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Michael Cerullo Topics
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Michael Cerullo
Small Mammalian Brain Prize Winner! by Michael Cerullo

A team at 21st Century Medicine (, led by Robert McIntyre has won Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize, which carries an award of $26,735.

Vision > Contributors > Michael Cerullo > HealthLongevity > Minduploading > Enablement > Psychology > Innovation > Neuroscience > Brain–computer-interface
Michael Cerullo
The Ethics of Chemical Brain Preservation as a Life Saving Medical Procedure by Michael Cerullo

Life Extension

Throughout most of human history there was little serious reason to debate the ethics of life extension. To quote Hobbes, most lives were “Nasty, brutish, and short.” Yet the lack of success didn’t stop hopes for miraculous life extension and such hopes have been pursued throughout recorded history [1]. While some hope that continued biomedical advances may cure aging [2,3] the focus of this paper will be on the more revolutionary technology of chemical brain preservation. The first part of the paper will examine...