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IEET is now Tri-Lingual - German, French added. Spanish and Italian are next?
Sep 13, 2015  

IEET has expanded from ten years of English-only essays, to now include articles in German and French. The move represents IEET’s global reach; although we’re a USA-based think tank and non-profit, a significant proportion of our readership is international.

Adding German and French was achieved via the notable assistance of Advisory Board members Thomas Damburger, and Marc Roux . Three German articles have already been posted, by Sven Gábor Jánszky, leader of the German Rulebreaker Society.

IEET encourages anyone writing in French or German to submit their essays, emailing either, or

Spanish and Italian are also being considered as possible fourth and fifth languages that IEET publishes. If those are tongues that you’re fluent in, and you have articles that support our mission, and you’re willing to assist us, please let us know.

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