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Learn more about diverse groups and movements comprising cyborg democracy: democratic transhumanists, nanosocialists, revolutionary singularitarians, non-anthropocentric personhood theorists, radical futurists, leftist extropians, bioutopians and biopunks, socialist-feminist cyborgs, transgenders, body modifiers, basic income advocates, world federalists, agents of the Culture and the Cassini Division, Viridians and technoGaians.

Democratic Transhumanism

Overview of Democratic Transhumanism vis-a-vis Libertarian Transhumanism and BioLuddism


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Learn more about democratic transhumanism

"Democratic Transhumanism", Hughes

"A Cyborg Manifesto", Haraway

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"Robotic Nation", Brain

"Cyborg Liberation Front", Baard

"Viridian Manifesto", Sterling

"NanoSocialism", Green

"Short History of the Future", Wagar

"Cassini Division", MacLeod

"From Chance to Choice", Buchanan, Brock, Daniels, Wikler

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Cyborg Democracy

Cyborg democracy is a nexus for techno-progressives, transmitting a sexy, high-tech vision of a radically democratic future.


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How far can we anticipate the habitations and ways, the usages and adventures, the mighty employments, the ever increasing knowledge and power of the days to come? No more than a child with its scribbling paper and its box of bricks can picture or model the undertakings of its adult years. Our battle is with cruelties and frustrations, stupid, heavy and hateful things from which we shall escape at last, less like victors conquering a world than like sleepers awaking from a nightmare in the dawn. From any dream, however dismal and horrible, one can escape by realizing that it is a dream; by saying, "I will awake." The Open Conspiracy is the awaking of mankind from a nightmare, an infantile nightmare, of the struggle for existence and the inevitability of war. The light of day thrusts between our eyelids, and the multitudinous sounds of morning clamour in our ears. A time will come when men will sit with history before them or with some old newspaper before them and ask incredulously, "Was there ever such a world?"

Overview of Transhumanist and Bioconservative Politics


Libertarian Transhumanists

Democratic Transhumanists

Left-wing BioLuddites

Natural Law BioLuddites

Exemplary Groups

Extropy Institute

Longevity Meme




Radical Cyborgs


Society for Genetics and Society

Council for Responsible Genetics

ETC Group

Center for Bioethics and Culture

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity



World Transhumanist Association

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies




Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future


“cyborg citizenship":

All self-aware beings with desires and plans for the future should be considered citizens with a right to life


Limited Human-Racism: “Humanness” determines citizenship, but not for embryos

“Humanness” determines citizenship

(Deep Ecological)

Human beings have equal rights with all living things

Humanism vs. Natural Law

Humanism: Human beings are free to determine their own future, guided by prudent reason. There are no obvious natural or divine limits on human aspiration.

Opposition to (Capitalist/ Imperialist/ Patriarchal) Humanism

Deep Ecology/Hubris Taboo: Humanity should be restricted by divine or ecological taboos

Individual Liberty vs. Yuck Factor

Individual liberty
trumps yuck factor

Yuck factor trumps individual liberty in germinal choice and biotech, but not in sexuality or abortion

Yuck factor trumps individual liberty

Technological Risks

Resignation: Technology is uncontrollable, government intervention always has bad unforeseen consequences, and risks are manageable without government

Risks are manageable with the assistance of democratic oversight and management

Risks are so enormous and unknowable, and regulatory institutions so flawed, that human enhancement should be banned


Libertarian Transhumanists

Democratic Transhumanists

Left-wing BioLuddites

Natural Law BioLuddites

The Equality Challenge of Enhancement Technology

Market Access and Legal Equality Enough:
If legal equality is guaranteed and enhancement technologies are available in the market, social equality is irrelevant and government should do nothing to create a more equal society

Make Enhancement Universally Accessible: Democracies should work toward social equality, and provide universal access to enhancement technologies

Bans on Technologies as Part of Larger Egalitarian Program: Democracies should work toward social equality and ban enhancement technologies

Tech Bans Necessary to Protect Equality: Equality can be guaranteed by banning enhancement technologies

Procreative Liberty

Procreative Liberty:
Trust parents to act in kids best interests, and let them buy germinal choice in the market.

Procreative Liberty, Equality and Beneficence: Trust parents to act in kids’ best interests, stop them if they don’t, give them equal access to germinal choice technology, and encourage them to create children with the best life opportunities.

Limited Procreative Liberty: Reproductive rights, but not extended to germinal choice and reproductive technology.

Procreative Liberty Trumped by Natural Law: Reproductive rights trumped by religious prohibitions or the need for radical population reduction.

Ecological Protection

Free Market Green:
The market can solve all ecological problems

TechnoGaian: A combination of judicious regulation and ecologically-oriented technologies can prevent and remediate ecological damage.

Left Ecology: Technologies developed by patriarchal, capitalist systems need to be banned and those systems changed.

Deep Ecology: Humanity should radically restrict itself.

(Religious) Dominion Theology: Man has stewardship over Nature.


Libertarian Transhumanists

Democratic Transhumanists

Left-wing BioLuddites

Natural Law BioLuddites

Structural Unemployment

The Market will Provide:
If the government avoids meddling (unemployment insurance, minimum wages, etc.) all workers will find new jobs, even if at lower wages.

Embrace the End of Work:
The wealth and leisure created by automation should be shared equitably by all through a basic income guarantee and shorter work week.

Protectionism, Luddism, Public Employment:  Attempt to protect existing jobs, and create new ones.

(EcoLuddite) Small is Beautiful:
Stop automation and adopt voluntary simplicity.


Economic globalization good: Global governance, worker protections, environmental laws, all unnecessary

Economic globalization must be accompanied by political globalization:
Economic globalization good so long as it is accompanied by worker rights and protections, environmental laws, and global democratic governance of capital flows.


(EcoLuddite) Globalization should be stopped:
Return to local self-reliance and political sovereignity

Global bans on enhancement tech

Global treaties to ban cloning and enhancement, but no other global governance