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IEET sponsors “The Future of Politics” conference in Oakland, California

September 13, 2015

IEET is co-sponsoring a conference on “The Future of Politics.” The event will be held at Humanist Hall, in Oakland, California, on Sunday, October 18, from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Numerous IEET members are in the lineup:

James Hughes (IEET Executive Director) will be Skyped in
Andrea Kuzsewski (IEET Affiliate Scholar) is a speaker
Nicole Sallak Anderson (IEET Advisory Board member)  is speaking
David Brin (IEET Fellow) will be Skyped in
RU Sirius (IEET Contributing Writer) is a speaker
William Gillis (IEET Contributing Writer) is a speaker
Zoltan Istvan (IEET Contributing Writer, and Presidential candidate) will be Skyped in
Hank Pellissier (IEET Managing Director) is a speaker.

Additional speakers are:

Bryce Lynch
Michael Anissimov
Scott Jackisch
Anatoly Karlin
Anya Petrova
Jay Cornell
Steven Zeiler
and others, To Be Announced

Lunch will be served, Parking is Free and Plentiful, and Admission Prices are Low—only $20 if you purchase one before October 1.

Tickets are available via EventBrite HERE

Additional information can be viewed HERE


Contact: Executive Director, Dr. James J. Hughes,
IEET, 35 Harbor Point Blvd, #404, Boston, MA 02125-3242 USA
phone: 860-428-1837