Thursday, September 22, 2005

Annalee Newitz Evolves Again

Transhumanist-in-the-closet Annalee Newitz, who has a surly habit of giving all transhumanists the finger and ignoring the existence of an H+ Left, teases us with a posthumanist attack on intelligent design.
Evolved Again

By Annalee Newitz, AlterNet, Posted on September 21, 2005

... A human with three genetic parents is definitely a novel version of homo sapiens.

Of course, the people who believe that only some godlike creature or "nature" should be in charge of upgrading the species also think this is a naughty idea. Josephine Quintavalle, a rep for public interest group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, told the BBC, "It is undesirable to create children in this way. It will shock the world." Her response reminds me of the sort of thing an intelligent design adherent would say. Essentially she's arguing that we shouldn't continue to evolve, even though that's impossible.

Personally I prefer to believe that we're living in the prehistory of humankind. Nine thousand years from now, I want archeologists to dig up San Francisco from centuries of earthquake-dislodged muck and exclaim, "Wow, there was a city here!" I want my beautiful town to be like Uruk, one of the oldest cities ever discovered, whose culture and politics are as foreign to us now as San Francisco's will be to the latest version of homo sapiens. If we and our backward ways are not going to become history, then I have no hope for the future.
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