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Which science is the most basic?
David Brin   Jan 16, 2011  

Physics might be considered the most fundamental of all sciences, for all other sciences derive from basic principles of forces, motion, electromagnetism and thermodynamics. And yet, physical laws are mathematical models of the world; however, mathematics itself is abstract, deriving from theoretical constructs of philosophy. But, philosophy arises out of theories of mind, or psychology. The mind itself depends upon the biology of the brain….which is nothing but chemical reactions of molecules, such as neurotransmitters and proteins. And of course, chemistry depends upon the behavior of atoms and forces, which is constrained by physics…..

Physics > mathematics > philosophy > biology > chemistry > physics — the eternal loop.

David Brin


I can't help but be reminded of this scene from 'The Big Bang Theory:'

...Made all the more interesting, in that the actress Mayim Bialik who plays Amy Farah Fowler in fact *has* a PhD in neuroscience.
Steven Landsburg wrote in his book The Big Questions that "mind is biology, biology is chemistry, chemistry is physics, physics is math. Mind perceives math, thus the universe exists physically. Erase the “baggage” and all that’s left is math."
<b>BBC Horizon - What Is Reality?</b>

"There is a strange and mysterious world that surrounds us, a world largely hidden from our senses. The quest to explain the true nature of reality is one of the great scientific detective stories.

Clues have been pieced together from deep within the atom, from the event horizon of black holes, and from the far reaches of the cosmos. It may be that that we are part of a cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the universe. Or that we exist in an infinity of parallel worlds. Your reality may never look quite the same again."


(59 mins)

Your video explains in a very good manner and In my opinion science is the most needed subject in daily life because it consists whole surroundings, Everything has something related to science in it.

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