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MULTIMEDIA: Randal A. Koene Topics The Binding Problem of Consciousness: Transhuman Debate 2.0

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Randal A. Koene Topics
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Transhuman Debate in SF East Bay, co-sponsored by IEET

IEET is co-sponsoring a “Transhuman Debate” event in Oakland, California, on February 6, 2016, at Humanist Hall.

The debate will feature two “Oxford Style” Transhumanist Team Debates on these topics:

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Randal A. Koene
Whole Brain Emulation: Reverse Engineering a Mind by Randal A. Koene

(Transcript of the speech presented at Lincoln Center, New York, at the conference Global Future 2045: Towards a New Strategy for Human Evolution.)

I am going to discuss whole brain emulation, about what it takes to reverse engineer a mind. This is a topic that you’ve heard mentioned a few times over, that term at least (at least during the conference), and several of the speakers that you saw today - and more that are coming up - are going to be talking about technologies, or have talked about technologies, that address a spec...