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New Updates on IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner
Jul 6, 2020   Beyond Humanism  

The “Immortalists Magazine” has just published detailed interviews on justice, rights, and discrimination with IEET Fellows David Pearce and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner:

In order to better get to know how the current pandemic crisis is being seen in various parts of the world, IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner co-organized a meta-global event, in which scholars, artists and intellectuals from 5 continents (Australia, Africa, Asia, South and North America and Europe) and 11 countries (Nigeria, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, USA, Israel, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland) addressed this issue, incl. IEET Director James Hughes Here, you find the program of the event which took place during the past couple of days:

The videos from the 1st Beyond Humanism Forum are accessible on youtube as part of the “Posthumans go Viral” channel:

Some world-leading intellectuals participated in the event, e.g. one of the best known posthuman artists Stelarc:

He presents his most important performances at the beginning of the following video:

The 1st Beyond Humanism Forum was organized by Jaime del Val, Evi Sampanikou, and IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, who is also responsible for teaching a successful course on “Posthuman Studies” at John Cabot University in Rome. In an interview a former student and recent JCU graduate, Chrysoula Sotiriadi, who took Professor Sorgner’s course “Posthuman Studies: Philosophy, Technology, and Media.” stressed the following: “For me, this was one of the most inspiring classes offered at JCU, and I believe every student in the liberal arts system should take the course. It pushes students to confront many of the most pressing issues of our times. Even though it is rooted in philosophy, topics from a great variety of academic disciplines and aspects of our lifeworld are being tackled.” Here, you can find the entire interview with her:

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