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MULTIMEDIA: SciTech Topics This Country Is Leading The Robot Revolution
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SciTech Topics
Francaise > Rights > Personhood > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Contributors > Julien Varlin > Sociology > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > SciTech
Julien Varlin
Le syndrome 1984 ou Gattaca by Julien Varlin

On accuse souvent le transhumanisme d’être la porte ouverte à une société dystopique totalitaire et à des inégalités extrêmes. Et si on se trompait de cible ?

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > SciTech
George Dvorsky
New Wind Turbines Could Power Japan for 50 Years After a Single Typhoon by George Dvorsky

Typhoons are generally associated with mass destruction, but a Japanese engineer has developed a wind turbine that can harness the tremendous power of these storms and turn it into useful energy. If he’s right, a single typhoon could power Japan for 50 years.

Rights > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Advisory Board > David Orban > Technoprogressivism > SciTech
David Orban
Exponential Impact at the Singularity University Global Summit by David Orban

At Singularity University we address the world’s greatest challenges, through the application of exponential technologies, spreading knowledge through conferences, educating through our courses, and creating, accelerating and funding startups.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > Melanie Swan > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > SciTech
Melanie Swan
Bio-Cryptoeconomy: Nanorobotic DACs for Cell Repair and Enhancement by Melanie Swan

Blockchains as the new platform for technological innovation invite the creative imagining of applications at both the level of technology use and in the rethinking of economic principles. Some recent developments include optimism about rising Bitcoin prices and the rewards-halving milestone, trepidation about scalability, block size, and the latest hacking scandal of the Ethereum DAO, and fast-paced single ledger adoption by financial institutions.

Francaise > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Advisory Board > Marc Roux > HealthLongevity > Sociology > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > SciTech
Marc Roux
Transhumanisme et écologie by Marc Roux

Le mois de décembre 2015 a vu la signature d’un accord dit « universel », par 195 pays, et qui marquera peut-être un tournant dans la manière dont les humains envisagent collectivement leur rapport à la Terre. Les technoprogressistes pourront s’en réjouir à double titre. D’une part il doit permettre de mieux affronter les immenses défis que nous imposent les crises climatiques, mais d’autre part, loin d’un écologisme fondamentaliste, il reconnaît, dans son article 10, « l’importance qu’il y a à donner pleinement ef...

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > Technoprogressivism > SciTech
George Dvorsky
The World’s Oldest Computer May Have Been Used to Predict the Future by George Dvorsky

Discovered in an ancient shipwreck near Crete in 1901, the freakishly advanced Antikythera Mechanism has been called the world’s first computer. A decades-long investigation into the 2,000 year-old-device is shedding new light onto this mysterious device, including the revelation that it may have been used for more than just astronomy.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Fellows > Wendell Wallach > HealthLongevity > Sociology > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > Military > SciTech
Wendell Wallach
Predictability and Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) by Wendell Wallach

Does predictability provide an overriding concept and perhaps a metric for evaluating when LAWS are acceptable or when they might be unacceptable under international humanitarian law? Arguably, if the behavior of an autonomous weapon is predictable, deploying it might be considered no different from, for example, launching a ballistic missile. This, of course, presumes that we can know how predictable the behavior of a specific autonomous weapon will be.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Virtuality > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Sociology > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > SciTech
John Danaher
Blockchains and the Emergence of a Lex Cryptographia by John Danaher

Here’s an interesting idea. It’s taken from Aaron Wright and Primavera de Filippi’s article ‘Decentralized Blockchain Technology and the Rise of Lex Cryptographia’. The article provides an excellent overview of blockchain technology and its potential impact on the law. It ends with an interesting historical reflection. It suggests that the growth of blockchain technology may give rise to a new type of legal order: a lex cryptographia. This is similar to how the growth in international trading networks gave rise to a lex mercatoria ...

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Contributors > Margaret Morris > HealthLongevity > Futurism > Biosecurity > SciTech > Resilience
Margaret Morris
Nuclear Waste Pollution is an Existential Risk that Threatens Global Health by Margaret Morris

Deadly environmental pollution has become an existential risk that threatens the prospect for the long-term survival of our species and a great many others. Here we will focus on the nuclear waste aspect of the problem and ways to mitigate it before there is a critical tipping point in our global ecosystem.

As philosopher Nick Bostrom said in his 2001 paper titled “Existential Risks,” published in the Journal of Evolution and Technology, “Our future, and whether we will have a future at all, may well be determined by how we de...

Francaise > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Advisory Board > Didier Coeurnelle > HealthLongevity > Sociology > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > SciTech
Didier Coeurnelle
Le progrès n’est plus ce qu’il était. Grandeurs et décadences des risques by Didier Coeurnelle

A l’aube de l’histoire de l’humanité, l’intelligence de ceux qui nous ont précédés n’était probablement guère inférieure à celle du lecteur de ces lignes. Certains paléontologues pensent même que les capacités de raisonnement de nos ancêtres étaient supérieures aux nôtres.