 4 in the UK, is based on the Swedish series Äkta människor (“Real Humans”) and is set in modern day London with the only discernible difference being that a company is manufacturing and selling “synths” – multi-purpose robots designed to look like humans and work as direct replacements for them. The drama tackles a wid...

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Adrian Cull
Longevity will lead to Overpopulation - we need to consider our options now by Adrian Cull

At some point technology will allow us to live forever. With billionaires spending millions on research [1] and huge corporations such as Google getting in on the act, very soon we are likely to see rapid advances in life expectancy – with the ultimate aim of radical life extension. All diseases will be cured, and the cellular aging that leads to the deterioration in body and mind will be slowed and eventually reversed so that everybody can choose how long they want to live for.