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Kaj Sotala Topics
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Roman Yampolskiy
Responses to catastrophic AGI risk: a survey by Roman Yampolskiy


Many researchers have argued that humanity will create artificial general intelligence (AGI) within the next twenty to one hundred years. It has been suggested that AGI may inflict serious damage to human well-being on a global scale (‘catastrophic risk’).

After summarizing the arguments for why AGI may pose such a risk, we review the fieldʼs proposed responses to AGI risk. We consider societal proposals, proposals for external constraints on AGI behaviors and proposals for creating AGIs that are...

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Kaj Sotala
Desiderata for a Model of Human Values by Kaj Sotala

Soares (2015) defines the value learning problem as: By what methods could an intelligent machine be constructed to reliably learn what to value and to act as its operators intended?

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Kaj Sotala
Maverick Nannies and Danger Theses by Kaj Sotala

In early 2014, Richard Loosemore published a paper called “The Maverick Nanny with a Dopamine Drip: Debunking Fallacies in the Theory of AI Motivation“, which criticized some thought experiments about the risks of general AI that had been presented. Like many others, I did not really understand the point that this paper was trying to make, especially since it made the claim that people endorsing such thought experiments were assuming a certain kind of an AI architecture – which I knew that we were not.

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Kaj Sotala
DeepDream: Today Psychedelic Images, Tomorrow Unemployed Artists by Kaj Sotala

One interesting thing that I noticed about Google’s DeepDream algorithm (which you might also know as “that thing making all pictures look like psychedelic trips“) is that it seems to increase the image quality. For instance, my current Facebook profile picture was ran through DD and looks sharper than the original, which was relatively fuzzy and grainy.