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Richard van Hooijdonk Topics
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Richard van Hooijdonk
Autonomous cars & accidents: The human and financial standpoint by Richard van Hooijdonk

In our previous post, we saw how autonomous self-driving cars will transform every aspect of our lives. Cities will change the way they function and develop, travelling will become safe and efficient and car manufacturers will have to look for newer methods to survive the competition. One major issue with these autonomous cars is the fear of being driven around by a machine.

Vision > Contributors > Richard van Hooijdonk > HealthLongevity > Sociology > Futurism > Innovation
Richard van Hooijdonk
Driverless Cars: the Catalyst Towards Futuristic Smart Cities by Richard van Hooijdonk

Have you ever considered how many hours are wasted, traveling to work and back every day? Now picture a scenario where you can work while you are being driven to your destination along the fastest and safest routes – without it costing you anything extra? Wouldn’t that be great? Brace yourself – cities are about to change forever. It’s already happening in the backyards of tech and automobile giants like Google, Audi and Mercedes where driverless cars or self-driven automotive technology is being developed and fine-tuned.

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Richard van Hooijdonk
In this Digital Age, your Privacy is Continuously Invaded by Richard van Hooijdonk

Nothing that you thought only you could see is safe anymore. Digital privacy cannot be trusted. I say this because something happened recently which prompted me to write this post. Spotify, the popular music application, revamped its privacy policy which contained shocking revelations regarding its use of personal user data. Spotify’s new policy declares that the company can access the photos, contacts and other personal data of its users.