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Evie Kendal Topics
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Evie Kendal
Ectogenesis Offers Multiple Unique Benefits by Evie Kendal

The recent news that womb transplants will be trialled in the UK has sparked much debate regarding the desirability of this and other future infertility interventions.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the idea of artificial wombs has been brought into this discussion, complete with the usual concerns about women’s reproductive liberty.

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Gareth John
Mindfulness-Based Therapy – Does it Work? (Summary, Part 3) by Gareth John

Which brings me to my critique of mindfulness as therapy:

1.  Firstly, mindfulness is not and should not be viewed as the latest cure-all for those with mental health issues. It is not a panacea. By the time the Buddha started employing it within his teachings it had already had a long history of incremental development within a broader spiritual tradition and this continued up until the end of the last century. Within this tradition it is viewed as a powerful tool designed to do to the brain what the brain specifically does not...