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MULTIMEDIA: Brian Hanley Topics Could new gene therapies help us live for much longer?

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Brian Hanley Topics
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Brian Hanley
Pan-genomics! Let’s get real-world here. Graphs are just the start. by Brian Hanley

I work with human DNA pathological variants and gene therapy. To me, the current pangenome effort and friends is mostly an academic exercise that won’t matter. Yes, we know that FASTA is limited, but we can combine FASTA files and look at these differences. I do like what Erik and friends have done, and pangenomics is interesting. But, it doesn’t even start to address what really matters. There are other issues that are much more important. For instance:

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Brian Hanley
Biohacking humans is not wise – Josiah Zayner’s “The Odin” - on Buzzfeed by Brian Hanley

I was interviewed by phone before this SynBioBeta conference referenced in the Buzzfeed article, but they didn’t use what I said. I made it crystal clear I thought biohacking humans could be quite dangerous. I told them I stopped communicating technical information to unqualified people several years ago because I realized it encouraged people to do things they weren’t qualified to be involved with. I used some examples with the journalist.

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Brian Hanley
Quantum Biology – Wandering where the edge is by Brian Hanley

I have had thoughts about quantum mechanics and biology for many years - ever since my thermodynamics class in chemistry as an undergrad. I discussed and developed them over the years. When I thought it was ready, decades ago, I wrote to Linus Pauling about my speculation that the most important differentiator for life is that from the molecular scale to the organization of organs, chaos (in the mathematical chaos theory sense) is the organizing principle. This means that living organisms are all potentially sensitive to quantum events. He w...

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Brian Hanley
Metformin, Gamma Rays or Chocolate? by Brian Hanley

Is metformin safe? The dose for the metformin aging clinical trial is 1700 mg per day. The mouse study doses from the graphs below are 300 and 100 mg/kg/day. Assuming an average 60 kg person, that’s about 28 mg/kg. This is about one-third to one-tenth the dose that mice got. 

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Brian Hanley
Make Gender Reassignment Real - A Letter to Dr. Anthony Atala by Brian Hanley

In graduate school I was warned not to touch anything to do with homosexuality or transgenderism. By that time I had learned that graduate school and high end science was not the open-minded inquiry I had expected. I was, however, convinced then that most transexuals were in part biologically female.

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Brian Hanley
Gene Therapy: What’s wrong with the software metaphor? by Brian Hanley

A much better metaphor for gene therapy is space-alien hackers attacking a huge factory covering San Francisco. These hackers shoot canisters of paper-tape instructions for the old computer controlled machinery into this billion year old factory.

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Brian Hanley
Ethics in Treatment With Telomerase by Brian Hanley

Much is being made recently about telomerase as the cure for what ails you. Activating telomerase is touted by Bioviva as a supposed cure for Alzheimer’s disease. (In fact, the article referenced advances an hypothesis.) A PR announcement that appears related has appeared.

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Brian Hanley Joins IEET Advisory Board; Kris Notaro and Roland Benedikter are new Affiliate Scholars

Three new positions have been filled at IEET, in two categories: our Affiliate Scholar Program, which we’ve maintained for a decade, and our Advisory Board - which was installed just last May.

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Brian Hanley
The Electronic Frontier of Longevity and Control by Brian Hanley

I have been pursuing gene therapies for aging, so my decision to discuss this goes against my current direction. We really don’t know what the limits are of what we might be able to do by playing the autonomic nervous system, but here are some thoughts to chew on.

The human brain is large, but 90% of your nervous system is outside your head. Researchers have found that interrupting vagus nerve signals to the brain can treat rheumatoid arthritis, as well as septic shock symptoms, however, some body subsystems may,  or may n...

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Brian Hanley
Death - The Cunning Frontier by Brian Hanley

We evolved to die. Our thymus involutes (withers away) in large part due to down-regulation of FoxN1. Once the thymus goes, it’s just a matter of time. Critical mitochondrial genes, GCAT & SHMT2, are turned off, and that causes oxidation damage that we interpreted as the cause of mitochondrial aging when it’s really the outcome. Upregulation ofATF4 expression results in muscle loss in aging. This list will lengthen the more we learn. Aging and death is no accident. It’s got value.