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Ancient Origins of a Modern Anthropic Cosmological Argument
Milan Ćirković   Jul 24, 2003   Astron.Astrophys.Trans. 22 (2003) 879-886  

Ancient origins of a modern anthropic argument against cosmologies involving infinite series of past events are considered. It is shown that this argument - which in modern times has been put forward by distinguished cosmologists like Paul C. W. Davies and Frank J. Tipler - originates in pre-Socratic times and is implicitly present in the cyclical cosmology of Empedocles. There are traces of the same line of reasoning throughout the ancient history of ideas, and the case of a provocative statement of Thucydides is briefly analyzed. Moreover, the anthropic argument has been fully formulated in the epic of Lucretius, confirming it as the summit of ancient cosmology. This is not only of historical significance but presents an important topic for the philosophy of cosmology provided some of the contemporary inflationary models, particularly Linde’s chaotic inflation, turn out to be correct. Download the PDF

Milan Ćirković
Milan M. Ćirković Ph.D. is a fellow of the IEET, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, and Senior Research Associate at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

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