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Anthony Miccoli Topics
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Anthony Miccoli
Mythic Singularities: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and (kind of) Love Transhumanism by Anthony Miccoli

As a critical posthumanist (with speculative leanings), I found myself always a little leary of transhumanism in general. Much has been written on the difference between the two, and one of the best and succinct explanations can be found in John Danaher’s “Humanism, Transhumanism, and Speculative Posthumanism.

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Anthony Miccoli
The Internet of Things and the Great Recalibration by Anthony Miccoli

I’ve been playing catch-up since my tenure application and my class preps for the Spring semester, but I’ve finally been able to re-engage with my usual sites, and all of the fantastic content in my Google+ communities.  One thing that’s been coming up in various iterations is the concept of the “internet of things.” In a nutshell, the term loosely (and, I think perhaps a little misleadingly) refers to a technological interconnectivity of everyday objects: clothes, appliances, industrial equipment, jewelry,...

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Anthony Miccoli
Posthuman Desire (Part 2 of 2): The Loneliness of Transcendence by Anthony Miccoli

In my previous post, I discussed desire through the Buddhist concept of dukkha, looking at the dissatisfaction that accompanies human self-awareness and how our representations of AIs follow a mythic pattern. The final examples I used (Her, Transcendence, etc.) pointed to representations of AIs that wanted to be acknowledged or even to love us. 

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Anthony Miccoli
Posthuman Desire (Part 1 of 2): Algorithms of Dissatisfaction by Anthony Miccoli

After reading the IEET article No Form, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Formations, Consciousness:  A Buddhist Perspective on AI by Andrew Cvercko, I found myself coming back to a question that I’ve been thinking about on various levels for quite a while: What would an artificial intelligence want? From a Buddhist perspective, what characterizes sentience is suffering. 

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Anthony Miccoli
The Droids We’re Looking For by Anthony Miccoli

I’ve been a fan of Cynthia Breazeal for well over a decade, and have watched her research evolve from her early doctoral work with Kismet, to her current work as the creator of JIBO and the founder of JIBO, inc. What I found so interesting about Dr. Breazeal was her commitment to creating not just artificial intelligence, but a robot which people could interact with in a fashion similar to human beings, but not exactly like human beings.