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Marc Howard
#7: Ten Health Benefits of Marijuana by Marc Howard

According to IEET readers, what were the most stimulating stories of 2015? This month we’re answering that question by posting a countdown of the top 30 articles published this year on our blog (out of more than 1,000), based on how many total hits each one received.

The following piece was first published here on August 29, 2015,  and is the #7 most viewed of the year.

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Marc Howard
10 Science Fiction Movies That Predicted the Future by Marc Howard

10. Body Security Scan

Movie: Total Recall – 1990

In less than 25 years since the film Total Recall was released in cinemas, one of its technologies has gone from fiction to fact and an unpopular reality for travelers. Unlike scanners in Total Recall, which showed the skeleton, the real world scanners only penetrate to the skin, making the naked body visible to security personnel.

Privacy groups have been opposed to the new scanners and succeeded in having the TSA withdraw the machines. Protesters identified the por...

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Marc Howard
Ten Health Benefits of Marijuana by Marc Howard

10. Treatment of Glaucoma

If you are one of the millions who have been suffering from glaucoma, then smoking marijuana can help you get the best eyesight and relieve pressure from they eyes. Intraocular pressure can increase in certain individuals, especially those who have diabetes. Glaucoma is serious disease that can cause blindness.

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Marc Howard
Ayahuasca Provided Deep Insight into My Most Compelling Questions About Existence by Marc Howard

A vomit bucket sat on the old wooden floor in front of me, a roll of toilet tissue to my right, and when the shaman sung that low sinister note of the first icaro I puked until I naively thought that I could puke no more only to immediately puke again in some kind of volcanic eruption.

In return I was greeted by the indistinguishable sounds of whatever surrounded our jungle hut that dark night deep in the Amazon jungle. I thought that I was in a dream—except that this was no dream that I’ve ever had nor will ever want to have a...