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MULTIMEDIA: Gerd Leonhard Topics Futurist Gerd Leonhard interview with Stuff(NZ): work, jobs, automation and more
Future of Technology: the new question is WHY not IF
Technology versus Humanity: a provocative film by Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard

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Gerd Leonhard Topics
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Gerd Leonhard
Interview with Gerd Leonhard and his New Book TECHNOLOGY vs. HUMANITY by Gerd Leonhard

IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello interviewed futurist and author Gerd Leonhard about his new book, Technology vs. Humanity.

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Hank Pellissier
Basic Income Guarantee will allow us to move up the Maslow Pyramid - interview with Gerd Leonhard by Hank Pellissier

Gerd Leonhard is an acclaimed European futurist; his popular videos are featured at IEET and he is a regular IEET contributing writer. In this interview I explore his opinions and forecasts on Basic Income Guarantee.

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Gerd Leonhard
Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine by Gerd Leonhard What are the challenges and opportunities facing society in the next 10 years as a result of an accelerating pace of technological development? 

(this essay is an excerpt of a chapter in The Future of Business, published by Futurescapes)

From technology disruption to furthering human happiness 

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Hank Pellissier
“Technology Could Bring Heaven on Earth, or Create Hell” - interview with futurist Gerd Leonhard by Hank Pellissier

Gerd Leonhard is an acclaimed European futurist; his popular video was recently featured at IEET and he will soon be an IEET contributing writer. To introduce him to our audience, I interviewed him on his forecasts, ideas, and values.

IEET: Can you expand on your comment in the video, where you say: ”we will see more changes in the next 20 years than we did in the previous 300” ?