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MULTIMEDIA: Disability Topics It Doesn’t Cost Much To Have A Decent Society
When we design for disability, we all benefit
Why we should give everyone a basic income
Future “Bodyshops”
‘No Solitary Confinement for Juveniles or the Mentally Ill — At All.’
Autism Is a Term for Behavior, Not Disease
How My Mind Came Back to Life and No One Knew
Anti-love drugs? The ethics of a chemical break up
Bipolar Disorder Is Like Having Two Serious Illnesses at Once
Digital Stroke
Artificial Intelligence for the Blind
Reason, Emotion and Morality: Some Cautions for the Enhancement Project
Human Nature and the Spectre of Human Enhancement
Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
Gray Matters

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Disability Topics
Francaise > SciencePolicy > Innovation > Implants > Rights > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer > Disability > Enablement
Alexandre Maurer
Prothèses et augmentations corporelles by Alexandre Maurer

Dans quelle mesure les prothèses peuvent-elles nous augmenter ?

Cet article fait partie d’un projet de livre sur le transhumanisme. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Published on 27 November 2016 on Technoprog

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Fellows > David Brin > Disability > Enablement
David Brin
Perceptive and myopic views of our transparent future. Especially police cameras. by David Brin

Let’s veer from either science fiction or politics into our politically science-fictional new world of light. Starting with a reminder that my new anthology (with Stephen Potts) Chasing Shadows, is released this week by Tor Books, featuring contributions by William Gibson, James Gunn, Neal Stephenson, Vernor Vinge and many others, offering stories and insights into a future when light flows almost everywhere. Prepare yourself!  This might be a good start.

SciencePolicy > Implants > Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > B. J. Murphy > Military > Disability > Enablement
B. J. Murphy
DARPA hands off LUKE Arm to Military Medical Center by B. J. Murphy

It’s that time of the month where we all come together and exchange gifts. Keeping this in mind, DARPA showed some holiday spirit when it provided Walter Reed National Military Medical Center the greatest gift the 21st century can offer: LUKE – the most revolutionary bionic arm available to date!

Francaise > Rights > HealthLongevity > Advisory Board > Marc Roux > Disability > Enablement
Marc Roux
Cybathlon 2016 : entre sport, handicap et transhumanisme by Marc Roux

Le Cybathlon inaugure les premiers “JO de cyborgs”. Une vitrine technologique pour l’aide au handicap, mais aussi la perspectives d’application futures plus larges. C’est par ailleurs une invitation à repenser nos catégories sportives.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > Personhood > Vision > Staff > Hank Pellissier > Sociology > Disability
Hank Pellissier
Joycelyn Elders Clinic at Uganda Humanist School offers Sex Education, Free Condoms, AFRIpads by Hank Pellissier

“Joycelyn Elders Clinic” was recently launched by a USA nonprofit, to serve the 329 students attending Garama Humanist Secondary School in the village of Kisinga, in western Uganda.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Christina Scannapiego > Marie Miguel > Technoprogressivism > Disability > Enablement
Marie Miguel
Technology and Caregiving go Hand in Hand by Marie Miguel

Hungry? You can order some pizza and pay for it online. Need to pay your bills? You don’t have to go to the bank or to the billing company to do it. You can either do it online on your desktop or on your smartphone. Need to buy a gift for your nephew whose birthday is this weekend? No need to go out during your lunch break to buy a gift. Just order online and you can have it delivered at your door step.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Virtuality > Bioculture > Advisory Board > Brent Logan Reitze > Psychology > Innovation > Artificial Intelligence > Neuroscience > Brain–computer-interface > Disability > Enablement
Brent Logan Reitze
VR Will Create Multiple Existences - “meatspace” will not be considered the only true reality by Brent Logan Reitze

The nature of what is truly real has been pondered by philosophers for centuries. Plato argued we were only seeing shadows of true reality. Descartes pointed out nothing could be proven by your own thoughts. And while we must assume a shared reality to function with other over the course of daily life, that assumption will come to be questioned in the future with the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. 

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Bioculture > Affiliate Scholar > B. J. Murphy > Futurism > Neuroscience > Disability > Enablement
B. J. Murphy
Beauty Will Be in the Bionic Eye of the Beholder by B. J. Murphy

How might we define beauty in a future of cyborgs and the genetically enhanced?

Today we live in a world that has been radically transformed by the hands of advanced science and technology. Depending on which sci-fi literature you might’ve read, one could accurately portray today’s reality as a sci-fi future. A future where everyone is interconnected using tiny computational devices which fit in their pockets, biological limbs being replaced by advanced bionic prosthetics, and disease being combated using gene-editing tools.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > B. J. Murphy > Futurism > Innovation > Disability > Enablement
B. J. Murphy
A Conversation With Bionic Actress Angel Giuffria by B. J. Murphy

What will the future look like in the eyes of those one step ahead of us?

I’ve been speaking a lot lately about what I believe the future will be like, as envisioned by robotics company Humai. For a change of pace, I decided to reach out to someone else and get their take on the world of tomorrow.

That someone is cyborg and bionic actress Angel Giuffria. 

Rights > HealthLongevity > CognitiveLiberty > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Psychology > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > Neuroscience > Brain–computer-interface > Disability > Enablement
Rory Viner
Future Emotions: How Synaesthesia, Technology and Experimental Music Dilate Our Internal Geographies by Rory Viner

What follows is a description of experiments using the medium of sound and emerging sound technologies to destabilize conceptions and reposition ourselves to histories of social trauma and to our own sense of self. Can we interrogate these intersections of meaning and data in new ways? Can we dilate emotional immediacy through such re­imaginings? Does technology allow and help us to reconsider these approaches?