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Stefen Sorgner to speak at Meditation & Wirklichkeit conference in Berlin
Jan 15, 2016  

IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner will be speaking at the Meditation & Wirklichkeit conference in Berlin that will discuss issues pertaining to science, meditation and reality.

Other speakers at the conference include Jon Kabat-Zinn (well-known expert on the practice of mindfulness), Peter Terium (CEO of RWE AG), Erich Harsch (CEO of dm-drogerie markt) and Erich Harsch, and many other fascinating speakers.

The event is in Berlin on November 25th-26th.

Information Here


Mindfullness, meditation is really simple. No need to waste Earth’s limited resources to attend conferences as fuel is exhausted in the mega-litres just for some academics and up-smart-selfies to proclaim innate wisdom that really is more red herring than anything else.
All you have to do is sit zazen or not, concentrate on your breath and try to still the mind. That’s it. Everything else follows from there. And throw that out too. All the way and don’t stop.
This as I understand it is Dogen’s Soto Zen.
Correct me if I’m wrong. Then I will throw that out as well.
Nothing is going to stop me. And not even that.

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