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Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap
Maria Konovalenko   Aug 19, 2014   Maria Konovalenko  

We created the Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap. It represents the general view on the tasks of transhumanism. It is not enough detailed, because each line requires a larger amount of texts to explain it. At some point of time we will present the plans of action on the key points and will explain how and why they need to be implemented. Nonetheless, we believe it is important to demonstrate the comprehensive view on the problem of achieving physical immortality.

The Roadmap to Personal Immortality is list of actions that one should do to live forever. The most obvious way to reach immortality is to defeat aging, to grow and replace the diseased organs with new bioengineered ones, and in the end to be scanned into a computer. This is Plan A. It is the best possible course of events. It depends on two things – your personal actions (like regular medical checkups) and collective actions like civil activism and scientific research funding. The map is showing both paths in Plan A.

However, if Plan A fails, meaning if you die before the victory over aging, there is Plan B, which is cryonics. Some simple steps can be taken now, like calling your nearest cryocompany about a contract.

Unfortunately, cryonic could also fail, and then you can move to Plan C. Of course it is much worse – less reliable and less proven. Plan C is the so called digital immortality, that means one could be returned to life based on the existing recorded information about that person. It is a not the best plan, because we are not sure how to solve the identity problem, which will arise, and also we don’t know if collected amount of information would be enough. But it is still better than nothing.

Lastly, if Plan C fails, we have Plan D. It is not a plan in fact – it is just hope or a bet that immortality already exists somehow, maybe there is quantum immortality, or maybe the future AI will bring us back to life.

All Plans demand particular actions now – we need to prepare to all of them simultaneously. All of the Plans will lead to the same result – our minds will be uploaded into a computer and will merge with AI. So these plans are in fact multilevel defense mechanisms against death structured in the most logical way.

This map is the political program of the Longevity party – this is what we are going to do. We presented the Roadmap together with Alexei Turchin near the White House as an action to increase public attention for life extension.

Aging is the main cause of death. Slowing down aging is an extremely complicated task that requires collaboration of hundreds of scientific labs and clinical facilities. It is not going to happen on its own. Active members of the society must signal that they are ready to fight for their right to live.

That’s why Alexei Turchin and I  came to the White House on August 16 to set an example for transhumanists of the world how one should fight for their interests. We presented the Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap and “I demand funding for anti aging research” and “Immortality” posters. The Roadmap reflects our point of view on what each person should do to preserve their life.

We call upon everyone who shares the ideas of radical life extension to do street actions with us. Let’s do poster sessions in front of the White House, rallies, art actions, simply meet on a regular basis in bars. Join our Facebook group – Longevity Party. Together we will change the situation and will help raise enough funding for scientific research in human longevity.


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Maria Konovalenko

Finding this website made me smile, thank you. I will read it tomorrow, but just glancing at it, makes me realize that it promotes my ideas. Freedom from aging and death NOW!!!
Can I reuse the roadmap for an article I'm writing if I quote the source and the authors?

Because I'd like a lot to talk about it.

Please answer as soon as you can.
Great job with the roadmap.

I've some question to understand some steps, can you help me to find answer to them?

1 "Diagnostics based on <<omics>>
Is it not the equal to check-ups?

2 "Personalized science"
is it not the equal to precise medicine?

3 "Therapeutic cloning"
of the organs, right?

4 "Transgenic stem cell treatment"
What is it and what specific benefits does it give us?

5 "Backup information of the brain"
Is it not more part of Plan C than Plan A?

6 "Constant self-education"
in what subjects? In those that allow you to accumulate money and social networks? Or more in general in those that increase your chances to get immortality?

7 "Joint activities"
What kind of activities?

8 "Forming social mandate"
What is a social mandate and why is it useful?

9 "Cloning"
Human cloning? Animal cloning? Why is it useful?

10 "Loyal regulatory landscape"
What is it and why is it useful?

11 "digital treasures"
What are they and why are they useful?

11 "Active avatar in social media"
What is it and why is it useful?

12 "Virtual helper"
What is it and why is it useful?

13 "Creating a more precise personality model"
What is it and why is it useful?

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