Monday, October 03, 2005

The Latest from Changesurfer Radio: Slavery, Clones and the End of Oil

Building the Post-Oil Society

Dr. J. speaks with Richard Eidlin, Business Outreach Coordinator for the Apollo Alliance, a a coalition of labor, environmental, and civil rights groups with a bold 10-year, 10-point plan to move the country away from foreign oil dependency through investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Fighting Modern Slavery

Dr. J. chats with Derek Ellerman, co-founder and director of the Polaris Project, an organization combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Illegal Beings: Human Clones and the Law

Dr. J. chats with Santa Clara law professor Kerry Lynn Macintosh, author of Illegal Beings: Human Clones and the Law. Professor Macintosh argues that most objections to cloning are false or exaggerated and based on stereotypes that injure the egalitarianism upon which our society is based. "Anti-cloning laws violate the equal protection guarantee and are unconstitutional."