Saturday, February 28, 2004

Nazis attack WTA

Its dated, but I just found it on the web again and get such a laugh out of it, and since the Nazis have already erased it from their website, I thought I'd record it here for posterity:
"Wolfgang Mozart" wrote a message to alt.revisionism (a neo-Nazi list) on 2002-07-03:

Well, people were wondering why the World Transhumanist Association is so Liberal, I was looking at their website and came across the board of directors:

Nick Bostrom: Jew
Natasha Vita-More: Jew
Anders Sanberg: Jew
Mark Walker: Jew
Eliezer Yudkowsky: Jew
Eugene Leitl: Jew
James Hughes: White guy
Robin Hanson: Maybe a Jew, maybe White guy, can't tell, but he has a Jewish nose.

You can see all their pictures at

Great, so now not only do Jews control politics, the mass media, and
acadamia, they now control the WTA.
Why, when they inaccurately identified everybody else as Jewish, do I have to be the white guy? Bostrom and Sandberg, both Swedes, look more Jewish than me? I'm going to have to start coloring my hair....